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5 Ways to Grow ICO Telegram Groups

The crypto community is simply in love with Telegram and it is their go-to place to discuss and find out about anything crypto, so much so that it has all the potential to surpass Reddit’s popularity. But those of you who have tried to grow their audience know that it is not really that easy and it is, in fact, a cumulative process which requires serious patience and intelligent effort.

Since it launched in 2013, Telegram has quickly become a fan favorite due to its numerous features and gained the interest of the crypto community. According to Combot, if you check all the Telegram (the English version)  groups available out there, every one of the top five groups is a cryptocurrency or blockchain-related group. And it is no wonder.

Well, you are probably wondering, is it totally crypto focused? Isn’t there any other app trying to do that same or offer similar services? Of course, it is not the only method in the market but it has become a popular and proven one for sure and there are very good reasons for it. We will be tackling the title of the article: Ways to grow your ICO Telegram group, but let’s approach it systematically. Why? Because unlike our other articles we do have the scope here to go beyond just giving you the ways or methods and attack it from a different perspective so that you get a more complete picture.

Before we proceed, let us state early at the beginning of the article – Telegram ICO group is a great way to attract and engage potential investors and fans to your blockchain and crypto project – so that it sinks in.

Now first, let’s get what Telegram is out of the way and then we will steadily build our case about its importance in crypto space and eventually discussing the ways to grow the Telegram ICO groups.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app as well as a voice over IP (VOIP) service. It is developed by Telegram Messenger LLP, a firm founded by the Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. The application allows you to do exactly what messaging apps are supposed to and then some more.

Direct Competition: WhatsApp

Let’s admit, when it comes to messaging app WhatsApp is everyone’s favorite choice, and it reflects in the number of user base the app enjoys –  over 1.5 billion active users around the world use WhatsApp on daily basis. There are a couple of reasons behind this wide-spread popularity.

  1. This is free
  2. The user interface is clean
  3. Available in Android, iOS, Windows phone platforms as well as MAC, Windows, and Linux.
  4. You can send text, picture or video files to your contacts
  5. One interesting feature is though you can see your contact’s last seen and have read receipts, WhatsApp offers the options to disable these two features – thus offering customization on privacy.
  6. Allow you to give multiple status updates in the form of pictures, text as well as a 30-sec video. The real beauty is you have the option to share this updates either with the whole world, or just with the people saved in your contacts, or even just a couple of people without blocking them.
  7. Allow you to form groups with the option to give admin right other members of the group.
  8. Have both audio and video call features.
  9. It uses less data for performing

With so many great features, naturally, the question arises then why Telegram is a more attractive choice over WhatsApp, given the clear advantage of starting operation early in 2009 as oppose to Telegram’s birth in 2013 and huge user base.

Before we start praising Telegram’s features, let’s what is working against WhatsApp as an option for this ICO group.

First, WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, and let’s be straight here the actions and intention of Mark Zuckerberg have always been questionable. The firm sells data to ad agencies and other buyers without user consent, but then again this is the model Facebook’s business is built upon. And it is highly likely that Zuckerberg intends to do the same with WhatsApp raising concern over privacy. Even Google does that.

Second, and this is not just related to WhatsApp to be exact. in 2017 Facebook as well as Google and Twitter banned ICO ad campaigns. Searching for the reason behind it leads to the remarks made by Jay Clayton, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. He said that any asset that looks like a security investment has rules on how it can be marketed and to whom it can be marketed and this includes full and fair disclosure of all information (this does not exist on Telegram). Apparently this has made the three firms nervous. It’s obvious Facebook may impose the same on WhatsApp as well.

Third, you can only include up to 256 members to a group, that is group member positions are very limited. When you want to form a group for your ICO you need as many members to include as possible, and this is a clear disadvantage. On WhatsApp’s defense regarding this choice we can point out that having too many members clutter the conversations with topic threads getting lost and WhatsApp was never meant to be for this kind of program. Note here that it seems WhatsApp is taking steps as they have launched WhatsApp business in January 2018.

Why Telegram?

Telegram can do most of what WhatsApp can do and then some more. It is supported by all major platforms – Android, iOS, Windows and MAC OS, Windows OS, and Chromebook OS. The Russian app now has more than 200 million active users.

So let’s first check the features of Telegram that make it a great option.

Telegram offers channel and group features.  For Channel, as the name suggests, here the administrator can broadcast content to the channel members on the channel name, but the members neither can post, nor comment, or share on the channel.

Now for the next feature let’s get in detail about the most relevant part of this article – Telegram Groups.

Telegram Groups

Telegram has two different types of groups – basic group and supergroup. Whenever you create a group by default it is the basic one which allows you to have up to 200 members that are including users and bots (coming on this later). This is ideal for collaborating in small teams. Note here that by default everyone can edit the name, add new people and change group photo.

You can add members to the basic group by the following methods –

  1. You can add people to the group from your Telegram contacts.
  2. You can add people to the group by their username, of course, given if they have usernames.
  3. You can also create an invitation link through which anyone having Telegram installed on their mobile or PC can join the group. ,
  4. However, in case of adding a bot to a group, first you have to be an administrator of the bot, and then only you can go to the info of the bot contact and select Add To Group there.

