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RAC Announces Collaboration and Investment From MOAC Foundation

RAC, a full-stack asset management and securitization platform, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with the MOAC Foundation, a cooperative not-for-profit organization that supports the development of the MOAC blockchain and promotes the use of MOAC’s multi-layer architecture for commercial applications.

“At the MOAC foundation, we are building the real industrial world blockchain solutions with massive quantities of daily active users”

Winston Feng, RAC’s Co-Founder and CEO, said, “We are delighted to partner with MOAC on multiple fronts. MOAC will help us augment our core asset management and securitization capabilities and fulfill our mission of systematically structuring previously inaccessible, illiquid but high-yielding private investments and making them available for a broad global investor base.”RAC is an all-in-one securitization and digitization platform for commercial real estate, investment funds, private debt, and more. Together with MOAC, RAC hopes to expand the public’s access to securitized assets.

The two parties have agreed to actively explore implementation of MOAC’s technology protocol to improve the experience of investors and issuers on RAC’s platform, and to reduce the administrative burden of the entire life cycle of private assets’ investing and trading.

As part of the partnership, MOAC invested an undisclosed amount into RAC’s seed round. Also, MOAC CMO Cherie Liu will be joining RAC as an advisor.

“At the MOAC foundation, we are building the real industrial world blockchain solutions with massive quantities of daily active users,” Liu said. “This partnership furthers our mission to build a blockchain foundation for traditional financial assets management and improve efficiency for investors.”

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RAC is a full-stack real asset management and securitization platform founded in Silicon Valley. Leveraging its trademarked Smart Security standard, RAC unlocks value for private investments by providing both the legal protections of traditional securities law as well as the efficiency and liquidity enabled by smart contracts.


Mother of All Chains (or MOAC) is a layered multi-blockchain architecture. The MOAC Platform consists of a global primary blockchain, or MotherChain, and additional MicroChains. Using blockchain sharding technology, a MicroChain functions as a child blockchain within the platform that operates above the global MotherChain and is responsible for smart contracts management. MicroChains also enable high volume transactions using a variety of consensus systems. MOAC not only addresses the performance and cost issues with existing blockchain systems, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also introduces new features that minimize the barrier to entry for developers, users, businesses, and the entirety of the blockchain ecosystem.

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Cherie Liu
Chief Marketing Officer

Winston Feng
Chief Executive Officer

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