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Top 3 ICO Telegram Groups

ICO is a real finding for crypto and blockchain projects, banking on which hundreds of projects have found the investors and the lump sum of money they were looking for. The fact that almost 80% of them turned out to be scams will give you the idea of the popularity of ICOs.

But, what gives ICOs the blood it needs to survive? Most of you will say it’s the cash or the investors. But how this is coming from? This is how well an ICO managed to create the hype for itself. But with the onslaught of fake ICOs investors have become very cautious. Nobody likes to give away money!

So the crypto startups turned to the Telegram to form groups and channels for their project. Soon enough Telegram has turned out to be a very efficient communication channel in the crypto community for the only source they could attract the potential investors for their ICO creator and that is launching of an ICO, attract potential investors, connect with crypto community and investors, or investors or people simply looking for  answers regarding the upcoming crypto projects in the market.

If you want to know why they trusted their business with Telegram and not with other messaging apps like WhatsApp in detail then you need to check out the article we have recently published – 5 ways to grow ICO telegram groups. In short, Telegram lets its user form groups of thousands of people with bot service available, something which WhatsApp is very limited with. And there are other features of Telegram making it suitable to run a group of this caliber.

What Parameters Decide the Quality of A Top Telegram Group?

As expected there are hundreds of ICO Telegram groups and the number is increasing with people and investors are the member of many such Telegram groups. So what makes a Telegram group great? In respect to ICOs, there are two points that anybody interested in should be paying heed. And these two are probably the most important yet most commonly overlooked indicators that investors use as parameters to measure an ICO Telegram group which reflects on the quality of the ICO project itself. These are –

  1. How many members are there in the Telegram ICO group of the project?
  2. The engagement of the project with its community

These two points give the potential investors a picture of the quality of the group. While more numbers ensure a lot of people are part of the project, a continuous engagement i.e. people talking, sharing ideas or asking questions and getting answers what shows them that how much people are genuinely interested in the project.

Now let’s check some scenarios. Suppose, there is a moderate or low number of members – say 500 –  and a potential investor joins the group and ask a question but receive no response from its community manager. Do you think they are going to take that group seriously?

On the other hand, there an investor join a group having 8000 members but on dropping a question about the project he or she gets a prompt reply from a member of the community management team. What do you think his opinion and confidence about the project ICO will be?

So you need to constantly grow your group and also enlist various and appropriate community management services (such as multiple admins dividing roles between them, creating specific bot services etc.) to your Telegram group. Also, those groups which are offered in multiple languages naturally tend to appeal to and therefore draw a wider range of people and potential investors to the Telegram group.

Coming back to our prior discussion, there are over 150 Telegram ICO groups and channels out there which are serving the crypto enthusiasts and investors alike. But, to be honest, a majority of them are not that much important, meaning if you just follow the top 25 or top 10 ICO Telegram groups (if you want to keep the list short) you would be fine. But perhaps you just want to keep the list even shorter – well there are some of us who simply don’t have the time to follow numerous groups or maybe don’t have the headspace and therefore would prefer to limit ourselves just to a minimum.

That is the reason we have come up with our top 3 ICO Telegram groups. If you just follow these we think you would be just fine without missing any major (or minor if we dare challenge) updates or news.

Let’s now check the top 3 ICO Telegram groups.

ICO Insider Community

ICO Insider Community is a very popular Telegram group. The group focuses on discussing almost anything crypto and one of the main focus include the news and progress of various ICO. As per the group description in the info space, the topic that the members generally discusses reviews and updates on blockchain tech, bitcoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency, tokens, ICO and STO discussions. It is not really an ICO specific group, and to be honest with so many things going on in the crypto world today, it would be not wise to focus an entire discussion of a group of this solely to ICO.

The Telegram group currently have 4,912 members. The member count has quite steadily been on the rise since the inception of the group. For example, at the beginning of the last year i.e. Jan 2018, there were just over 2600 members in the group, but the count has steadily risen to reach 5,263 by the end of the year. However, ICO Insider experienced managed to hit its peak member count of 6,332 in July 2018. Yes, the number went down a bit since then, but that probably because of the emergence of other equally interesting and happening ICO Telegram groups. Also, we have observed that at any given time there are generally over 160 members online always, showcasing the popularity and active nature of the group.

The first time you join the group you will greet with the chief group admin referred to as Combot or an admin named Group Butler – the one that greeted us. This actually a bot (obviously with such a large group) which directs you to read all the pinned messages. These messages are the house rules of the ICO Insider group you must follow before posting anything. Break the rules and you would not get another chance as any defaulter of those rules will be automatically banned from the group. So, honor the rules.

So what are the things that get you kicked out of the Telegram group? You post any Affiliated links and Referral Links, shilling, URL shortener, NSFW, command lines, or try to spam the group or scam, or do pump and dump, or attempt to do any kind of buying and selling, and you have made sure you are out. Though if you are spamming you will be muted.

