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Here at Strictly Crypto, we focus on exactly that: cryptocurrency and blockchain news. We strive to give you thorough, unbiased content that covers the latest happenings and projects. At the heart, our focus is to give you unbiased reviews of projects so that you can also learn how to DYOR. In this space, we believe it’s more important to be equipped with the right tools and knowledge. Strictly Crypto is for all cryptocurrency lovers, HODLers, traders, fans, and even skeptics. This is your go-to place for all things cryptocurrency and blockchain news.

Our Mission

This is what we have set out to do with Strictly Crypto:

  1. Unbiased and accurate reviews/content

It’s very important to us to show you all of the facts. And we do this through many cryptocurrency writers, journalists, contributors, and experts, all from different backgrounds/expertise.

  1. Focus, focus, focus!

It’s too easy nowadays to try to do everything. Launch an app, conduct an ICO, etc. While all of these things are great, our focus is to give the ecosystem a valuable resource to count on or at least a starting point for conducting due diligence.

  1. Community

We are all about community here at Strictly Crypto. As members of a rapidly budding crypto community, we are all about continually contributing and growing that community. We do this in many ways such as our social media, groups, and partners.

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