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The Ultimate List of Tools for Crypto Enthusiasts

Whether you are a hardcore investor or crypto enthusiasts who want to either invest small sum or simply looking to enhance your knowledge base or update yourself, you need to search the internet and study a lot. With so many cryptocurrencies, exchanges, ICOs in the market with their associated technicalities, it is naturally very hard to keep track of these. This is why there is no one who can readily direct what to do and how to invest. This is where crypto tools come in.

With so many crypto tools that are just awesome, narrowing it down to the most important (in our opinion) is definitely not an easy task. There is a different type of crypto tools, and each of them reveals either a particular type of attributes or different way of looking at their performance. These tools in combination with some or all together give you an insight and therefore helps you analyze and better track and predict their progress. So let us begin.


This is probably the most well-known and visited website of crypto space. This tool is our first go-to tool for a cryptocurrency check. Coinmarketcap tracks market stat of cryptocurrencies and offers running and past data for investors and enthusiasts alike. The platform is one of the few who lists coin as soon as they appear should they pass their criteria of enlistment.

Coinmarketcap currently lists over 1900 cryptocurrencies at the moment. The home page welcomes you with market cap value, the average price of the cryptocurrency, 24-hour volume, circulating supply value of the coin, 24-hour change, and a mini-graph showing last 7-day price for every cryptocurrency listed. Similarly, the exchange tab offers the adjusted volume, volumes for 24-hours, 7 days, and 30 days, a number of markets it is available in, 24-hour change in percentage, 7-day volume mini-graph, and launch date.

Click on any coin, and you will have a wealth of information with comprehensive breakdown and analysis. The four tabs are –

Charts – It shows a detailed graph for market cap, price and 24-hour volume for the selected token.

Markets – This shows a list of cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy and sell tokens. Coinmarketcap doesn’t list only those existing exchanges that are connected to it and regularly synchronized with its database. To be safer, we recommend you to choose those listed here.

Social –  The third tab has a selection of recent records from social networks. For an investor, this is very useful to look into the Internet when the crypto price takes a sharp turn in order to understand the reasons for this movement of the rate.

Tools – Here you can get a free widget for the site, which shows the latest data about the token.

Historical Data – records of quotes with the ability to sort by time intervals. The information can be useful if you want to check the correlation between several cryptocurrencies (later we will publish instructions on how to make it easier if you are creating an investment portfolio).

One thing to note here is that the price of the cryptocurrency Coinmarketcap provides is a market average price drawn from many different exchanges in order to develop a clear picture of the actual price of a cryptocurrency. The site offers the price in USD and BTC. This is actually the best price on the interval, and it is unlikely that you will be able to buy bitcoins, altcoins or tokens on it. This is because it updates data every 5 minutes. It also offers crypto-pair volume in various exchanges, links to social media, link to a community forum, and a rank according to their analysis. The CoinMarketCap platform also provides users with links to buy any given digital currency.

If you are wondering how popular and credible this platform is, we would like to draw your attention to its fabulous domain authority score of 80 according to the Moz’s metric standard. This is due to the immense number of sites pointing to Coinmarketcap. The site enjoys huge traffic from crypto enthusiasts which are proven from its great Alexa ranking score of 328.

On top of that, the design of the platform is very simple and very easy to use. Coinmarketcap has their app on both ios and android platform.

Now if you are to invest solely depending on their analysis we would advise against it, do check other tools and news. They provide a very detailed guidance and follow the market in real time, but there are always other factors at play. The site advertises a lot, but they do not claim at all for the validity of those. So, for investment, you should always check with other sites or tools on our list.


If there is one thing that can be said against Coinmarketcap, the site is a centralized data repository. Centralized for decentralized coins! This is where Coincheckup comes in. It is comparatively a young site but has risen to popularity offering similar service.

The homepage welcomes you with price, market cap, 24-hour volume, price change over 24 hours, and a 7-day mini price graph. Currently, the site holds information of over 1900 coins. On selecting any one of them, you will have in-depth details of the current market stat of that coin completed with charts, news feeds etc. You can also sign in the site for free to access new features including the ability to customize the table as per your need.

Coincheckup has four sections – Market, Analysis, Investment, and Predictions.

The Market section gives you all kind of information about the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, like their price, volume, market cap etc. It also provides the list of top gainers and top losers in the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrencies also vastly categorized here.

The Analysis section offers three different analysis method – Fundamental Analysis, Investment Analysis, and Github Analysis. Coincheckup has given nine categories for each crypto firm. These categories rate the firms with a number from 0% to 100% on some aspects like team, advisors, communication, product, business, social, coin, brand/buzz, and Github. Clicking the company name presents you with more details. Also, it has tools and guides section including a crypto question action.

In the Predictions section, you can look at the most important information to know how much any cryptocurrency can be worth in the future. Again, this section is subject to errors, but it can be somewhat accurate.

The last section is the ICOs. It offers all current, upcoming, archived, publish and advertise ICOs, and divided all the ICOs in various industry category.

All you need is an email id to sign in. Coincheckup offers comparison feature as well as allow you more detailed historical information about these cryptocurrencies and companies and track all of your favorite coins. Their formulas for the calculations are provided by themselves and their base information by CrytoCompare and CoinMarketCap.

Same as Coinmarketcap, you shouldn’t use this solely to invest but for informational purpose.


This is another of our favorite go-to data check site.  The non-technical feature we like most about this site is it is available in 21 languages. No other site (well as far as we know) offers this facility.

Similar to the first two, the homepage contains the usual columns of price, 24-hour price change rate, market cap, 7-day mini graph but with the added columns of Liquidity, developer score, community score, and a total score. Now the great thing about this is it lists over 2500 coins, but it also means their way of selecting coins can be a more relaxed compared to the leader of the segment, Coinmarketcap. The benefit is all are included, so you don’t miss any.

The site also lists all ICOs upcoming, active and ended as well as about exchanges.