But isn’t the member count lower for an ICO group? Yes, the total member slot is lower than WhatsApp but that is where supergroup comes in.


As the name suggests this where you can include a lot of members to your group and the upper limit to this is 100,000, including both bots and users.

In case you are wondering, every basic group can be upgraded to a supergroup. But Supergroup is different than the basic profile since by default a newly created supergroup is a private one just like the basic group, but you may choose to make the supergroup public.

Adding members to the private supergroup is the same as the basic profile. When you choose to make the supergroup public you need to select a Telegram username for this group.

The options for adding members to a public supergroup are basically the same. There is a group link available in the form of to make it public and through this, anyone can join the group. Anyone now can view the entire chat history of the group and may message when they choose to join. Note here this invite link works regardless the group is public or private.

Here are some other features of Supergroup –

  • Pinned messages – As an administrator, you have the option to pin a chat message to display it at the top of the screen. All members of the supergroup will get a notification even though they muted ordinary messages from the group.

  • Moderation tools – Managing this large group is not a task of a single administrator, therefore Telegram supergroups allow for the creator of the group to assign multiple administrators with varying degree of privileges i.e. with granular precision. They can control membership, mass-delete messages pin, important messages etc. There multiple advanced admin tools in offer here.

One more benefit Supergroup enjoys is they are optimized to host large online communities and therefore will load quickly, even if you have missed a lot of messages while away.

For detailed information regarding Telegram groups, you can click here.

Talking about other features or benefits of Telegram (which WhatsApp doesn’t), though some of these may not directly relate to the reason behind selecting it as the ICO group platform winner –

  1. It can host file as large as 1.5Gb as oppose to Whatsapp’s meager 16Mb, thus making it a good place for file sharing
  2. It offers voice calling but not video calling
  3. There is an option to do secret messages which will auto-disappear after a certain time.
  4. There is also the provision to not allow taking a screenshot of the conversation – great feature (P.S. that doesn’t stop you from taking a picture from your other phone!)
  5. Being a cloud-based service Telegram saves all the activity to cloud. This allows for sending a file shared early with someone else to a new person quite easily without having to re-upload.
  6. Here users can easily switch phone numbers on their account right from the settings menu and once they do, all their contacts, except those whom they have blocked, will automatically have that new number registered. This makes Telegram very user-friendly. Also, multilingual users may choose their messaging app in a language that is different than that of their phone.
  7. Telegram allows the addition of chatbots.
  8. Finally, Telegram claims to offer end-to-end encryption thus making it focused on privacy. Hold your thought for a moment if you are keeping track of news surrounding Telegram lately, we will be addressing those later in the article.

In short, Telegram is Telegram is ideal for those who want lots of file storage, media-rich messages (stickers, gifs, etc.), increased privacy and access to the channels feature. Because WhatsApp hasn’t yet released its chatbots UI, Telegram is the preferred platform for botmakers.

So why Telegram is so popular among crypto communities and crypto startups? Let’s check that out.

Why Crypto community and Crypto Followers prefer and use Telegram?

There are a couple of reasons Telegram is the favorite tool of crypto communities as well as for ICOs.


Telegram was originally built as a testbed for MTProto – an open source security protocol – and currently uses version 2.0. As stated earlier Telegram provides ebd-to-end encryption for chats but not for groups and channels. Being a Russian app and its openness and validity of data security has been questioned by cryptography experts, especially the telegram’s general security model of permanently storing all contacts, messages, and media along with their decryption keys on its servers and not enabling end-to-end encryption for messages by default.

However, in spite of this critisism of Telegram’s encryption methods and transparency, the messaging app is considered far more private and therefore enjoys popularity than its other counterparts. Enabling end-to-end encryption feature of Telegram grants you total anonymity. This denies access of private conversation to governments, regulators, or other entities – no matter however clever hackers they employ. Given the fact that the legal position of cryptocurrencies and especially ICOs are in uncertain waters in several countries, privacy is of paramount importance when one is participating in the trading activity that might invite scrutiny.

This is the reason Telegram has earned popularity in various regions of the world where the government may prohibit access through mobile or fixed line networks. Thus traders of these regions are turned to the app.

However, China has completely blocked the service and in April 2018, the Russian government has banned Telegram as the Telegram heads refused to grant the Federal Security Service (FSB) access to its encryption keys which is needed to view user communications as required by federal anti-terrorism law. The Russian government even asked AppStore and PlayStore to pull the app out, but both refused. This has definitely helped Telegram gained the confidence of the crypto communities.

Multi-Platform Availability

One of Telegram’s biggest advantage over WhatsApp is it doesn’t need to run a mobile app in order to run its Desktop or Web version. You can use Telegram’s service on either of mobile devices, desktops or laptops, or all of them simultaneously.  Thus this platform is agnostic. You can start your chat on one device and continue to do the rest on other different devices, Telegram will automatically sync your chat on every platform, giving you the opportunity to access your ongoing conversation on the go.

