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How to Find a Job in The Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Space

Though Bitcoin debuted in 2009, it was not until the last quarter of 2014, that people started to show their interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. From that point onwards, the interest of tech-enthusiasts, businessmen, entrepreneurs, developers, and engineers gathered momentum quite exponentially. The following graph taken from Google Trends will give you an idea about it –


The above graph showcases the amount of interest over time in blockchain jobs over the span of 2009 to till date. This rising interest came after the introduction of Ethereum blockchain and what it promised to offer with custom tokens and decentralized application.

2017 was the year which is considered the true arrival of blockchain technology with numerous startups and firms started to use this phenomenal technology for numerous real-world use and innovative projects. We say so because back in 2017 there were at least 15 out of the 18 popular industry jobs specifically mentioned the term “cryptocurrency” in their description. which is one of the biggest job portals in the world has offered some interesting insights regarding the rise of Blockchain jobs. Their stat shows that while there is a 207% rise in the number of blockchain jobs from December 2016 to December 2017, it increased by a seemingly unrealistic 631% since November 2015.

In fact, blockchain developer was the second higher desired jobs in the biggest freelance website in the world Upwork.

But talent is limited in this space. In this regard, Terence Chiu, Vice President of product at, told Coindesk, “While the number of opportunities and searches are still quite small, Indeed data shows that companies are increasingly seeking experts to focus on this new technology – and job seekers have been quick to react.”

But the story in early 2018 is a bit different as the market cap for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies went down in the second quarter. And as expected the demand and availability of cryptocurrency jobs stumbled as well. But interestingly the requirement for people or rather the availability of blockchain jobs stayed almost as high as the last year. Check the below image from

Job offerings in cryptocurrency and blockchain space are bound to grow, as more and more taking a keen interest in it and with valid reason. The potential of blockchain technology beyond the application of cryptocurrency is getting more evident, as it is being used in different industries and even integrating them. This is bound to increase the number of job roles available in various job sites and freelance platforms. And we predict that we are going to observe a surge of such jobs very soon.

Why Would You Consider Getting A Job in Crypto Space?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain is an emerging space with a lot of potentials. There are other established technologies which offer enough job security or abundance of job opportunity, handsome pay package and opportunity to learn and grow as well. So why should you even consider working in crypto space, basically when this field is still at its infancy, there is less number of sources where you can learn the tech and additionally the learning curve is steep?

Well, consider the following points –


Better Pay –


This field is at its infancy, it has very high growth potential and most of the jobs available are for startups. On top of that talented professional available for this space is pretty limited. This is a field which asks for diverse professionals (and amateurs wanting to be professionals) and therefore the salaries these jobs offer are substantially higher, about 10% – 20% higher than similar jobs in other fields or industry.

On top of that, there is numerous and often abundant scope for perks and benefits, and the profit sharing models of this field are far better than other industries. Check the following picture taken from AngelList Data –

Offer Flexibility to Work Remotely –

If you see the statistics or follow revenue of freelance platform like Upwork, you can see that remote working in the rise, with a lot of experts predicting a future where more than 60% of the jobs will be done from home. And this will happen as the “moving office” give the benefit of flexibility and convenience. Crypto space offers you this option much more than their peer industries.

If you want to lead the life of a Digital Nomad, this is one of those space you should consider with a lot of jobs offering the facility of working remotely.

Employee Liquidity –


This facility is available for only for new coin or token companies. Employees of startup companies usually receive equity at the beginning which they can only sell and get back in fiat currency when liquidity event happens. This process is very complex in nature and on top of that many companies’ highly restrictive grant policy blocks secondary transactions.

Now employees of these blockchain or crypto startup firms receive tokens or coins which act like equity-like compensation on that platform. Though there are certain restrictions, unlike shares these tokens are inherently liquid.

Now let’s check what are the type of jobs available in crypto space.

Type of Job Opportunities You Can Get in Crypto Space

The crypto space requires a lot of talents of both technical and non-technical background. Both types are in high demand and there are a lot of jobs available in both category. So here we will be first discussing what are the jobs you can get in the technical field and what is available for those of you who are not technical but yet want to work in the crypto space.

So, let’s now check what are the jobs available in cryptocurrency and blockchain space and what do you need to do or have to apply and land a job here.

Technical Roles

There are many technical roles available for you, but if we would have to pick the three topping the chart, that would be Blockchain Developer or Engineer, Front End Developer, and Full-stack developer, with the role of a Data Scientist or Analyst, closely followed by. Check the chart taken from AngelList Data below.

It is no wonder and quite natural that crypto space will require engineering talents (a staggering 61.9%) the most.

Blockchain Developer / Engineer

Blockchain Developer or Engineer is the most sought-after job in crypto space which also naturally pays the most. So we are going to discuss this in detail.

What you would do

So what you are your roles and responsibilities as a blockchain engineer? Well, you are mainly required to do research, design, and test blockchain systems, but definitely, you need to take ownership and initiative to do the work.

Obviously, as a blockchain engineer or developer, your main work is design and maintenance. You will be assigned in ongoing projects where you will break down existing frameworks and codes, rebuild them, and also evaluate existing and proposed blockchain structures. These firms also will ask you to design and implement various new blockchain technologies on their internal platforms.

If you are focusing on Ethereum then you have to build and maintain decentralized applications as well.

Additionally, there are a lot of firms which expect you to give some business insight and how different aspect of the business can be integrated. You also may need to offer your evaluation based on technical and business metrics.

Don’t worry though, most of the roles we have examined offered some kind of training. But they do ask that you have the knowledge of tools, experience with large-scale, secured, distributed systems and a genuine interest.