There are a lot more data than the other two when you dig deep. The site provides various intricate details about every cryptocurrency including their metric score, rank, market rank etc. Apart from the market stat, there is a lot of technical information available for each coin for the enthusiasts as well including block size, hash rate, forks, issues solved etc. the site also provides Major Exchange Site Activity score based on the coin’s market share, acceptance and maturity level.

Like the other, there is top gainers and losers for the last 24 hours to 90 days under the trending section. The site also offers a comparison facility between coins. Coingecko a wide range of charts including the coins run against other crypto and fiat currencies,

Coingecko also provides widgets and APIs for different kind of users and has launched its beta version of the mining calculator for different cryptocurrencies in April this year. The unique feature of the site is you can filter the coins based on their hashing algorithm too.

Some other notable features are ICO calendar, crypto forum, social network insights for each coin, and detailed exchange volume analysis according to different coins traded on that exchange.


CryptoCompare is a popular cryptocurrency community platform which offers a portfolio management app. It is an interactive platform where you monitor the crypto markets in real time and discuss its latest trends.  It is a one-stop shop for all information and news about major cryptocurrencies around the world. It was founded in 2014 by Charles Hayter and Vlad Cealicu. Vlad Cealicu, one of the co-founders of CryptoCompare describes it as a platform where everyone can find reliable and useful information about Bitcoin and all other altcoins.  Vlad wants CryptoCompare to become a community-driven platform which notifies others early on about the possibility of scams and frauds.

CryptoCompare has the following features and advantages:

  • CryptoCompare displays real-time and live trading.
  • Beautifully designed graphs and charts for you to make trade analysis from.
  • An advanced charting system for you to make in-depth trade analysis.
  • CryptoCompare allows you to create multiple portfolios and display them in horizontal tabs.
  • It also supports a wide number of cryptocurrencies currently in the market.
  • It offers the ability to add notes within the app.
  • Risk analysis feature to warn about potential risks that may affect your investments.
  • The user interface of CryptoCompare is pretty clear and overall design, color combination and choice of fonts is very good.
  • CryptoCompare   allows you to filter coins by proof type or by algorithm as well as   view mining information
  • It allows the members of its community to write a review on a variety of topics, from mining equipment and digital wallets to exchanges. The reviews are open to discussion by community members and they can also rate them according to how useful they felt it was.
  • All your data is stored in the cloud and you can access them from your desktop, mobile browser, and mobile app any time you want.
  • CryptoCompare has a forum on its website where you can discuss different topics with others users.
  • There is a guides section where you can find articles by different authors on different cryptocurrency related topics. The Guides section is an excellent place to learn about cryptocurrencies and unravel the fundamental concepts behind the blockchain technology. The guides section is the best place for beginners and enthusiasts to gather information on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
  • There is also a public API which allows users to fetch the cryptocurrency pricing in real time, OHLC and volume data from multiple exchanges around the world.

CryptoCompare not just allows you to get real-time data of the cryptocurrency market but also provides you with guides and reviews. It is a social platform and allows you to contribute as well as engage with others. CryptoCompare empowers you to have a better understanding of the cryptocurrency world. CryptoCompare produces a plethora of analytical articles, such as the list of top cryptocurrencies and businesses, guides, and reviews in addition to monitoring raw market data. Being a social platform, the website also allows its visitors to engage with and contribute to the conversation. In all, we feel that CryptoCompare is one of those tools that appeal to different types of users from enthusiasts to professional  and makes crypto investment more understandable

Now, there are other cryptomarketcap like sites we think are very useful to keep on your radar. These alternatives are a great way compare across sites to have a broader for analytical perspective. These are 


Onchainfx is investor-minded, providing a much greater range of metrics than possibly any other site. Here you can view such data as a coin’s 2050 market cap (to calculate its future worth), percentage of supply issued, ROI, and historical prices. There’s also the ability to compare the movement of two assets side by side. Bitcoin’s dominance is conveniently displayed in the header and you can even look up a coin’s Vladimir Club Cost – how much it costs to buy 1% of 1% of its total supply. This week, Onchainfx also added a checkbox in the right-hand margin called “Price if Normalized BTC Supply” – aka the Bitcoin Price Equivalence.


CoinLib looks like another generic crypto comparison site, but it does have one nifty feature. Its comparison option enables as many as four crypto assets to be compared side by side and overlaid on a single chart. CoinLib is also kind of a news aggregator (more on this later in the article). To use CoinLib as a news aggregator platform, you have to just access the cryptocurrency news section and, you are now connected with the latest event and issues that are happening in the crypto world now. Creating account on the CoinLib is free and account creation allows you to access more exciting features such as portfolio tracking and management.


Though modeled closely on Coinmarketcap, Coincodex has a cleaner interface and some really nice visualizations. For instance, you can filter results based on cryptocurrencies’ performance over a period of between 24 hours and a year and the site also has some useful cryptocurrency guides for beginners. The CoinCodex Twitter is also worth a follow, as it’s stocked with interesting market tidbits interspersed with useful tips on emerging alts.


Another one closely modeled after Coinmarketcap.  The difference is that it updates Shapeshift prices in real time. This can get a bit dizzy after a while, but it’s a useful resource for up-to-the-second accuracy.


Coinratecap lists over 2,000 digital assets and includes such options as the ability to view High gainers and High losers over the past 24 hours. It’s also got a helpful converter tool which can toggle between multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies and enables ICOs to obtain a listing for their project.


Though Bitinfo is not that great in terms of ease of use or the accuracy level, this is an extremely useful comparison site. It displays the number of transactions sent and their average value for all the major cryptocurrencies. There’s also data on block times and wallets including rich lists and wealth distribution. Bitinfocharts even details how active each coin’s Github repository is, giving a notion of which projects are still being developed and which have gone to seed.