Another great benefit of Telegram is unlike other messaging platforms, Telegram doesn’t require your phone number to create your profile and therefore there is no need to share your number neither the need to save it on your contacts. All it requires is your public usernames thus allowing users to quickly add one another for direct messaging.

Telegram’s ability to add different accounts within the app further enables users to establish different profiles which may be distinct from the presence which they use to connect with their friends or family.

Bot Services

One of the greatest features in Telegram is the availability of bot services – something which is either still lacking or in the development phase in most other platforms (Discord is one such exception) – and Telegram has remained committed to the development of it. This something which attracts interested developers to make use of Telegram’s API and documentation to create their own bots, with the access to third-party libraries.

This ability is very useful for blockchain companies or crypto community to send news update related to your business – be it your ICO or any other – and broadcast to your audience or publicly.

One such case would be the price bot. Several traders have made use of this custom bot feature to create their price bots. These bots can automatically feed timeous price updates directly to their conversations channel or groups. In addition to this, Telegram users also have created bots that can post price updates at significant margins or milestones, allowing them to stay abreast of arbitrage opportunities on different exchanges.

So the bot service allows developers to created dedicated bots for their ICOs.

News channels and Groups

The ability to create automated bots as well as RSS services has made Telegram the hottest app for several cryptocurrency news sites, traders, and other media to create various broadcast groups that can rapidly share news to Telegram users.

As mentioned Telegram’s focus on offering very customizable groups with a huge number of members including bots is a boon for crypto communities and Companies going for ICO. Now if they need to reach out to more than the 100,000 members, telegram offers, Channels which can accommodate an unlimited number of users. Also, the fact that Telegram Channels allow companies or group of people to issue messages and updates in their official capacity using their title name, rather than that of an ordinary user makes their brand-building an effective exercise in cryptocurrency circles.

On top of that, you can create numerous channels and groups for your company or brand if you want.

Telegram’s own ICO

Telegram has conducted the largest ICO of all time raising 1.7 billion US dollar in its private pre-sale. This is for their very own blockchain platform called TON or “Telegram Open Network (TON)”. This platform promises to allow citizens of repressive governments the ability to transfer money through their app using their in-house currency called the ‘Gram’. This token is yet to be listed in. TON will allow for executing smart contracts and run DApps.

As far as the latest report goes, the project is about 70 percent done and the virtual machine needed to execute smart contracts is almost done as well – which will compete with the Ethereum network upon launch.

The report from Telegram has revealed that most aspects of the project including the TMT tokens are and the Overlay Networks are already completed. In September, the parts that had less than 50 percent of work done were the block manipulation library and the validation software stack.

Telegram is yet to launch its test version, but if its progress in the last six months is of any indication, we may assume it would take a couple of months more and hopefully we can have it in the first quarter of 2019.

Telegram faced a lot of drama of this year regarding people calling the ICO a con due to its registration issue. However, it seems that the company realizing the issue and distancing itself officially from it has worked in its favor.

So Telegram’s plan to create its own smart contracts for payments inside the platform and the aim to compete Ethereum on DApps further attracted the attention of crypto communities and made this a hot spot for ICO groups.

Apart from the five points mentioned above the ability to save files in the cloud has both a tremendous benefit for the crypto community and security concern to some. But the company’s recent decisions to act against the order sanctioned against it by the Russian government, given the company is Russian itself, has generated trust in it.

Another trend that has been observed is that Telegram has become a place for blockchain businesses to talk about crypto among each other. Companies going to conduct their ICOs often don’t have much on their official websites or their Facebook pages, rather we would say this way that there is not very much a potential investor can learn about the project, well as much as their Telegram channel can. These channels give Telegram users access to know about the team members as well as a place to ask questions about the product and the ICO’s white paper.

There is another subtle reason crypto communities have come together on this platform. Unlike WhatsApp, people can meet others even though they are not in their contact list. It has been seen that people have met strangers in these groups and then went to talk privately regarding their shared interest, which definitely gives a higher chance of capable people banding together to start their own blockchain project and performing ICOs.

All of these has paved the way for how important Telegram group is regarded. Seeing the trend every company willing to perform their ICO take their Telegram channel very seriously. It has been observed that in all most all cases the performance of their Telegram groups (and channels) is directly analogous to how their ICOs going to perform. Make no mistakes here, you really need to have a solid idea about your project and set ways to achieve those with milestones and most importantly the whitepaper in place. All we are saying is its all about publicity in the end to get the money you require.

Recent stat has shown that in spite of having that, there are lot of potential investors who would even consider joining your ICO group only after sizing your Telegram group strength and frequency of your group as well as channel activities. Since the purpose of the ICO group is to finally make the members invest in your project, it is absolutely necessary that you grow your Telegram ICO group as much as and as fast as you can.

So let’s get started with how you can grow your ICO Telegram groups.

Tactics to Grow Telegram ICO Groups

Here we are going to check out what are methods that are successfully used to develop and expand your group for ICOs. These are best practices at the moment and therefore you should employ them too.