What do you need

You need to have a degree, boot camp training, basically a background in computer science or engineering. Since there are not full-fledged courses (you can check this: Certified Smart Contract Developer (CSCD) offered by Blockchain that give training on blockchain development, it calls for skills relevant to this field.

Definitely, you must have a very strong understanding of the fundamentals of cryptography and blockchain as well as strong back-end skill, but it is also critical that you have work experience in back-end developing. Once you have these core skills and built a solid understanding then you can study more about different blockchain platforms.

Coming on to the programming languages you need to know, you need to have skills in javascript and nodejs given there are a lot of APIs and SDKs written in these languages. Also, we should emphasize that since it is new technology knowing the latest languages offering unique features, ease of use and most of all easy integration are always a plus.

It is natural that firms don’t want to use older technologies for this field. However many job listings ask for knowledge of C++ and JAVA. So, in conclusion, apart from those four programming languages, the more you know the better your chances are.

On this note, since there is a lot of development based on Ethereum blockchain it is likely that you will be working on Ethereum platform If you want to get into a firm as an Ethereum Developer you do need to learn to code in their proprietary Solidity after learning the fundamentals to build apps as an additional task.

You will also be working on building decentralized apps (DAPPS), creating custom tokens, or working with cpp-ethereum to build custom clients. As per some job requirements, you also have to know how to use tools like Multichain, IBM’s Hyperledger, and even private Ethereum chains to build out custom blockchain applications

If you want to get hired for a team which built around the core team, then you can apply if you are a network or security. It is that it is advantageous for you if you know modern technology tools like microservice architectures and Docker containers.

How much you can earn

This is emerging tech, coupled with high demand and low supply this position naturally asks for a higher package. But the pay rate varies from widely from country to country and company to company.

If you are going to work for a startup company and have almost no experience, then expect anything between $50,000 – $65,000 per annum, they can even offer you company equity too, and of course, they will give you relevant training.

Now, if this is large firm or corporations like a bank and you have the relevant experience then expect much higher pay. With more than 5 years of experience, you can draw a salary as low as $90,000 and, in certain cases, make as high as $190,000 per annum. As an Ethereum developer in the UK, you can expect up to $110,000 per year, though with luck you may get a higher wage.

If we compare this wage with the salary of a hardware developer working in NVidia which is $135k, the package as a blockchain developer is quite high.

As for salary for different regions, a blockchain developer in Silicon Valley, US will get an annual wage of $158k, in Switzerland, a blockchain developer is offered $120,000-$180,000 per annum but interestingly those developers in Great Britain can draw only 50-90k annually.

So on average expect a wage of  $79,985 up to $112k per year.

Now, what about if you want to work as a freelancer? Firms definitely higher freelancer with wage ranging from $50 to $100 per hour.

Cryptocurrency Data Scientist or Analyst

What you would do

You are expected to observe and analyze blockchain data, interpret it and based on those making predictions on patterns and trend of the market, basically to analyze blockchain transaction data to help engineers streamline experiences.

As a data analyst, you will spend time on collecting data and cleaning cryptocurrency data such as trading data, blockchain data, social media data, etc. Analyzing and interpreting cryptocurrency or platform usage behaviors and recent trends on the clear and dark web is also part of your job.

Then you will be generating market indicators, doing arbitrage analysis and trading strategies. As part of your role, you are also expected to research on hard fork and ICOs. You need to design and experiment on new methods, models, and data products.

Then you will be delivering various data products for high profile clients and potential business partners like market data providers, hedge funds, trading platforms etc.

What do you need

You need a degree in either Computer Science or Math or Data Science. To give you an idea, though a bachelor degree is minimum, many people in this trend hold Master’s degree in computer or data science

Besides a keen interest in crypto space, you must have an analytical mindset with strong analytical skills. Probability and statistics are the two pillars of this role and therefore you should have experience or at the least be very good at it.

These positions demand experience and therefore you should have experience in managing large, unstructured datasets. They demand that you have an advanced level of expertise in spreadsheet management, where knowing Python is always plus. Additionally working with cryptocurrency calls for knowledge of some degree of Financial markets and derivatives.

Since machine learning is generating a lot of interests and a growing number of companies are adopting it, knowing how to extract the most value from machine learning is a bonus for sure. There are many jobs that specifically ask for graduation and at least 2 years of machine learning experience.

As a data scientist having very good data visualization and communication skill is very important as you will be presenting complex ideas and making reports for investors and business leaders of the firm to help them make a decision. These people often may not have the technical expertise so communicating in a simple understandable way is a must. Learning tools like Tableau and Plotly are helpful here.

How much you can earn

As a cryptocurrency data scientist, you can get a wage of anywhere between $80,000 to $120,931 per year. Compared to the industry standard of about $110,000 per annum, working in crypto space put you in a higher pay scale. These firms also offer compensations.

Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Project Manager

What they do

As a project manager you need to plan the project, i.e. create a detailed work plan, determine the resources available – time, money etc., develop a schedule and review it with management and staffs, and determine the measures and objectives to evaluate the project.

Then you need to find i.e. recruit your staff and assign them to the different parts of the project depending on their experience and skill set as per the company policies and practices, give contract of projects to qualified consultants.

Then you need to see through that the project gets executed according to the plan with proper step-by-step documentation and provide those in simple language and frequently to the senior management. Controlling the project is also your duty. You need to monitor the cash flow projections and update the same to higher authorities on a regular basis. And finally, you should ensure the objectives are met within time.

If you are a project manager for ICO, then you are expected to build the hype, oversee implementation of marketing campaigns to support the pre and post sales, constantly monitor the ICO performance and optimize it etc.