Coinlore is a new crypto tracker and market analysis site that covers over 1,600 cryptocurrencies. In addition to all the usual features you’d expect of such a venture, it includes an ETH dominance index, to accompany the standard BTC one. It’s also got a section that lists crypto influencers and the projects they’re associated with, and another that details the location and year of inception for each cryptocurrency exchange.

ICO Stats

ICO Stats is an excellent ICO comparison tool which every Cryptocurrency enthusiasts should know about. Developed by Cooper Maruyama, ICO Stats is an advertisement free ICO performance tracker. It is a website which dedicatedly tracks initial coin offerings (ICO). Unlike many of its competitors, ICO Stats has an elegant and minimalistic design and we are sure that you too will love it. ICO Stats tracks the ICO’s from its launch thus allowing you to get an overview of past ICO’s and get an idea of how successful it was. It provides stats like as ICO price vs Current Price, ICO date, ICO price,  Current Price and Return on Investment (ROI) on different time frames (24 hours, daily, weekly etc) and allows you to sort the ICO’s using these filters. You can easily compare their performance.

ICO Stats divides its information into 6 major heads

  • Recent Performers: It is a simple list of the different tokens which have performed well over the specified time frame. You can easily check and sort them according to the 24hr ROI, ROI since last week, ROI since last month, ICO date, ICO price, and its Current Price.
  • ROI since ICO: A list based on the Return on Investment amount generated by each token since its ICO launch. It shows the ROI change (%), ICO Date, ICO Price, and Current Price.
  • ROI/Time: A list showing the ROI percentage with time. It also shows the Daily ROI, Weekly ROI, Monthly ROI, ICO Date, ICO Price, and Current Price.
  • ICO vs ETH: It is a comparison of the ICO with Ethereum and shows the ROI change of the coin since its ICO, the ROI change of Ethereum since its ICO, the absolute and relative ratio (percentage) of the comparison of the two changes as well as the ICO Date, ICO Price and Current Price.
  • ICO vs BTC: It is a comparison of the ICO with Bitcoin and shows the ROI change of the coin since its ICO, the ROI change of Bitcoin since its ICO, the absolute and relative ratio (percentage) of the comparison of the two changes as well as the ICO Date, ICO Price and Current Price.
  • Compare: A graphical analysis of ROI since ICO with Time. You can compare different tokens.

ICO Stats is an ICO performance tracker which has an elegant and minimalistic User are satisfied with the coins and token that ICO Stats currently support then it will surely help you track ICO performance over time. Interface. Although it is a handy tool it doesn’t support all coins and tokens. But if you


Icotracker is a Simple ICO performance monitoring application for bitcoin investors. Initially, it was a personal project the developers created which would help them to select ICO’s in which to invest. It received positive feedback from investors and prompted the developers to take it into a public state and rechristen it as ICO Tracker.  Currently, it is in active development and is in pre Alpha Stage.

ICO Tracker is an ongoing project and is far from finished. It currently displays the ICO launch date, coin base, whitepaper, ICO website, total token supply, number of coins prepared for ICO, initial bonus offered, how much was raised, social media accounts and owner/creators name.

ICO Tracker also allows people/teams to add their own ICO’s to its listing page. ICO Tracker has a team of Curators who verify the authenticity of an ICO before and during its listing phase. They curate on primarily on 5 major points.

  • Whitepaper
  • Roadmap
  • Team
  • Escrow
  • ICO conditions

Post listing the Curation team also tracks the ICO’s events which in turn reflect on its ratings. Thanks to its script Curation policy, ICO Tracker can help you identify potential scams. It even mentions it in the ICO’s description if it is a scam so that it is easy for you to avoid them. It divides the ICO’s into three categories Current, Upcoming, and Past.

ICO Tracker being currently in development lacks many important features but plans to incorporate these features before it turns Alpha.

  • Finalize Rating Checklist
  • Provide a detailed description of our Rating
  • Integrate Alert system for important Events
  • Improve usability
  • Make interface design

Once these features are implemented, ICO Tracker will become an important tool for any cryptocurrency enthusiast and will help them better monitor ICO performance and avoid scams.


The cryptocurrency market has taken the world by storm having returned much more than any investment in any stock market. Some people prefer long-term investing while others prefer short. Whatever be their strategy the huge influx cannot be managed with a simple excel sheet. People thus began migrating to Portfolio Management software to ease their workload. AltPocket is one such crypto portfolio tracking application. It has everything that you would expect from a Portfolio Management App should offer. It allows you to track your investment by manually entering them or you could use the Bittrex API. AltPocket currently lets you track over 1300 coins and also lets you share your portfolio with others via social media.  This is an excellent feature as you can check other people’s portfolio and make similar investments.

AltPocket has a very minimalistic and modern User Interface design. It is very easy to navigate. They have a Day and Night theme and as combined with its color combination is very pleasant for the eyes.  It allows you to create an informative dashboard. The dashboard not just displays your portfolio details but also social updates. AltPocket allows to pull your investment data from Bittrex, Coinbase or Poloniex and them directly into. All you need to do is to simply add your API keys and AltPocket will import all your data. They even show the currency you used to buy/sell the token. They are also currently working on integrating the Binaca API and pull data from it.  AltPocket also offers a stats widget and a coin tracker both of which can help you by providing valuable information.

AltPocket is not just a Portfolio Management Software but also a cryptocurrency social network for cryptocurrency traders. It allows you to share your portfolio with others over its own social network. Just like Facebook and Twitter, it allows you to publish a status and let others know what you are up to to, create polls for people to participate in and also upload images.  You can follow other people and get followed yourself. There is also a Leaderboard page where you can see the top traders using the AltPocket system, including their investment and trades. AltPocket also has notification support both in the app as well as through email.

AltPocket is currently working on adding statistics and chart facility to the system as well as modify its social functionality. Android and iOS apps are also on the cards. Even without these future upgrades, AltPocket is still an excellent product and we do recommend you use it.