ICO Telegram Promotions Through Airdrop and Bounty Campaigns



ICOs have been a real revelation for the crypto community and pushed it a height that wasn’t possible without it. But since the late 2017 and throughout 2018, ICOs has faced a lot of issues and earned a bad reputation mainly due to the fact that success of this type of campaign is solely on believing the claim and hype the firm generates, and therefore naturally leading to a lot of scam projects. This has attracted the attention and allowed government bodies and regulators breathing down their neck and put sanctions and ban in some part of the world.

The problem was as an ICO campaigner you are trying to get the money from investor by promising them the product. The solution for this issue came in the form of Airdrop and Bounty campaign. And these are great ways to grow your Telegram ICO group.

Why do these two strategies work? Simple because  – free money is always irresistible to people. And both strategies work on this principle – well in some form or the other.

In an airdrop, the fundamental idea is to distribute a small number of free tokens of your blockchain project in advance into the crypto wallets of prospective community members. While selecting, these people should be those you think might be keenly interested or very likely to invest in your project or are key people who can bring more value  to your group. Airdrop is the perfect way to bring this new token to your Telegram ICO group as they would be naturally interested to find out more about the project as now have something to gain from the project if it works.

That’s not all, airdrop announcement will also generate interest in those people who didn’t get a token. Token holders will start conversing with fellow members and potential investors and share their ideas, which everyone is curious about the new coin. This helps in two ways – one, you will gain valuable insights into what these members and investors think and want, second, this will keep your group immensely active increasing the likelihood of attracting more members. Now if your group is public then even those not-so-interested investors who monitor group activities will wonder what this fuss is all about, follow the conversation and if interested may become part of your group.

Another way airdrop works for growing your telegram group is what is known in psychology as the endowment effect. It has been found that people ascribe more value to things that they own over things they don’t (see how we criticize this phone over that, but once we own one we are the first one to brag how great it is to our friends or even how that’s superior to theirs!). Exactly, for this reason, an airdrop will help with the appreciation of the price your token.

Also, you can and should always list your airdrop on websites like AirdropAlert to help maximize your reach.

Now in the beginning, when the idea of Airdrop was new, startups and companies gave free tokens unconditionally. But nowadays, as the trend is, you can always maximize the benefit of giving free tokens by asking (actually mandatory) the receiver to complete tasks that are easy and they wouldn’t mind doing. These conditions are:

  • Joining your Telegram group or channel – we know what you guys are thinking
  • Following the project’s social media profiles liek Facebook, Twitter orYoutube etc.
  • Asking to interact with posts on social media from the project in the form of say liking, commenting or sharing

Once this task is completed they will receive the tokens and they can repeat those tasks to gain more tokens as well.

Another great method you may opt for is bounty programs or referral programs. You can use it from the beginning, or simultaneously with Airdrop or anytime throughout the ICO campaign to drive traffic to your Telegram group.

A bounty program thrives on the core fact that in a crypto community, people are your power.

An ICO bounty can be something very simple, such as logo creation, or a mention in the comments of a popular YouTube video or even a full video, or forum posts, content creation, etc. Upon completion of the program, the bounty hunters get the tokens or reward that was promised.

A referral program actually leverages the existing Telegram group members to spread the word about your ICO – basically, the bounty hunters are your group members. If you ask why this works, it is because people are much more likely to trust those people who they can relate to or resemble or represent them in some way, and this is much more effective than a brand. So group members speaking on your or the firm’s behalf generate trust in people faster and that is why bounty or referral program is a sure-fire way to grow your Telegram group quickly.  

Now giving additional coins for their successful effort works as a powerful motivator for the group members. So when new members join from their referral link to the group, they get rewarded.

For example, you can check how Nitro’s bounty campaign method which detail on how bounty hunters could earn tokens in NOX when the company goes live – for details click here.

There are a number of different tactics that can drive program participation –  it can be posting in the Telegram group or posting in the various website banners (if you can manage to strike a deal with the owners) or social media or you can post your bounty program on your own website or BitcoinTalk. Note here that you can always employ tools like Protodrop which will save your time by automating your referral process.

These interactions can generates word of mouth across multiple channels, be it a Telegram channel or other app channels and result in cascading signup all converging toward your Telegram group. This way you can use your group members as bounty hunters to drive new traffic to your Telegram group. This method is for those firms who don’t have the money to opt for a PR campaign or don’t want to.

Also, you can use a reward program as another method to grow as a group. Here throughout the span of the ICO, you offer tokens at a discounted rate – usually greater discounts are offered to those early buyers. However, you may choose to go for the sell of the token at a greater discounted rate at the last moment as a surprise. This works only after you have managed to do sufficient hype.

As a last note to this method, Airdrop and referral program has tremendous potential and if done correctly can bring a huge amount of traffic to your Telegram group. This requires a huge amount of work and a few funds for promotion.