What do you need

You do not need any developer skill for this role but having at least very good working knowledge of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and ICO landscape is a minimum, though jobs in some companies specifically ask for cryptocurrency or ICO experience.

As a basic, you need to have a degree in some business related subjects (preferred in the areas of marketing, accounting, business, finance) or for some role a PMI certification will work.

These roles also ask for experience in project management, this can be out of the crypto space but having worked within the crypto space certainly helps to land a job easily. If you don’t have you can do online courses, or some training and even self-study on the blockchain. In some jobs, they ask for professional experience with ICO, token sales, and fundraising

It is imperative to say that you do require the usual leadership, organizational, planning, and problem-solving skills. Also having presentation skill and Microsoft Suite knowledge is required. The project manager is also responsible for the delivery of token sale and blockchain initiatives.

How much you can earn  

The salary for project manager varies wildly depending on the project. Where for ICOs of startup may offer you very low salary or maybe a stake or percentage of the wealth, most leading roles offer you a wage ranging from $60,000 to $120,000, with an average salary of  $81,577, ranging from $65,595 at the 25th percentile to $94,349. If you are very experienced then getting north of $110,000 is relatively easy.

Stat shows that it is the cities like San Fransisco, Palo Alto, Oakland that offer the top salaries, even surpassing the $120,000 mark sometimes.

Front End Developer

The role of a Front-end developer is really crucial as it is imperative that cryptocurrency companies build a really secure, effective and easy-to-use user interface. This is very much important for the product’s success, and therefore there are numerous startups that are bringing front-end developer with UX/UI design knowledge early on the project.

What you would do

As a front-end developer, your job is to write high-quality codes for various web applications. You will need to work with HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. to bring a web concept and design to life with a focus on the customer or user side. So implementing new codes and upgrading the existing ones as well as maintaining those for better user experience is a priority.

Part of your job also demands you to work with other developers for code review. You will also be charged with testing the website for usability and fixing bugs. Also, you need to assist support staff and QA in troubleshooting problems.

What do you need

You need to have a solid experience in UX or UI design. This role requires you to know many programming languages but having a strong knowledge of Javascript is a must. Then you must have a solid grasp of CSS (preprocessing CSS using SASS, LESS or CSS-in-JS), HTML, and React.js though React.js is not always asked for. These roles also ask for experience in angular.js, node.js, jquery, redux etc. It is also expected that you have some knowledge of,Ajax, JSON, JQuery.

Since you will be charged with building responsive websites so having experience in that and a solid knowledge and grasp of Web user interface design principles, patterns, and best practices is of utmost importance. Additionally, if you have work experience in Agile development methodologies that is a plus for you. Some roles also specifically ask for experience with databases and Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks.

Though as a front-end developer there is very little need to work with blockchain technologies, but having a deep knowledge of the Blockchain tech is still important. On top of that, you also need to have the ability to understand business requirements and then be able to translate them into technical requirements. And needless to say, good communication skill is also demanded.

It is inevitable that the crypto industry will try to shift towards a simpler method of interaction and now we are seeing some of the first abstraction layers to be built out on top of Blockchains like the EthereumJS and BitcoinJS. Though are yet to be commonplace, someone having a knowledge of these will always be in an advantageous position to land a job.

How much you can earn  

The wage can vary depending on the region and the company, but you can expect anything between $65,000 to $130,000. Though we would say considering you have enough experience you can easily command an average salary of $92,000, given you have made a name for yourself as a front-end developer it is not surprising if the top firms of the crypto space hire you for a salary that is upward of $135,000 per annum. Interestingly some top firms in the US even willing to pay north of $200,000 mark.

Full Stack Engineer / Developer

What you would do

As a full-stack web developer, you will be responsible for the leading or working alongside teammate on the development of the Staked portfolio or wallet interface the customers use to stake, lend and manage their crypto assets. You will be defining and implementing new features on the firm’s product platform collaborating with the members of the product and design team.

You will be charged with developing the backend as well as frontend web applications for the company platform’s technical and Fundamental analysis module. So naturally maintaining that software, troubleshooting them and fixing any bugs on a regular basis will also be your daily task.

What do you need

First and foremost having a degree in computer science or engineering or a strong background in it is required. You will be mostly tasked with working on your own motivation and in an existing development team. Normally these position demands working experience, with most firm asking for on or above 2-3 years of experience, though some may ask for less.

As a full stack developer, you must have previous UI development experience and a track record for designing software. You also need to have a solid grasp of Javascript, MySQL, nodejs, and Python, with most firms asking for experience with Javascript and/or nodejs is an absolute minimum. Then there are firms who would prefer if you know Cassandra, Redis, AWS, and SPARK. If you have proficiency in other programming languages (even C++) then that is a plus for you for sure.

Now if the firm you want to work for is focused only on Bitcoin then you need to learn to work with Bitcoind Client or other relevant wrappers. On the other hand, if the company is working on Ethereum or some other ERC20 tokens, then you will likely interact with the more common Ethereum implementations like Python, GETH (Go) or web3.js i.e. NodeJS

For some firm having previous experience with how blockchain and cryptocurrency is an absolute must, then there are others who take this as an added plus. But the more knowledge you have about how blockchain works and how it is gets applied to business the better. For self-study, you can start with the tools and tutorials of IBM’s blockchain developer center for yourself.

In addition, if you have work experience with React or React Native then that will carry a lot of value to your job application. Besides these, you need to be a very good problem solver and have an eye for detail.

How much you can earn  

You can earn anywhere between $70,000 and $130,000 as a full stack developer. Most of the job roles will offer you around $100,000 to $110,000 as an average for a mid to senior position in the firm. However getting $160,000 per annum salary is also possible if you are that good and a leading corporation is hiring you. These companies also offer compensations and benefits.