Blackfolio is one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio management apps. It is a Free App and is available for both Android and IOS. Blackfolio and was designed to track cryptocurrency investments on the go as well as provide its user the global market info about the cryptocurrencies. It currently supports more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies and it regularly updates is a list of coins.  The blockfolio mobile app allows you to check your Cryptocurrency portfolio anytime.

The Blackfolio App provides the following features –

Up-to-date exchange prices & market analysis: The Blockfolio mobile app provides global coverage with over 80 exchanges, candlestick charts as well as real-time order book for all coins.

Track your profit/loss & cost basis: Through this app, you can view all your cryptocurrency investments at once in a single page and also get the detailed profit & loss on each coin.

Receive updates from crypto teams: The Blockfolio Signal allows the teams of coins like Dash, TenX, Icon, Kyber, Civic etc to send to you development updates about their products. This is an excellent feature as it enables you to track the events of where you invested. New teams are also being added so that the users can receive timely and relevant information directly. Users are automatically notified when the teams post important signals.

Latest crypto news: Blockfolio now provides you the latest cryptocurrency news straight from CoinDesk, Coin Telegraph etc to your custom news feed. You can customize the RSS feed so to receive news from your favorite news publisher.

Global Currency Coverage:  Blockfolio allows you to view your portfolio in more than 60 Fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, AUD etc.

Set Pricing Alerts: You can also set Pricing Alerts within the app to notify you when the price of a coin fluctuates. It allows you to take action if a coin falls below a certain price point.  It is a powerful tool and can help you stay active. But if have too many coins then getting alerts for each and every coin is a nuisance. Hence we would suggest you use this feature keeping it in mind.

Customizable Homepage: The app offers you the ability to easily customize your homepage and also has an easy to use interface.

Coin Charts: Blockfolio displays the coin charts for every coin. The graphical interface is very helpful and helps you understand the momentum. Blockfolio’s charting system is much superior to that of its competitors and is its standout feature.  They are easy to read and have a candlestick charts along with the support for multiple time period filters. There are also a 24 hours stats and a current holdings section below the graph. They are also an order book where you can view buy & sell order and all your recent trade transactions.    

Safe & Secure: Blockfolio is a safe and secure application. It offers you a pin lock to safeguard your portfolio. There is also a “Hide

Balances” feature that is useful when you are in a crowd and want to check your portfolio.

Blockfolio also has an excellent customer support system and their team is very active on Twitter and Google app store. If you ever face an issue rest assured that they help you out as they are very particular about user satisfaction. Overall Blockfolio is an excellent application for you to use. It is easy to use for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well as experienced traders and it offers real-time data and can track the performance of all your crypto assets on the go. It is one of the best portfolio management applications for the cryptocurrency universe.


CryptoPing is a new Altcoin Intelligence Bot, a cryptocurrency intelligence server to help traders maximize their trade value it automatically monitors the cryptocurrency markets through Bittrex and Poloniex exchanges and notifies its users by generating trading signals over telegram.  CryptoPing started it public beta testing in March 2017 and had over 700 people sign up at that time. Crypto ping was created and launched by successful cryptocurrency traders with over 5 years of experience. Initially launched for the telegram, CryptoPing has now a Slack and a Discord version also.

CryptoPing has a free version but provides these extra features for its paid users:

  • It allows you to follow the best performing traders and gain from their experience. You can also share your own insights with others.
  • CryptoPing will also provide you an API access and send the signals to your custom endpoint
  • It also sends the signal analytics to your dashboard along with its charts.
  • Provides the ability to filter assets blacklists, whitelists as well as other attributes, like  premine
  • Early access to new bot features. Whenever a new feature is rolled out paid users will get to use it before the free users get the opportunity.

You also get access to any and all upcoming products that are being developed by the CryptoPing team.

The free tier version has the following limitations:

  • Have to wait longer at the customer support queue.
  • All the exchanges CryptoPing supports are always turned on
  • The timeout for receiving multiple signals for a single coin is longer for free tier users.
  • Free tier users receive their signals only after the paid users have received theirs.
  • Free tier users only receive basic info in their dashboard.  They do not receive any signal analytics.

 CryptoPing’s monthly subscription fee is currently 20 USD/mo in $PING. They are using $PING token for subscription fee payment for their projects. $PING is available on Tidex, YoBit, HitBTC and Waves DEX. Its current average price is nearly 0.00000900 BTC

Their long-term roadmap for project development includes:

To create a token-based subscription to their bot: This roadmap was completed in July 2017. The subscription fee is charged daily. You can easily deposit tokens from your dashboard as well as withdraw unused tokens at any time.

Incorporate more Exchanges: They have already included Cryptopia, YoBit, HitBTC, Binance, Bitfinex, and Tidex changes. They will more exchanges as well as new features for managing signals.

Web app notification and new social platforms: This roadmap was completed in December 2017. They have added web app notification and also launched their bot on Slack & Discord.

Social trading platform: This roadmap was completed in 2017. CryptoPing is not just a Bot, it’s a social trading platform. You can become a public trader and can recommend individual bot signals. Users can compare the results of different traders, follow them and even receive their signals.

Monitor news and social feeds: The bot will be augmented with tools to track and analyze cryptocurrency news on social media platforms.

An Investing app: They are developing an investment app based on the bots signals.  The app will enable users to add their API keys from various exchanges receive the bots’ signals and filter them in-app as well as open positions in one click. Development is underway.

A Neural network to analyze market: They plan to use neural networks to supercharge the bot to better analyze the market and social signals.

Auto-investing app: The investing app will receive a new feature which will allow it to invest by using the signals feed, without any user intervention.

Provide programmatic technical analysis: They are designing tools to perform technical analysis automatically on some cryptocurrencies.

With over 122297 users currently, CryptoPing is becoming an important tool for cryptocurrency analysis. All you as a user need to do is start the bot and it will start to send you signals. We feel that cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as well as professional traders, will both find this bot extremely useful even in its free tier.