Drive Engagement in Your Crypto Telegram Group

Crypto investors and enthusiasts are sometimes very skittish. Whenever they become aware of something new in the crypto world, it piques their interest.  Sometimes you need to kick-start a conversation if you want your Telegram Group to grow. As more people take interest in your crypto project, you need to maintain a meaningful dialogue. By simply introducing a stream of valuable content into a chat, you will be able to attract, engage, and retain the enthusiasm of your members. The better you cultivate the free exchange of ideas, the better your channel experience will be for your members and the faster you will grow.

You need to grow your Telegram Group in a cumulative process. As your channel expands, you will see all doubts of your members being removed. Here are some tricks to help drive engagement in your telegram group.

Make a Good First Impression



There is an old saying, that “The first impression is the last impression”.  Not everyone in your telegram group will be a crypto professional, there will be newcomers also. In Fact, you might find that most of your group members to be newcomers. For them, cryptocurrency might be uncharted territory and thus the first impression that you make on them through your group is vital.  These newcomers often take a quick glance at the chat history to determine if they want to stay or unsubscribe from the group. In order to impress new members and secure their interest, you need to display a stream of excellent engagement.

Your group should always be active, there should always be 3 to 4 people engaged in inactive chat at all times. There should be someone who can always respond to group members 24×7.  This will give people the impression to newcomers that this is an active group and will persuade them to stay. They may even start interacting with the other members.

It is a good idea to send welcome messages to newcomers as well as greet them in the group itself. This will make them feel at home and get acquainted with others.

Conversations alone sometimes not enough to drive engagement in groups.  You should try to engage with the help of polls and surveys also. You can use them to collect data and trigger conversations. Gathering feedback also is another way to gauge the interest of members and also encourage engagement.

In order to make sure that your Telegram group remains popular you need to make sure that there is no one trolls other members or spams in the group. Trolling seriously impacts the popularity of any group. On an average 22% of people leaves after they are subjected to any creepy on negative experience. You need to stay vigilant and make sure that all activity in the group comes from valued members only and reduce the effect of trolls, spammers or any other bad actors.

Foster a Community Atmosphere



You should aim at building personal relations and improving engagement among crypto communities. And for this, you have to build your Telegram Group in such a way that the people can discuss project-related items, their personal matters, and even non-project items.  From time to time, listening to your community can be very useful. Your community is the largest shareholder in the project so undoubtedly, their opinion does matter. You need to foster a community atmosphere if you want your Telegram Group to work well and keep your members engaged.  The more crypto community members actively and regularly participate in your activities, the more indispensable your insight community becomes as a key source of data-driven insight.

There are five simple ways to gradually but firmly establish a sense of culture in your Telegram group –

  • Meme Competitions are very useful in drawing the attention of the community members. It acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, or practices, that can be transmitted from one mind to another.
  • Like Meme competitions, slogan competitions are also very effective to draw members. Slogans are memorable phrases and claimed to be the most effective means of drawing the attention of other members.
  • Treat the members of Telegram community as a friend. Respect them, applause them and greet them whenever needed.
  • It’s very easy to set up a pair of tip bots to join your Telegram channel and make your project look big.
  • Sometimes humor becomes an integral part of a meaningful conversation. You could sometimes share jokes with your community members. It will surely improve the atmosphere of the group.

Sustain the Conversation



The main idea behind Groups is to promote conversation between group members. Hence it is incumbent on you to sustain the conversations and keep the community engaged. There should be a  regular activity in the group. Whenever the conversation dies, try to re-engage the community.

The easiest way is to ask questions. Instead of limiting yourself to one-sided conversations, try asking a question in the content that you share. That way you will be able to engage the members and encourage them to participate.  You could also ask them to provide feedback on the content that you share with them. It will help you understand how they perceive the content and how you can improve.

Another way of increasing the engagement is to create multiple groups instead of having just a single group. While a single group may feel easier to operate and maintain, the content that you will share will tend to become generalized. If you think from a users perspective then you will see that niche groups are more beneficial than a single universal group. This will drive the engagement of the users as they will be receiving content about topics that are more interesting and valuable to them.

While creating multiple groups will help you distribute the content better to groups and generate engagement, it does increase your workload a bit. To reduce your workload you can appoint ambassadors from within the group members. You will surely find some people who are more enthusiastic than others and are more engaged. Appointing them as ambassadors will not only decrease your workload but will also encourage others to participate more.  The ambassadors will also help you to rally the group members, boost the involvement of the group from within, act as conversation-starters, help distribute some of the key content and even solicit referrals from other members.

As a last mention for this point what if the CEO of the project is the most active member in the telegram group? We have seen exactly that in case of some ICOs – this is a commitment on a different level and something that surely leads the engagement effort of the other members of the group.  

Hire a Growth Team

Marketing your channels or driving your group going to be a very tedious time-consuming job where you have to take actions as promptly as possible and it definitely falls outside the purview and timetable of a single person. Also, it is highly unlikely that a developer or the founder will possess the skills required for marketing, nor it should be their job. Yes, you have a community manager to address those tasks and as mentioned in the earlier point moderators for this task, but this responsibility, which seems seemingly easy, is not a job for a couple of people.

There are so many ICO groups we have seen that overlook and undervalue community management so much that it will seriously affect their profits by driving away investors. This very important yet deceivingly tough job is why you need the help of a dedicated growth team if you really want to grow your Telegram ICO group.