Non-technical Roles

If you are interested in crypto but don’t want to deal with the technicality and complexities inherent with blockchain then you are not out of luck. As expected from any business, crypto space too offers you options for you to work in sales, operations, marketing, UX/UI design, consulting etc. at a cryptocurrency company. There are firms that even offer internships if you are in college or looking for an entry-level introduction to the non-technical crypto space.

Now let’s check the following image provided by AngelList Data –

As you can see, it is operations, design or product and business that top the job roles available in non-technical space of cryptocurrency business.

Now though these roles are necessary and a standard for all tech startups, according to Angellist’s findings, the crypto startups look for the following traits in potential candidates –

1)  Fast Learning Capability

Though there is no need to have knowledge regarding implementation of the blockchain, these candidates should be able to research and understand various complicated technical concepts i.e. figure things out on their own. The crypto space is ever evolving and fast, so they need people who can keep up with the pace and keep learning.

As per Mernit of Smartshare, “Being comfortable with ambiguity is important, they need to be able to figure things out without instructions. We need candidates who take the risk to figure it out on their own.”

2) General knowledge of the blockchain technology

The candidates come from companies working in different technologies. Since now they are getting into crypto space, they should have at least the basic knowledge of the blockchain technology and smart contract to start with. Having that platform then can help people in marketing, business and customer support to quickly cover new topics, gain knowledge of troubleshooting and speak confidently about this new technology to the public.

As Elizabeth from Lightning Labs has commented, “We expect people to have prior knowledge, but the good news is there are many resources out there for people to get started learning on their own. We don’t care if you have a degree. We care about your ability to learn and execute.”

While trying to voice the problem blockchain firms and startups face, Andrew from Purse said, “We’ve had a hard time with developers that come from the large enterprise companies. People who are used to having their tasks well-defined for them or developers who rely on well-defined documentation. That presents a challenge for us.”

Now let’s focus on some of the non-technical roles available in crypto space.

Technical Writer

What you would do

You will be mainly writing a technical whitepaper for those companies involved in creating new types of cryptocurrency. The paper needs to be written to attract investors which will describe the company’s development and marketing plan for their proposed technology. These papers can be anywhere between 20 to 50 pages long and you may need to create illustrations in some roles.

As Dan Salganik, managing partner of VisualFizz – a digital marketing firm puts, “Our content writers spend a good deal of time writing industry-specific content, informational content, and searching for unique ways to distribute the content.”

Since this is a very important role for company business and ICO, most of the startups ask for experience in technical content writing and well-rounded knowledge on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Additionally, you may need to translate the documentation of projects published in Github.

As a content writer, you will also help write implementation specifications and adapt it to a wider audience of readers in a reader-friendly manner. You will also have to work with IT and engineering staff to make the content accurate.

This is one of those roles where you have the most opportunity to work from anywhere.

What do you need

Since the main purpose is to attract investors you need to have a solid persuasive writing skill, and an easy way with language (mostly English) making the complex tech easily understandable to them. Most firms ensure that the people they hire are a Native speaker or have an Advanced level (C1) in English (Russian and Mandarin is also commonplace) under their belt. Though if you have a proven track record with writing it is not an issue to get hired in this field.

Also since a lot of new tokens are of ERC-20 type, having a solid workable grasp on Ethereum blockchain and features will really help you to get that job. Working closely with IT staff and engineers to present accurate information means you must have at least a basic level of understanding about how blockchain and cryptocurrency works and familiar with various technologies and terms associated with it.

A firm grasp of spelling and grammar in the language is therefore mandatory. Also if you have social media and digital marketing experience then it is a big plus for you. And having a certificate or degree in writing or language will give you an edge too.

This is a space with a lot of opportunities to work as a freelance technical content writer.

What you’d make

You can expect to earn about $69,850 per annum on an average. As a freelance writer, you can command as low as about $30 per hour to as high as $100 per hour rate.


Journalists – these are the individuals that update us on the latest crypto development and update on others. So it indeed has a big important role to play generating interest and traffic.

What you would do

As a journalist, you would cover the latest news on cryptocurrency and blockchain tech and industries. You will be reporting for either a newspaper, magazine, blogs or even a brand.  Your employer will expect clean, interesting, plagiarism-free, and SEO-friendly content from you targetting either very crypto-savvy or in general readers. These articles and news can be of any length, anywhere from a mere 450 words to a couple of thousands depending on the importance and nature of the news report.

What do you need

Most journalists generally start out by working as an intern at a magazine or newspaper with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or any other related fields.

So first you need to have at least a bachelor degree in journalism, marketing, economics, public relations, communications etc. Most firms demand at least a year of reporting or editing experience for this post. Though previous experience in writing about cryptocurrency is preferred it is not mandatory.

Needless to say, as a journalist, excellent writing and verbal communication skill are of paramount importance here. You need to be a fast learner, good researcher, and have an eye for detail, and also should be able to cope with multiple assignments with strict deadlines. Your research and analytical ability will determine how good you are at connecting the dots from various sources.

Since the idea is to reach a wide type of readers, both tech-savvy and non-techie, therefore you need to write in a lucid language. You also need to have knowledge of SEO implementation on online sites and be careful about plagiarism.

On the technical front, you need to have proficiency with WordPress, Microsoft Word, Google Docs etc. Additionally writing samples or broadcast is also the key to landing a journalist position.

How much you can earn

You will be getting paid mostly on an hourly basis as a freelance but there are firms and publication who will give a monthly wage. Though this wage can vary depending on the publication and blogs you are working with, you can expect to earn $38,870 per year. The general range varies between $25,000 and $35,000 per annum. The beauty is you may be associated with multiple blogs and publications, therefore earning money from multiple places.