CoinLoop is a portfolio management app with a tagline ‘Instead of opening 10+ different tabs every morning, wouldn’t it be nice to just open one?’ It aims to become a one-stop shop for crypto investors by providing them the ability to track the price, quantity and total value of their cryptocurrency investments as well as provide detailed historical information of those crypto coins. CoinLoop will help you update yourself on what is happening in the world of cryptography. Coinloop offers both free and premium services.

The crypto tracking application market is full of many applications which are very similar in nature. Yet CoinLoop has been able to create a base for itself as it has additional features which similar apps lack. CoinLoop provides AI signals for its users through which they can accurately predict their trade moves. CoinLoop has built a user friendly platform by integrating different features like news, event updates, market signal,  analytics, portfolio tracking etc all under a single roof in an integrated dashboard  that integrates news from several outlets, events updates, portfolio tracking, trading analytical tools, market signals and more, all in one user friendly dashboard.

CoinLoop provides the following features:

  • AI Trade Signals – CoinLoop provides AI based trade signal for it users. It is a machine learning bot that gathers data on the market using different tools and makes predictions based on them to give the users Buy or Sell signals. The bot fetches data not just from traditional technical analysis but from social signals as well.
  • Premium Intelligence Signals: CoinLoop offers Premium Intelligence Signals to its Paid users. It is a monthly subscription based system and allows the expanding of the AI based Trade Signals section and includes more detail and accuracy.
  • Event Calendar: CoinLoop has also recently added an Events Calendar to keep you updated with the big events and news if the cryptocurrency world. Each event is listed with the coin name and has a small description.  
  • Wallet holdings: This feature links all your associated wallets through an informative and integrated display portal.
  • News Feed: The Newsfeed section consists of two tabs, News and Social. The news section shows the latest articles from popular cryptocurrency websites while the Social section shows content from Twitter and Reddit.
  • Watchlist: A watchlist feature enables you to watch cryptocurrencies and ICO’s for changes within your portfolio.
  • Technical Analysis Charts & Tools: CoinLoop provides you the ability to perform technical analysis on different cryptocurrencies through the use of well designed and fluid charts without having to navigate off-site.
  • Bitcoin futures: This feature allows you to track the changing and stay updated with the price of CME & CBOE Bitcoin futures contract.
  • Gainers and Losers: CoinLoop lets you review the best and worst performing coin during a particular time frame.

The Simplicity of its sleek user interface and the ability to generate AI based trades signal takes CoinLoop many steps ahead of its competitors. We are sure that you will surely find navigating and using CoinLoop much easier than its competitors.


Cryptocurrency is a booming industry nowadays. Everyone wants to know which token is on top for them to invest. Different applications measure the performance of a cryptocurrency using different metrics, common indicators being market cap, twenty-four-hour price, and trade volume. CryptoMiso is a crypto evaluation website which too has just into the fray.  It is a new web service that ranks cryptocurrencies based on the commit history of their Github repository. Github is the world’s leading software development platform, a place where developers and development teams publicly post their work. Other people can fork (if permitted) their code and improve on it. Cryptocurrencies are nothing more than software projects and they must be developed, maintained, and improved else their usability will decrease and the project will be dead.

Developed by Bart Claeys, CryptoMiso currently has market data of over 600 cryptocurrency coins. According to its data of the last 12 months, Komodo (KMD) is leading with over 5292 commits from 36 contributors followed by 0x (ZRX), EOS and Tron (TRX).  It is an absolutely free application

CryptoMiso measures the GitHub activity of the cryptocurrency. It evaluates the activity of the dev team of the cryptocurrency on GitHub. Through it, potential investors can evaluate how the project is proceeding. No one will want to invest in a project which shows little or no activity over a period of time. It also shows which projects have been abandoned or has had long sessions of inactivity. This is a very good way to filter out scam projects as they are the ones which should have low activity.

CryptoMiso may have a unique way of evaluating cryptocurrencies but it does sometimes get it wrong. Well, known currencies like Red Pulse and Substratum are ranked very low in its list. Even Bitcoin is ranked 24 on its list, Ethereum is on 78. CryptoMiso may not be perfect for every cryptocurrency but it does shed light on many with respect to their active development.  What CryptoMiso does show you are the development stage the project is in. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the top names in the cryptocurrency world. And as such, their level of maintenance and code updates may be relatively fewer as compared to some coin which was launched barely a year ago. Another point fails to take account is the nature of the update. An update can be minor or major and a minor update may qualify for a commit operation but it can’t reflect on the seriousness of the projects team.

CryptoMiso only shows you a part of how well a cryptocurrency has performed over a given time frame. It is just a part of the puzzle. We recommend you use CryptoMiso along with other cryptocurrency market analytical research and evaluation application to properly evaluate a particular project. Only then will you be properly able to judge the performance of the cryptocurrency properly.  Another thing to remember is that reports and results from such tools don’t guarantee that you will make a profit. They just keep you well informed.


Contracting is a Cryptocurrency Tracking and Reporting application. It analyses all your crypto trades and generates real-time profit and loss reports, current coin value, realized and unrealized gains, tax reports etc. With a listing of over 6000 coins, over 300K active users and 9 years of historical data, it is one of the market leaders in its segment. CoinTracking provides you with a clear overview of your crypto portfolio. CoinTracking also has mobile apps on both Android (4.5 stars and over 2.5k reviews on Google Play Store) and iOS( 4.7 starts and over 4k reviews on iTunes App store) platforms.

CoinTracking provides you with the following features:

Personal Analysis:  CoinTracking provides interactive charts for all your trades and coins. It also allows calculation on key indicators, profit & loss, coin value as well as shows your realized and unrealized profits.

Trades Listing:  A list of all your trades and fees is available and you can group them by their exchanges. CoinTracking also has an advanced filtering system which lets you filter data by stock market, group, trade type, and date in order to get a better overview. It also provides an interactive search and a comment function.