So hiring a growth team means there are professionals at your disposal whose sole focus is to generate your project visibility and grow your Telegram group and channel. They have the proven know-how and the strategies – like email marketing or automating the delivery of your project white paper – to bring new members to your group.

When there are so many members and most have something to gain and investors they are bound to ask a barrage of questions, often repeating the same questions again and again, and answering them are not easy. Then there is the task of repeating important messages or announcements repeatedly from time to time. This critical task of driving the 24X7 Q&A sessions is also one of the major responsibility of the growth team.

These questions can be anything ranging from project basics to the details of your product technology, a growth team will take care of your group members’ interest efficiently and expertise, keeping the much-needed group enthusiasm level high.

Now you can easily understand the importance of a prompt reply and community members especially the potential investors do take note when they receive a prompt reply. Various marketing studies have shown that the responsiveness of any brand is the number one predictor of the purchasing behaviors in digital social settings, something which is also corroborated by Sprout Social.

Prioritizing the back-and-forth will show your group members that you care and you are serious about your product and investors. What this attentiveness give you is gain and elevate the trust of followers, indirectly generate word of mouth campaign, and referrals from community members.

Now where to hire a growth team from? You can either contact a community marketing agency or opt for a freelancer with the proven record of driving such campaigns. Opting for the latter is the way to save money, you can find such freelancers on sites like Upwork (now has merged with Elance) or even from LinkedIn.

Yes, this means you need fund to hire one but see it this way, with a dedicated service for your group, each interaction with members leads to an opportunity to elevate your project in an elevated stage.

Marketing: Paid Advertising, Press and PR

This is known fact now that any digital advertising for products or services related to cryptocurrency or blockchain projects is largely banned. The list of platforms that now prohibit ads related to ICOs or specific coins are Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Amazon, and Twitter. Microsoft’s Snapchat and LinkedIn are the only two big-money channels that still allow advertisements related to ICOs and crypto coin. But you can still use the grassroots channels of Telegram and Reddit for this purpose.

Reddit – Reddit is definitely a cheap way to generate awareness of your new ICO within its highly engaged crypto community. Though Redditors do frown on branded content in the feeds, no one is going to complain about it if you run a pay-per-click advertisement on top of the subreddits feed, which is only for $0.75 per thousand page views. As an example, targets r/cryptocurrency members with an ad for food and accommodation.

There is always the option for you to purchase the entire subreddit ad inventory for a maximum of three months. As reported by one case study, investing less than $100 US on Reddit earned 75,000 impressions and five conversions.

Telegram – Telegram allows you to advertise on its platform by publishing ads on third-party channels such as official website groups. However, the price is rather stiff which ranges from $250 – $1000, depending on the channel. If you need to know more about advertising in detail you should, message the channel admin. You can use services like tgstat or to assess the channel’s analytics and predict the performance of your ad campaign.

Now coming to the using the PRess and PR marketing to grow your Telegram group, it is a known fact that publicity from credible sources will generate awareness and trust for your project.

You can start by compiling a list of publications, blogs, and writers interested in cryptocurrency. You can find press coverage from sources such as HARO, SourceBottle, JournoRequests, RadioGuestList etc.

Prepare a pitch before you make contact. Journalists are busy people whose foremost concern is a relevant story. Include your value proposition, the impact of your project, and a couple possible story angles.

For example, you could highlight the impact that ICO companies are having on crowdfunding in impoverished communities. The more timely and captivating your pitch is, the more likely you’ll get coverage.

You can also share in mutual PR with Telegram channels of a similar audience. After reaching an agreement, leverage your best content – not promotions – to encourage the flow of mutually beneficial traffic.

Social Media and Community Outreach

We all know and understand the power of social media and community outreach program and these are definitely one of the most powerful tools you can use to drive your ICO Telegram group.

Social media with its billions of daily active users allows you to engage with the widest possible audience worldwide. We are aware but that most social media like Facebook and Instagram has banned ICO advertisements but that doesn’t stop you from using your or team members’ social profiles to tell your story, what you are up to with your new project, engage with your social followers, and then drive traffic to your ICO Telegram group.

Understand this simple fact: the more active you are online especially on social media, the more visible and naturally well-known your product will become. So how to engage your audience? You need to share valuable content regarding your projects such as influencer ReTweets, news, and original content. The objective of these contents is to answer your potential investor’s most important questions and encourage them to join your Telegram group. This often means you have to intelligently guess what may ask or interested to know, and potential investors always appreciate answers to pertinent question available on your social sites showing your thoughtfulness.

A word to the wise – never shy away from visuals because people love pictures and videos and both stats and science says that people are much more receptive of visuals than plaintexts. Analytics shows that those Facebook posts with images enjoy 2.3 times the engagement than those without images.

So here are some favorite social media platforms that are great for certain type of messages –

  • Facebook – This platform is ideal for sharing videos and telling the story. You can join relevant crypto groups such as Cryptocurrency Investing, Totally Crypto, ICO Investing Group, Crowdfunding & ICO Pitch, and then leave posts, reply to comments made on your post to earn respect and grow your audience, so that eventually they visit and join your Telegram group.