Marketing Manager

It needs no explanation that these individuals are probably those non-technical guys who can command higher paychecks.

What you would do

As a marketing manager you are expected to estimate the demand for cryptocurrencies and various blockchain platform, and then compare their values for your firm. Then you need to identify who can be the potential users, monitor crypto trends, and necessarily develop marketing strategies to help users maximize their profits and market share. These strategies will be obviously region or country or niche focused.

This also demands you to work and manage the entire marketing spectrum, including collecting information from subject-matter experts and sharing those via your company’s content channels, community and media engagement, and advertising.

Your other tasks will be to partner with appropriate vendors, give training or mentorship to junior team members and oversee their performance. You will be the face to promote your firm’s image and services in various industry events.

Excellent communication is an integral part of this role. In addition, you will be also supervising editorial calendar and help maintain standards for all content channels, often directly editing and writing copies for important content initiatives.

What you would need

Being a marketing managers means you should be a self-starter who is passionate about and also good at introducing and promoting products from the ground up.  Mostly you have to be equally creative and analytical to perform well in this role.

Though these roles ask you to have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication, English, or any related field, it is the experience that counts. You can apply (and hope to get the job) if you have several years of experience working in marketing, sales, advertising, and promoting niches. As an example, a medium-level firm in crypto asks for a minimum of 2 to 5 or more years’ of marketing experience in financial services or enterprise technology or even IT industry.

It is also expected of you that you are well-versed and have experience in social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content platforms from both a content creator and a user’s point of view. You also must have very good knowledge of content marketing and familiar with various marketing tools available. In addition, excellent project management or organization skill is highly desired in this role.

How much you can earn

The wage varies over countries as usual. In Japan, a small to medium company would offer you between $62,000 – $90,000 per year. This will increase if it is a leading corporation. The wage in the US or Europe generally higher ranging from $70,000 to $90,000 per annum on average, with a good number of firms offering near $100,00 per annum. You can expect to earn about $127,560 per year for this role at the top end, but it can get much higher in certain cases and with your experience.

Business Development Representative

As with any other burgeoning field, cryptocurrency is creating new business opportunities across multiple industries – healthcare, real estate, finance etc., so there’s a need for those people to find those, push product partnerships, and close deals

What you would do

As a business development manager, you will be charged with implementing and improving your firm’s go to market strategy to expand it and take on new business opportunities. So You do need to understand clearly what is the firm’s objective or goal.

You are supposed to spot trends in the cryptocurrency market, analyze them with the help of charts and tools and find out new avenues and ways for new business opportunities.  

Obviously, you need to create and maintain good relationships with clients and potential clients alike. Pursuing leads and following through to close the agreement is your primary target.

What do you need

First and foremost you need a degree either in business, finance, or communications. Though it is not absolutely required it is immensely helpful to get the job. The two most important skill you must possess great leadership and communication skill as these two are the pillar of a successful business development manager. Also, you should be inclined to make fact-based decision making.

For this role, there is no substitution to experience, and hence experience in project management and sales, to a certain degree, is crucial. You should have knowledge of the various productivity tools and software. If you have previous experience in B2B deals, especially in enterprise business then you are one step ahead. Business development experience includes direct sales, account management often with an expansion or upsells function, or partner management roles.

Since your role is completely client-based, you should have the ability to develop good relationships with them. Being a manager your interpersonal skills, including the ability to work effectively with various people at all levels of the firm is naturally expected. Also, there will be times when you have to work independently, so a self-motivator will definitely help here.

There are some firms, who prefer people who have some experience in IoT space, not required but great to have one.

How much you can earn

You can expect a wage as low as $45,619 per annum, and as high as $90,000 per year.

Crypto Lawyer

This is yet another avenue that has growing importance, with governments and other regulatory bodies breathing down the neck of crypto firms.

As the number of businesses interested in implementing the blockchain technologies increases, the demand for law services in the digital asset and blockchain space will continue to grow for sure. Lawyers, at the “Working in the Blockchain Ecosystems in 2018” event, divulged that they have been receiving an increasing number of calls from clients, both existing and potential, inquiring about the governance and the structuring of ICOs. They seek advice on issues that since there is a chance they may run into on their blockchain or fintech endeavors.

Since with the creation of Blockchain technologies, there is a number of new businesses emerged in the last two years, given the volatile and unregulated nature of the crypto space practically all of these firms are going to need legal guidance throughout the launch process.

Where To Find Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Jobs

We have covered so far why you should consider working in crypto space and what are the job roles available for you. Now, the next question is where do you search for this jobs. So let us take a rundown on where you can find these precious jobs. We will be providing only the best platform available online here.

Crypto Jobs List

Crypto Jobs List is a  simple job board and email newsletter platform. It offers a very good number of community management, marketing, and content writing roles, as well as many technical job roles including blockchain developers, solidity developers, analysts, software developers, etc.

Angel List

Focusing especially on startups, this is a general job site with a wide range of cryptocurrency jobs available. The number of jobs the site put forward for crypto enthusiasts is rather impressive – it holds records of over 1,500 crypto startups. Angel List have various filters for you to search for a job role that suits your skills, salary expectation, location, and schedule.

Crypto Recruit

Crypto Recruit offers specialist recruiters of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and a job board for crypto candidates.

Crypto Currency Jobs

This is supposedly the leading blockchain job board on the web currently, and they definitely have numerous and a rather wide range of jobs for crypto candidates to choose from.

Blockchain Headhunter

You need to submit your CV to the site and they will put you forward for appropriate crypto jobs with the most reputable blockchain companies around the world. In case you want to surf, they also provide a job board.