Tax Declaration: CoinTracking provides you with your Capital Gains Report as well as LIFO, FIFO, HIFO and LOFO calculations. The module is prepared for accountants and tax offices.

Trade Importer: It allows you to import all your trades in CSV file format from 40 exchanges. An API import option is also available. The API import facility automatically adds all your new trades using its existing connection. You can export all your data anytime in Excel, PDF, CSV, XML & JSON formats. CoinTracking also supports direct sync with the blockchain    

Coin Charts and Analysis:  CoinTracking provides historical data and charts of all 6106 coins as well as display the latest coin price for all the coins. You can also see the top coins by trade and volume. CoinTracking also provides an experimental bitcoin forecasting system.

Functions & Security: In order to make things easier for its users CoinTracking provides complete documentation for all its features. There is also a facility for getting your reports via email. In terms of security, contracting is equipped with an SSL certificate and encrypts all its data.

CoinTracking provides its users with three different versions based on its payment plans. The Free plan has most the important features except the API imports and access functionality which are reserved for its paid users. For paid users, there are two plans, PRO and Unlimited. The cost of the PRO plan for one year is 0.012 BTC and the cost of the unlimited plan is 0.019 BTC for one year. CoinTracking also offers lifetime plans for both PRO and Unlimited accounts at 0.039 BTC and 0.289 BTC respectively

CoinTracking analyzes your trades and generates real-time reports on profit and loss, the value of your coins realized and unrealized gains, reports for taxes and much more. With the prices for all 6106 existing currencies, you’ll always get the complete overview.  Even the free version is enough to satisfy the needs of both crypto enthusiasts as well as professional traders.


For Cryptocurrency traders keeping themselves updated about everything that is going on in the world of cryptocurrencies can be very difficult. Moreover, the crypto world is nowadays flooded with various events from casual discussions event by crypto enthusiasts to the launching of blockchain projects and coins. It is not possible for a single person to list all such events on a website. Crypto enthusiasts are well aware of the vast amount of information available on the internet and that it is impossible to manually track different events in hundreds of projects and ICO’s at the same time.

CoinMarketCal aims to fill this void by being an evidence-based & community driven cryptocurrency event calendar. It is currently available as a web application as well as a mobile application on Android and iOS. There are also two Bots available on Telegram and Twitter which are used to receive alerts and notifications about upcoming events. For those who want to display data from CoinMarketCal into their website or app, there are provided two methods to get it done. First is a widget which lists the upcoming events and can be inserted into a website by just adding a small Javascript code. The second is a REST API which allows users to fetch coins, events, and categories

The CoinMarketCal  allows its users to:

  • Know about all the different cryptocurrency event and updates from CoinMarketCap.
  • Get push notifications about their favorite coin’s events when they get published.
  • Know how reliable an event is. The App provides proof and source of the event.
  • Become a better cryptocurrency trader.

CoinMarketCal lets Crypto-enthusiast explore events, add events, validate events and can even create alerts to get notified about an event they are interested in. Anyone can add an event onto the calendar and specify details about the event but proof must be submitted to validate that the event is real.  Events are marked as either real or fake by community members. CoinMarketCal has a voting system so that users can vote on which crypto events are real and which ones are fake. If the event is Fake then it gets automatically deleted.

CoinMarketCal is one of the leading cryptocurrency economic calendars. It is very much reliable and provides up to date information about crypto events thanks to its dedicated community. CoinMarketCal is used by investors, traders, developers, and even enthusiasts and they all find it to be extremely useful and offer real value. Coinmarketcal makes their life much easier by providing them a reference for the various upcoming event also allows you to filter through the different kinds of events. It is an excellent, free tool, to hear about authentic and accurate news and rumors about different cryptocurrency. From New coin releases, wallet updates, coin supply and rebrands to conferences and events, everything is posted on CoinMarketCal.  Based on this news you can create your buy, sell and hold strategies as crowdsourced information are extremely important when it comes to forecasting the direction of price movement.


Crypto trading is not an easy task. You need to take into account various factors before creating a buy/sell strategy. Even for technical analysis, you need to have a strong grasp of the technical issues.  CryptoMonitor is a Telegram bot created in 2017 which helps you by monitoring your cryptocurrencies for you and generates trade signals. It is a very useful tool for Crypto enthusiasts and professionals traders due to its advanced monitoring system, customs alerts, and powerful tools.

Some of the features of the CryptoMonitor are given below:-

  • It allows you to Monitor your favorite cryptocurrencies
  • Instantly get the price of the cryptocurrencies
  • Easily convert  cryptocurrencies into different currencies
  • You can calculate the best BTC transaction fees
  • It provides you the ticker price from Bittrex exchange
  • t also Shows you  the number of unconfirmed BTC transactions

The bot provides a simple solution to monitor over 90 CryptoCurrencies. Anyone can be notified if a Crypto Currency reaches a target or vary.

CryptoMonitor allows you to set three different types of alerts.

  • Move Alert: It is a percentage variation of the price of a coin during a selected time frame. Say for example you want to be notified when the price of BTC dips 10% in a day or the price of EOS rises by 5 % in an hour then all you need to do is set a Move alert for that coin in the Bot and it will notify when the trigger is hit.
  • Target Alert: This alert is triggered when the price of the coin you mentioned reaches a certain value.  For example, if the current price of a coin is 0.00456 BTC and you want to be notified when it increases to 0.00466 BTC
  • Timer Alert: This is a recurrent alert which is triggered according to the time to set in it. It is similar to your morning alarm. For example, you can set this trigger to send you a message every two hours with the price of a certain Cryptocurrency

CryptoMonitor is a simple application which is available as a Telegram Bot. It is extremely cheap and useful.  It lets you do your daily work without having to constantly monitor the cryptocurrency rates. Just set an alert and keep doing your daily work.