  • Twitter – Twitter is all about 140-character tweets and videos and therefore share your thought leadership with various users who are there on the platform to read the news and big ideas, and engage in intelligent discussions. This platform is probably the most followed social media platform.

  • Reddit – Apart from Telegram, if there is one platform that has always been the primary conversation space for the cryptocurrency, that would be Reddit. You can join relevant subreddits to engage with potential community members and position your ICO without being overtly promotional.

  • Quora – It is the largest question and answer site in the online space. So leaving thoughtful replies to questions and ongoing discussions will definitely garner attention. You may opt to leave the link to your Telegram ICO link for the inquisitive and interested potential members.  

Now, one thing you need to make sure that your messaging type or the tone is aligned with the behavior patterns of these different platforms.

Now let’s check on how focusing on community outreach will surely help grow your Telegram group.

Understand that to grow your community, you have to understand your community – some of the questions you need to ask yourself is where are these people from, What do they want, how do they perceive your project etc. Interacting off-channel with crypto investors will benefit you by word of mouth, it will drive people to your group or channel, and will also help you to refine your messaging.

Asking for feedback is also a great way to initiate one-to-one engagement and showcase potential group members that you care. When members can interact with an ICO directly, it welcomes them to the Telegram group and helps create a sense of belonging in them. If it confuses you what we are saying is that you may drive people from other telegram channels as well as channels from other platforms.

Telegram and Discord – Some of the channels that are crypto focused and will definitely help you connect with your audience are Discords and Telegrams. Both of these platforms offer direct access to large user communities especially crypto and ICO. You can join various channels to chat directly with users in those groups.

You can definitely invite users from other similar Telegram groups. Telegram allows you to invite users from other groups or channels you are a part of your group. However for this to work and be effective, some considerations need to be in place, for example, constant monitoring and welcoming users or answering their obvious questions like why did they are in this group or who invited them here is a must.

There is one thing to remember here – Telegram does not allow you to invite more than 30 to 40 people per day and if you do exceed the limit your account will get banned for 24 hours. So this is something that takes time to do manually. If you are not up for the task then there are services available that can help you bring a real targeted audience to your Telegram group in thousands without worrying about having your account getting banned.

Also, you can use Telegram to publish the link to your channel in online catalogs. The benefit of doing this is that online catalogs send chatbots to their subscribers by category, and your channel’s chatbot could be included. For a full list of telegram catalogs check In order to reach the first page, you need to ask community members to award you a five-star rating and if and when your channel reach to the top, you will get lots of free traffic to your Telegram group.

These are some Telegram groups about ICOs:

  • Blockchain, ICO, Startups
  • CryptoCommunities
  • Preicoved
  • MicroMoney ICO

Reddit – As mentioned, the primary platform for crypto enthusiasts hosts deep, meaningful and very authentic discussions, coming up with surprising answers and solutions to important questions. And therefore this is the place you should reach out to benefit your Telegram group with more members. For example, some of the subreddits related to ICOs that you can follow include CryptoICO, Icocrypto, IcoCrypto, ICOAnalysis etc.

BitcoinTalk – BitcoinTalk is a very popular forum with threads about all things related to cryptocurrency. You can use it to find followers from a different part of the world, weigh in on trending topics, or aspects of project development.

Facebook Groups – Even if Zuckerberg has banned crypto ads, Facebook is still a popular point of entry for every crypto enthusiast. With more than two billion daily users, reaching out to people by forming groups here is always a great idea. Some of these groups example you can reach out to are – ICO Investing Group, Initial Coin Offerings, ICO Token, ICO News etc.

Bonus Methods to Grow Your Telegram

Partnering With Influencers

Partnering with an influencer is another great method which will grant you access to an already engaged and loyal audience – which may be anywhere from a couple of hundred to thousands. Yes, this is not very easy to do as you really need to show the value of your project and convince them, but if you do manage to get at least an influencer to mention your ICO, his or her followers will definitely going to go forward and try to understand more about your project.

If you are wondering what type of influencers will be the best fit for this job, there is no one more effective than the YouTube influencers. This is because for many people (including us!) YouTube serves as a learning hub. This is supported by the report from Think with Google, which showcases that 86% of people use Youtube to learn something new. Also being the second largest website as well as the search engine in the world, there is no better place to find a more receptive audience than YouTube.

The breakdown mentions the startup’s website, outlines the value proposition, and directs viewers to their channel. Storytelling also helps to capture the audience’s attention and drive maximum impact.

Using Telegram Bots

Chatbots are tools that assist in communication and are capable of mimicking human communication. You can use it to improve your communities experience and engage them better. The number of businesses that are using Chatbots has grown exponentially and will continue to do so in the coming years. Chatbots are not a new concept, nor are they unique to the Telegram platform.

Although they have been around for quite some time they are now are being used by programmers looking to add additional functionality. But chatbots have gained the most utility in the Telegram platform and is extremely because for the cryptocurrency world. The main idea behind creating a chatbot is personalization.