Be In Crypto

It is not only a job board but also an aggregator platform. It claims that it adds more than 20 new jobs every day from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.


If you are a freelancer looking for crypto jobs then this is for you. There are sites like Peopleperhour and Upwork which commands with a high number of crypto employers seeking freelancers, even though they charge quite a high fee for listing. You need to create your profile, bid for jobs, and get hired. The next step for you would be to establish trust with the client, then cut the middleman (i,e, the sites), and directly start working with them. This way the employer can save the platform fees (you can negotiate to take that benefit for yourself too). This also up a chance to get paid in crypto.

Crypto freelancing sites: The number of job posting in blockchain job sites like Ethlance is very low, but they are crypto-focused. You can consider other similar platforms like Hire Match, Blocklancer, Moneo, and student marketplace Bitjob. Then there is Cryptogrind, another freelance platform for bitcoiners which allows crypto-savvy employers find freelance services or pay for jobs using Bitcoin.

ICO websites: You can also use an ICO tracker website to find jobs.  You can scan through the websites of forthcoming ICOs as well as ICOs that have just completed their token sale and are looking to start on a hiring. Many such sites openly advertise job vacancies.

Linkedin: Last but definitely not the least is LinkedIn. It is a good platform for finding crypto jobs, especially those which demands a degree, or sets of skill and experience. Also more you connect with other crypto professionals and join crypto and blockchain-related groups, the more you are maximizing your chance of getting called for an interview.

What If You Don’t Have Anything Crypto to Add to Your CV?

So you want to join the crypto space and land a job but the only problem is you don’t have anything related to put on your CV?

Here is a path you can follow to build your presence in this field. Your first step will definitely just jump right into it and start with the easiest thing you can do.

Let’s say you can write, not that good but a bit more than passable, then you should start with publishing crypt-related content on Steemit or Medium to build up your authority and demonstrate your knowledge. If you have talent, you may even earn some money on Steemit.

Now say you do not know coding and writing is not your forté either what you are going to apply for. Well, there is always the good old marketing. It is comparatively much easier to get a job as a community manager for an ICO, where you will have to moderate the firms’ Telegram or track their bounty campaigns.

We agree that though it is not the most glamorous of jobs you can boast about and where on top of that you are likely to get paid in tokens (relatively less known), but it is a start for sure.  You really need to work hard for at least three months and after the ICO is over you are now in a position to apply for your first “proper” crypto job. There is a high chance that the same firm may absorb you.

Remember that do a good job and you will quickly move up the ladder and establish yourself, on the other hand, do a bad job then we wish you all the good luck in the world to get hired for your next.

Additionally, irrespective of if you have a skill for crypto or not, make sure that your social media bios are always up-to-date, have a professional-looking picture on the wall and you are using your accounts to add real value to the conversation rather than simply retweeting or forwarding bitcoin memes.

What we mean here is that just be serious about what you are saying, you don’t have to put forward really ingenious or cool posts. Since LinkedIn is anybody’s go-to platform, update your LinkedIn profile and be sure to include relevant crypto keywords in your job title and bio.

Next, let’s check what are the companies out there who offer you these jobs.

Which Companies Offer Crypto Jobs

There are various types of companies who are offering different crypto jobs and you can end up working for any one of them. Let’s have a look at these firms.

New Coin Or Token Companies

Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs are crypto projects where team members develop an entirely new cryptocurrency using any of the existing blockchain technology (especially Ethereum). You will easily (figure of speech!) find different roles in this firms, be it as a developer, manager, community manager, writer or engineer. The reason for wider scope here is because these ICO projects serve a wide variety of purposes that are rather unique.

Here are a few examples:

  • BitBix has created a social media gaming crypto coin that offers a reward-based system for social media games. This platform allows gamers to compete with their respective peers for a prize.
  • Power Ledger created a token for exchanging surplus energies especially solar energy.
  • AidCoin team has created AID token to improve charitable giving.
  • Then there is the Brave ICO that has created Basic Attention Token to make improvement in digital advertising space. It provides benefits to all the parties involved – users, publishers, and advertisers.

Crypto Startups

There is a lot of crypto startup happening since the last year. As we have mentioned, the first half of 2017 alone experienced more money being invested in these startups than throughout the entire year of 2016.

As the advantage of blockchain became clearer, a rather large number of businessman and engineers and entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries are coming up with numerous cryptocurrency startups. Therefore you have the option to pursue a blend of interests and diverse opportunities.

There are exciting projects on various industry landscape and they are working to build and improve on different products such as banking, gaming, chatbots, search engines, renewable green energy, electricity sharing, electronic health records, e-commerce, file sharing, security, exchange, HR, and many more.

Here are some examples:

  • Coinbase lets you purchase and sell various digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others.
  • Waltonchain offers real-time tracking of products in e-commerce and therefore open the door for increasing use of IoT devices.
  • LaZooz is a decentralized ride-sharing app similar to Uber. It uses blockchain technology to synchronize seating availability in a vehicle in real-time.

Big Companies

Probably you are thinking that since this is a relatively new field you will working for only startups and small companies in your crypto career. But you couldn’t have been more wrong. Given the huge potential for blockchain tech and benefit of cryptocurrencies, many of the big names in the IT and software industry, as well as others, have started projects of their own and hence been on the hunt for hiring the best talents for their projects.  Some of the companies that currently have job listings for blockchain engineers or developers are – IBM, Microsoft, Visa, Intel, JPMorgan Chase etc.

More and more big-name companies are hiring for blockchain roles every day, so if the startup scene isn’t for you, you can certainly find a place at a stable, established business.