The Cryptocurrency world has been expanding at an astounding rate. The hype it generates is unreal. Even mainstream print media nowadays publish news related to the cryptocurrency boom and the global community just keep on increasing. There are so many ICO’s nowadays that it is impossible for a person to know about all of them. That is where ICO listing site come into the picture. These sites list information about all the different ICO’s of the past, present, and future

ICOBench is one such listing site and is, in fact, one of the biggest. It is a free ICO rating platform and a blockchain community supported by a wide range of experts that provides analytical, legal, and technical insights to the investors. It offers ratings of ICOs based on both automatic assessment provided by an intelligent bot and numerous experts from various industries and fields.

ICOBench provides dynamic ratings which are updated daily. It shows you not just current ICO’s but also the ones which have already taken place and the ones which will take place in the future. It also shows which ICO’s are Hot and are Trending. The user interface of ICOBench is very simple and you can browse through the huge list of ICO’s very easily and also use the filter out the results by country, platform etc. ICOBench provides detailed information about the ICO’s like project team details, financial information, reviews etc.

ICOBench rating bot is called ‘Benchy”. It is currently in its initial phase. ICOBench allows interaction with its rating bot through different social channels. You can interact with Benchy using these functions:

  • /about: Thorough the about function you can request Benchy to provide you information regarding the different ICO ’s. For example /about EOS command will provide you with information regarding the EOS ICO. It will display the ICO ratings for EOS, when the ICO started and when it ended, the name of the token and its type, what all currencies it accepts, current team members, whitepaper, on which exchanges the token is trading and how active it is on social media.
  • / find: The find function allows you search for people participating of volunteering in an ICO. Benchy will also provide their position and in which ICO’s they participated in. Use /find Eric to search for a person called Eric and /findall Eric to search for multiple people with that name.
  • /ROI : If you ever need to know the Return on Investment (ROI) of a particular ICO, then this is the command to use. For example /ROI EOS will show you the daily, weekly, monthly and overall ROI of EOS’s ICO.
  • / exchange: Want to know which exchange your favorite ICO is trading at? Simply use /exchange along with your ICO name to find out where it is trading.
  • /trading : The /trading on command list all the ICO’s which are trading in the mentioned exchange. For example /trading on Kraken will list all ICO’s trading on it.

Benchy is currently available only on Telegram but a Slack and Facebook version is also on the cards.

ICOBench has a listing of over 4000 ICO’s and has over  300 experts to help it rate the different ICO’s. The ICOBench team consists of advisors, analysts, and ICO experts. Some of them have been involved with various ICO’s themselves as advisors or consultants.  ICOBench also offers other services to ICO teams like creative & branding support(logo, website, ppt video etc), technical support(whitepaper, Github, Ethereum blockchain development, API, toke emission etc), Legal Support, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relation, Event Support etc. Although ICOBench is a free listing website it does have premium paid packages. It has 6 paid packages. Premium Spark(2 BTC), Premium Boost(3 BTC), Premium Strategy(4 BTC), Premium Campaign(6 BTC), Premium Showtime(6BTC) and, Premium Hit( 40 BTC).

ICO’s have become very popular in the last few years as investors are looking out for the next big thing. Listing Sites like ICOBench too have become popular as they help crypto enthusiasts get a better understanding of where to invest in by listing reviewing and curating ICOs. ICOBench being one of the biggest ICO listing sites is the best place to check for information. It’s rating bot Benchy is also very useful and provides useful information to its users.


Coinvision is an AI-powered bot which makes a prediction about the most credible cryptocurrency projects and ICOs and alerts its users about the same. It is a solid community-based cryptocurrency platform which aims to make cryptocurrencies easier for everyone to understand by providing alert signals, data & due diligence on ICOs & altcoins through social platforms like Messenger and Telegram and also through Email. They also have a private Discord community accessible only to premium members.

Unlike many other similar products on the market, Coinvision is not fully free. Each user can use it for free but only for 15 days. During this period you will receive all their signals which give high ROI. Coinvision is not a startup backed by venture capital, that is they don’t have any external funding. All their operational and team costs are paid by their premium plan sales. Thus it is not possible for them to provide a forever free version of their application. Coinvision offers two premium plans, Monthly Plan ($34/month) and Yearly Plan ($340/year).

It also allows users to easily cancel the service online right from the site manager. Once you sign up for their premium plans, Coinvision provides to access to its private community of crypto experts and share their technical analysis of the current market status. Whenever they detect good opportunities in the based on their analysis, they alert their members regarding them and share the information. Coinvision categorically mentions in their website they do not offer financial advice and neither do they tell the future.

Experienced crypto experts are the members of this community. Research on thousands of blockchain projects is done here, which enable them to deliver the alerts on crypto and ICOs.Coinvision also provides a page which lists out the Top 20 ICO based on the analysis and reviews from  Coinvision’s own team as well as other credible reviewers. The page list out the rank, status, Coinvision score, reviewers score, telegram followers and the total score of the listed ICOs. When there is a bearish signal in the markets they send fewer signals, and during these time they focus on scaling up the knowledge your knowledge so that you can become better traders when the market turns bullish

The Coinvision application helps you get a better understanding of the cryptocurrency market as most people are not able to grasp the full potential of blockchains and blockchain-powered technologies. Coinvision crawls through websites, blogs, social media pages, and other sources to provide alerts to you and help you in the process to make the right decision when it comes to your cryptocurrency investment. It has one of the most credible community and will surely help you grow.


This one is our one of the most favourite tools, and rather interesting as well. MatchCoins is basically a comparison and research tool where you can compare any two crypto coins from their list of thousands. The goal of this tool is compare or match two coins against each other, a higher market cap vs a lower market cap one.