Telegram’s Bot platform is one of its best features and adds a lot of functionality to the otherwise barebones app and allows you access to additional content from within the messaging app. Telegram allows you to add Bots to the Group in addition to being access individually. The bot is added just like you would add any other member and behaves accordingly. In its most simplistic mode, you can use bots to send welcome messages to users when they join your group. They will feel more at home and with your service if the bot is using his name for greeting and greets them using their name in the interaction.

Telegram allows you to create command based chatbots as well as AI based chatbots. Command based chatbots can only answer a limited set of questions. These command based chatbots fail to respond to questions outside their knowledge base and can only respond to questions that they are programmed for. They provide reliable and grammatically correct answers  AI-based Chatbots can even answer ambiguous questions. What it means is that you don’t need to be specific when asking questions. They use natural language processing to create replies from scratch. Conversing with AI-based chatbots is similar to conversing with a human.

Telegram allows you to create Bots to achieve a number of different tasks. You could also create intelligent trading Bots whereby you allow your community members to trade in cryptocurrency from right within your Bot. You need to simply create a command through which your community members can easily access the latest news, project description or other information. You can program the bot to fetch data from external sources through their API’s. For example, you could connect your Bot to the Binance cryptocurrency exchange API and display real-time data about the performance of your crypto coin. Almost all exchanges provide you with public and private API’s, and you can leverage them to allows different trading tools.  You can also use Bots as a tool for push notification and send them updates and notices.

These bots are useful tools that you can and should use to improve your community engagement as well as cut down on operational costs. They allow you to add additional functionalities to your Telegram Group and are extremely useful in today’s world.  Most major businesses have already launched or announced their own Chatbot and majority of today’s youth have already interacted with them in one way or another.

Some More Tips for Driving the Growth of Your ICO Telegram Group and What Not To Do

Now that we are done with the ways you can grow your ICO Telegram channel, we would also like to draw your attention to other stuff. These are some of the some of the points that would definitely stop you from making mistakes and help your group to expand.

  1. Keeping Telegram Group Ad-free and Spam-free – Make sure that your ICO Telegram group is always ad fad-free spam-free – nobody likes irritating ads in the midst of a serious discussion. Keep it strictly about the topic it is made for, it is not a place for you to publicize other for more traffic. This will further increase the member confidence in the group, thus enhancing the possibility for these users to finally invest in your project.

    Developers can make use of Telegram’s API to create programs that decrease the amount of fraud and manipulation that Telegram community members are exposed to, for example, tools like Indisputable Labs’ Coral were created to do just that.

  2. Advertising Your Telegram group – You should always include a link to your ICO Telegram group on your project website, or the blog posts, Reddit and Bitcointalk, but though there is the option to advertising your Telegram group on third-party media, it is usually not much effective. On top of that, it will result in very high CPL cost. So there is no need to invest your time and fund on third party media.

  3. People Don’t Like Reading – Let’s face the irony, most people do not like reading as it requires time to get the message, well unless it is very important. Also, most Telegram users are members of a lot of groups, which means there is a constant barrage of messages coming their way and therefore they naturally do not have the time to read all. That is why, as mentioned earlier, it is very important to repeat important messages or alerts many times in frequent interval in your Telegram ICO group. This will make sure that those messages reach most of the members, especially the newly joined members who may have missed earlier important messages.

  4. Begging To Your ICO Telegram Group Members – Yes it is sad, sounds really bad, but we have seen it happen. There are some ICOs that we know do private messaging to their Telegram group members literally asking them to invest and no matter what way they put in the words it is plain begging. This is probably the last thing you should do – it looks pathetic, you are throwing away your respect and destroying your own reputation. This will definitely fail to bring results and decreases and undermine the value of your project in the eyes of investors. Please, please stay away from this and never ask your admins to do this either.

  5. Always Keep Your Community Updated – Telegram is a communication channel and therefore you should use it that way. All things including blogger reviews, interviews, conferences, technology updates start discussions among members and therefore is a source of valuable feedback from the project community. Hence you need to make sure that you grab every opportunity (humanly possible) to share with your community.

  6. Conducting Weekly or Monthly Quizzes – We have mentioned earlier that it is all about constant engagement in the group. If they are not engaged in the conversation or by the content posted in the group or if those are outright boring they will surely leave your group as there are others. So any activity like conducting weekly or monthly quizzes which can be rewarded is a must for marketing your Telegram ICO group. Therefore putting a little effort into creating frequent quizzes about your project for your members definitely helps to keep a highly engaged community.


So now that we are done with the ways you can grow your ICO Telegram groups, it is time to wrap up. The scope of the article has given us the opportunity to cover some nitty-gritty regarding Telegram ICO groups. Do not disregard those extra tips we have given as in our experience in their zeal to grow their Telegram groups ICO teams do make mistakes.

It may seem that Telegram has become something bigger than what it set out to achieve, but that is not the case. With Telegram coming up with TON service offering smart contracts and DApps soon, the company is on its course to become the primary service for not only ICOs but anything related to crypto.

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