What The Hiring Managers Look For In Candidates

Besides the skills and knowledge on cryptocurrency and blockchain, the hiring managers are looking for a lot of things but mostly how much passionate the candidates are, do they have the drive to learn on their own and can-do attitude. Let’s see some comments made by hiring managers from different crypto firms.

As Mernit from Smartshare voiced, “Because this space is so new, general programming ability is the most important thing. That’s followed by a passion for open-source projects and hobby projects. In a new space, many ‘hobby things’ become ‘real things’. Finding that passion is so important.”

On hiring candidates, Elizabeth from Lightning Labs has said, “We look for candidates who are very fast learners and with deep knowledge of cryptocurrency protocols like bitcoin. We also look for people who are passionate about the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space, as we are building a key piece of infrastructure on top of bitcoin and other Blockchains. We love discussing the latest developments and technologies in our community. For us it’s not just about a job, it’s about a passion.”

These managers always welcome people outside-the-box thinking which allows traction for the firm. This becomes evident from the comment made by Andrew from Purse. He stated, “Cryptocurrency users live in this weird bubble where we know how to sign transactions or send PGP emails. So it’s always refreshing to see candidates with an outside perspective who explore deeply and bring new ideas to the table of how to make it easier for the average user.”

The hiring managers also have some advice to offer to those who don’t have any prior blockchain or cryptocurrency experience.

“Many projects in cryptocurrency are open source. Interested developers should look at issues on Github and create pull requests. We had a developer who had two PRs merged into Bcoin before we scheduled the 2nd interview. We hired on the spot,”  commented Andrew from Purse.

Mernit of Smartshare has something similar to say – “If candidates can show contributions to open-source projects and caring about the community, that’s probably the most important signal because of the community-driven nature of the space.”

Lightning Labs’ Elizabeth offers the last and probably the most important piece of advice you need – “Read voraciously about bitcoin, Blockchains, and applied cryptography. Learn all about it. We look for entrepreneurial people who understand that there’s risk in early stage startups, but also potentially huge rewards.”

Lastly, let’s check some of the courses that are offered online on various crypto topics.

Where Can You Start Learning About Crypto

Popular online learning platforms like Udemy and Corsera offer various such courses. Then there are companies like IBM or crypto news platform like Blockgeek who offer a couple of intensive yet easy-to-understand courses. These courses are either free or charge a nominal fee.

Udemy Courses

Blockchain A-Z: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain


This course will enable you to harness the ability of the foremost disruptive technology since the internet through real-life examples. you will be ready to learn why Blockchains are so important nowadays. The course will focus on the following

  • Understanding the theoretical aspects of Cryptocurrencies
  • Understanding the theoretical aspects of Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • How you can create your own cryptocurrency
  • Theoretical aspects of Smart  contracts

This course will ideal for blockchain enthusiasts. You will be able to Learn key Blockchain related concepts and along with the practical training,  will be able to understand with all things related to Crypto and Blockchain. It is one of the Bestseller courses at Udemy and over 18k people have enrolled for it.

The Course consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1: How to build a Blockchain – You start from the very beginning of how to create a blockchain.
  • Module 2: How to create a Cryptocurrency – In this module, you will learn how to create a cryptocurrency based on the knowledge which is gained in the previous module    
  • Module 3: How to create a Smart Contract – Finally you will be able to create smart contracts


  • High school mathematics level needed.
  • Basic knowledge of python is needed.

     Course Fees: $10.45

Build a Blockchain and a Cryptocurrency from Scratch


This course will show you how to build a blockchain and cryptocurrency from scratch. You will be able to discover the engineering ideas behind modern technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Through this course, you will be able to understand how blockchain and cryptocurrency are implemented. You’ll also understand important blockchain concepts like  Proof-of-Work, mining, peer-to-peer connection etc through which you will be able to build your own blockchain and cryptocurrency. The course will also guide you on how to create a Node JS application with real time web socket connections as well as an API using ExpressJS. The course consists of 71 lecturers ( around 6.5 hours of on-demand video) and over 7000 people have enrolled for it

Some of the highlights of the course are:

  • How to build a Blockchain using OOPS.
  • Generating hashes for blocks in the blockchain.
  • Unit Tests for the different Components of the Blockchain.
  • Creating an API around the Blockchain.
  • Creating a real-time connected peer-to-peer server.
  • Implementing the proof-of-work algorithm.


  • Basic Coding knowledge is required including command line and code editors usage
  • Basic Javascript and NodeJS experience is needed.

      Course Fees: $10.45

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course: More than 5 Courses in 1


Another one of Udemy’s Bestseller courses it consists of around 24 hours of on-demand video. It is one of the most thorough and in-depth Cryptocurrency courses in the market. Though this course you will be able to learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrency and blockchains, from mining to investing and much more. The course covers more than 10 cryptocurrencies

It consists of the following courses:

  • Cryptocurrency Investing
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Blockchain
  • Creating a Diversified Portfolio & Much More!

What you will learn through this Course

  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to invest, mine, trade and thoroughly understand cryptocurrencies. On completion of this course, you will able to invest, mine, trade and have a thorough understanding of cryptocurrencies.
  • You will be able to understand technical analysis charts as well as how to look for buy and sell signals
  • You will get to know about common rookie investor mistakes.
  • You will be able to know how to watch out for scams and manage risks
  • You will be able to trade 10 different cryptocurrencies, know the pros and cons of each one of them and also how to mine them
  • You will also know how to set up 5 different wallets in this course and also their pros and cons and how to transfer money between these wallets.
  • What are ICO’s and what makes them such an important tool
  • Cryptocurrency investment framework.
  • You will also learn about five different exchanges where you will be able to trade in cryptocurrency


Basic Excel Knowledge is needed to complete some of the exercises of courses.