Once you do so, the result it shows are very interesting indeed – it shows the potential of a coin with respect to the other through market cap. Using MatchCoins, you can compare two coins from the same or different niche and compare them based on these parameters  – price in USD and BTC, Market Cap, Total supply, Circulating, and Circ vs. Total. When comparing with price, Also, you can compare coins by the prices if they are the same, to know what would be the market cap of second coin.

Also MatchCoins offers a wide array of percentages on the USD price, BTC price and market cap – what would be results if one coin has the 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the market cap of the second. Then there is also result shown if one coin has the same market price and then same circulating and total coin supply as the other. For this, MatchCoins normalize the price of the coin by removing unit bias. This feature gives you a good view of the coins that look “cheap” but are probably not as cheap as they seem. Moreover, it gives you the facility to access actual market data directly from CoinMarketCap for use on comparing and analyzing the different coins.

The tool also shows where they stand against their competitors on the price and market cap front at the bottom of the page. There is a feature called top 300 crypto map which is a pdf file, which basically maps all the coins according to their category.

The user interface is very simple, easy to understand and find data. All data are present on a single page. All you have to do is scroll. It has very good following including twitter, telegram and facebook.

Now we will focus on a completely different sets of tools that are not really tool in that sense, rather a concept, but since it helps you to know better we strongly recommend these. These are called Crypto News Aggregators. Let us check the best aggregators currently available.


CoinSpectator is a free cryptocurrency news aggregator tool that allows users (traders, investors, and enthusiasts) to monitor with the latest news, trend, and information in the crypto world in real-time. It aggregates news from wide variety of several top news sources, blogs, and discussion forums, and also covers latest and upcoming ICO news. CryptoSpectator also offers you a newsletter to subscribe and an active blog for to follow to provide with the latest information to backup your investment choices. The site currently has over 55k of news and 32k of project updates. The user interface is very clean and loaded with features.


FAWS is basically a news aggregator, portfolio manager, and token price monitor  combined. Just like any other cryptocurrency news aggregator platform, FAWS is capable of allowing its user to keep track of all the news and trends which are happening in the exciting world of cryptocurrency. FAWS is backed up by more than 30 platforms or news channels around the world. You will find it very easy with its simple clean user interface.

The portfolio management feature of FAWS allows users to easily know how much their cryptocurrency assets worth in real time. You can see the percentage gains or losses for every coin saved in your portfolio after adding the purchase price of that coin. FAWS allows you to set alerts in accordance with the coin you follow and from which resources you wish to follow. The market price it gives for coins are close to very accurate also.

FAWS is our favourite because it comes loaded with unique features like news updates, coin price check utility, crypto portfolio, and coin price alert tools.


Cryptopanic is an easy-to-use interective platform and a very interesting one for sure. Column on the right side of the page tells you the 1hr / 24hr / 7days status of Crypto market. There is an option for you to likea and dislike the news. It even allows you to mark the news ‘Bullish’ or ‘bearish’ or ‘important’  in case you think that particular news will affect price of that coin or the cryto market. You can also make your own portfolio and track it accordingly. Its aggregates the news from several news sources and even cover the subreddits of various coins.

Besides, the platform also allow you to customize how and what type of content you want to see, i.e. whether it is just the news from your favourite websites or the news that is revolving around a specific coin. The pro version is available for a price of $9 a month.


CoinView looks very similar to the Blockfolio app, but it is different. It has all the usual features like monitoring news from all major sources and keeping track of user portfolios. CoinView displays real-time prices of over 2,200 trading pairs via multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms side-by-side. But it has a unique feature that enables users to keep track of ICOs whether ongoing or upcoming. CoinView has its exclusive, free trans-mining feature called Hummingbird that sets it apart from other news aggregator. CoinView is soon to offer a wallet feature to the users as well.


CryptoControl displays the news from a very wide range of popular news portals, including,,,, and many other authoritative sources. With the help of this website, you can track the news from tens of different portals, including social media, online magazines, and mainstream blogs. To top it off, displays the information about the cryptocoin value and allows you to check the latest posts about particular coins from different sources. You can also filter the news as per Exchanges, Analysis, ICO, General, Blockchain, Governmen, and tMining.

It features a very simplistic, minimalistic and appealing interface as well as a news feed similar to a timeline. The design is something we admire – such as  the size of the squares having news feed keep varying depending on the impact or the importance of the news, which gives the users a unique visual feedback. Cryptocontrol also have their android and ios apps.

Crypto Millionaire

Beside being a very good news aggregator, Crypto Millionare is the app for you if you want to know how to invest beacuase of unique powerful algorithm. Crypto millionaire is the only app out there which will teach you how to invest instead of just displaying your portfolio. The app implements the HODL strategy in the algorithm and uses a diversification score as an indicator to show its user whether you are under or over-investing in any particular coins.


Like its peers, Eveningstar aggregates the news from the top news sources around the world. You can filter the news according to the keyword, coin or by the news source. It has a unique feature called ‘heatmap’ which tells you the status of the Crypto market. It also lets you maintain your own portfolio and track it. One great feature of Eveningstar is it lets you track the upcoming Events. It is an easy to use platform with lots of features and filter schemes.


The list is nearly exhaustive. We wanted to include a lot more tools, since there is so many more that keep improving and updating itself, with more coming up with cleaner and easy-to-use inerface, some offering some unique innovative features. We have selected those tools which are very easy to use and offer wealth of data with some unique or great features thrown in the mix.

We have considered as many as we could and selected what we feel are relevant at this momnet. You can see that there are multiple tools that are very similar. As we said, it is better to have multiple perspective of the same coin than having a single great tool to rule them all. There is no such thing, especially since the crypto market is so volatile and very oftne unpredictable, well in the case of most coins. So the ultimate list is just for now, the best we think will help you have an edge as an enthusists or investors.

But still you need to know how to use this tool, what to rely on and when. Well, this is something you have to surf and study well to really get that intution. Apart from using this we suggest that you also listen to podcasts and youtube videos to know better for yourself what works for you.

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