Course Fees: USD 10.45

Blockgeeks Courses

BlockGeeks is a blockchain community which has a number of different courses which can help you understand how cryptocurrency works as well as create your own cryptocurrency and smart contracts. They have two payment plans, the basic plan is available for $29 per month while the professional plan is available for $299 per year. More details about the Payment Plans are available at this link

CE101: Intro to Cryptoeconomics


This course Will introduces you to the fundamental principles of blockchains. The course focuses on how core concepts in both cryptocurrency and economics work to create incentive systems for blockchains you will also be able to understand what a decentralized economy is and also the protocols that govern such economy including the production distribution and consumption of goods and services.

What you’ll learn through this Course

  • How to recognize the different properties of cryptocurrencies
  • Different cryptocurrency techniques that I used to know blockchain
  • How Cryptography is used in a decentralized network
  • Compare proof of work and proof of stake consensus systems


There are no requirements as such for this course anyone who is interested in understanding how blockchain technology works its value and implications for the world of Commerce can enroll in this course

ETH101: Intro to Ethereum


This is an introductory course in a two-part Ethereum course in which you will use solidity to write smart contracts to create decentralized applications using Ethereum.  Ethereum is a completely new concept and this course will teach you the different concepts through your hands-on examples, lectures, and codes.

What you’ll learn through this Course

  • A number of widely applicable patterns for daily use
  • Industry recognized best coding practices
  • Have knowledge about various attack patterns and vectors and also learn how they work and how to prevent them
  • Learn about anti-patterns, what they are how they work and how you should avoid them through this course you will have a clear understanding of common design patterns and how to recognize and use them
  • You will also get to know about the  Ethereum virtual machine


Although  prior experience with Ethereum smart contract is not needed  you should have some coding experience in HTML CSS JavaScript or other scripting languages

basic level Linux skills are also required

ETH102: Intro to Building dApps- 3 New Lessons


This is the second part of BlockGeeks Ethereum Tutorial

In this course you will learn how to build a continuous decentralized application. It also covers the different frameworks for dApp development like Truffle as well as developer tools like Ganache. You will learn how to manage, construct and design smart contracts.

As well as be able to spot errors and common mistakes Solidity developers make.

What you’ll learn through this Course

  • To  recognize common design patterns and know when to use them
  • Learn to examine your code by deeply understanding how the patterns work and also the protection they offer
  • You will be able to recognize security risks in an unfamiliar source code
  • You will also be able to recognize the precise implications of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and learn how to address long-term operational and maintenance concerns including administrative control and software upgrades.


Just like the previous course, prior experience with Ethereum smart contract is not needed  you should have some coding experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript or other scripting languages basic level. Linux skills are also required


IBM provides a number of skills courses and Guides related to cryptocurrency and blockchains through the IBM skills gateway. Initially available for cloud in only  North America, IBM skills gateway has an introductory price of $2,000 and allows you to access all of his digital learning content for 12 months.

Blockchain Security Training


A blockchain network is only as secure as the infrastructure on which it is built upon. Blockchain Security is one of the most important topics than you should have knowledge of. Through this course you will get to know how a business or a blockchain network can increase its security subversion of node network is the highest level security be in a decentralized blockchain network

What you’ll learn through this Course

  • Differentiate between the various types of security blockchain
  • You will be able to understand the various security practices related to blockchain technology
  • Understand the confidentiality of a blockchain note
  • Knowledge, an IBM Authorized Global Training Provider has developed this course. The course will teach you to allow your business or a Blockchain network to have elevated consensus security.
  • You will be able to create risk analysis for a blockchain network
  • You will be able to create a security policy for blockchain identity management and identity access management
  • You will be able to describe and demonstrate what the appropriate safeguarding techniques of blockchain should be
  • You will be able to differentiate between the various blockchain related security threats and attacks
  • You will be able to understand the integrity of the information of a blockchain node


This is a highly technical course you must have knowledge of blockchain architecture and also must understand hyperledger and ethereum concepts

Blockchain Architecture Training


Blockchain for what cryptocurrencies are built upon and anyone who wishes to have an in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency must also learn about the architecture of blockchains. This blockchain architecture course from IBM teaches you the technical details of Blockchains which you must know before you start any development work on cryptocurrency

What you will learn through this Course

  • What is the blockchain and how does it work
  • The different type of blockchain (including its history and important concepts like tokens, gas, coins and smart contracts)
  • How is blockchain different from existing modern technology
  • Where are blockchains used
  • How to design your own blockchain application
  • How to develop your own blockchain application
  • How to test the blockchain application that you just developed

One Month Courses

Learn Bitcoin & Ethereum


This is a beginner level course and consists of a two-hour video in which the presenter gives you an introduction into basic Bitcoin and Ethereum concepts like how to trade and where to buy. The course is taught by Chris Castiglione whom is a professor at Columbia University You will also be shown how to set up a Coinbase account.

What you’ll learn through this Course

  • Bitcoin Basics
  • Ethereum and Altcoins Basics
  • Difference between Bitcoin and Altcoins
  • How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • How to Setup a Coinbase account
  • Overview of hot and cold wallets      

     Course Fees: $29


What we have covered in this monstrous article will give you a very good idea on which job in crypto space you can apply for with skillset and what else you need to move up the ladder or just start working for your favorite job role.

We live in a totally connected digital age, and therefore all you need to land that dream job of yours is be passionate, make the best out of the internet, immerse yourself in the study of crypto space and apply to the right job.

Even if you are not yet ready or simply interested in what a career in crypto can offer you, you can go through the article, take one of the courses suggested here and see for yourself if it is your cup of tea.

Wish you all the best for your crypto career.

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