The admin also mentions the things you are allowed to do and that includes any kind of Allowed discussion on crypto coins, tokens, ICO, cryptos, blockchain, market news, and insights.

So, the features of the ICO Insider Telegram Group is –

  • The ICO community has quite a good number of members and a relative number of shared media
  • In addition to ICOs, anything crypto or relate to the crypto world are discussed on the Telegram group

If you looking for the News and Updates from ICO Insider then you join their Telegram channel through this link @ICOInsiderChannel. Apart from that, the Telegram group also contains the link of ICO Insider’s main website –

In case you have an amazing idea to go public or plan to launch an ICO or token generation event, then you can reach out to them through their email id – and discuss with their team of experts. This also serves as a helpline platform.

So now check what are the points that make this ICO Telegram group make our top 3 list i.e. the advantages and disadvantages of ICO Insider Telegram Group.

Things that make this group great are –

  • The presence of the bot as one of the admins along with the strict rules ensure that scammers will have a tough time to operate. Numerous spammers have been muted for this by the bot.
  • The kind of messages posted in the group tells us that the ICO Telegram group is a really good place to read up informative news updates i.e. it is indeed a quality group with quality members

So the point we think is going against this Telegram group is that the new members to the group who are likely to unaware of how things work here may find themselves get banned accidentally with absolutely (a few may guess) no idea the real cause behind it.

ICO Countdown

The ICOcountddown Telegram group is probably the biggest ICO Telegram group out there, well we would say in terms of number and quality combined. This group is focused on all about upcoming ICOs and all thing crypto. The group is very well managed, with potential investors and members clearing their doubts, asking questions and discussing regularly.

For all new members looking to join the group can see all the information about the group, they need on the group’s description space. One thing to note here is that the description clearly reads and ask members to trust only those admin with a Badge and consider every other to be imposters. This is clearly to stop spamming and members falling prey to other admins supplying them non-verified information or asking to do certain non-approved stuff. Below the telegram group’s description, there is a link which leads to the official website of ICOcountdown containing the list of crowd sales or ICOs.

The ICOcountddown Telegram group has 13,722 members, with over 400 members being online regularly. These two parameters clearly showcase the popularity as well as the engagement level of the group. These are the prime two reasons this ICO telegram group is a hotspot for potential investors and a great place to keep yourself updated with the latest of ICOs and with all you want to know about upcoming ICOs.

Note that on joining the group there are no pinned messages that welcome the new member.

With so many active members the number of messages flying on a daily basis i.e daily message traffic is quite high. Another feature of ICOcountdown Telegram group is unlike its peers the group has no chief admin as a bot.

It is needless to say that if anyone is posting any referral link or so any form of marketing they will get straightaway banned. The official account of ICOcountdown is @Alexanderico

So what is special about this ICO Telegram group?

  • The ICOcountdown Telegram group gives a clear warning to all its members to trust only the admins of the group in order to prevent members from being scammed. They clearly say that to trust only those admins with a badge.

  • The number of members of the group is quite high and therefore has quite a lot of shared media

  • This Telegram group is a very active group, with a lot of good number of messages or conversations happening between members

Now we are going to discuss those features of ICO Countdown group which in our opinion are what makes this Telegram group stands out.

  • The ICOcountdown Telegram group is a very active group which is very informative as well because people can (and they do) share their opinion with other investors and help others make the right decision using the chat. Basically here the embers tend to help each other out making it a very engaged and well-informed ICO Telegram group.

  • This group is also very strict with their rules and regulations and their warning to every member of the group shows that they are serious about it, making people who want to scam fellow members at distance.

Coming to what we have against ICO Countdown Telegram Group is also related to their warnings, sadly. That is because even with all the warning posted and pinned in the telegram group’s info section, some not so careful members can and often do fall into the hands of scammers.

ICO Drops EN Group

Do not confuse this with ICO Drops Channel though they are from the same website, ICO Drops. The ICO Drops EN Telegram group has 9068 members at the time of writing with an average online user of around 700 on a daily basis. This speaks volume about the kind of ICO Telegram group it is.

The group info space has all the contacts you need. If you have any questions you have then you can contact @icodrops_support. There is also the link of ICO drops given to lead you to their main website.

When you join the group there is no admin bot that will welcome you with rules and regulations message that are pinned. However, if you ask, the admin gives you a very detailed message containing rules and regulations and they are very strict about it.

This Telegram group is strictly about ICOs as this is a chat about ICOs or Token Sales by ICO Drops. What the admins and their members look for are the best ICO projects, discussion about upcoming ICOs, share information and experience of their members. And they want to maintain quality and that is why to urge the members to minimize discussing common questions in the group and do your own research. On a broader note, they do encourage discussions on ICOs, the blockchain, and crypto.

The admins ask that if you want to discuss a project, you should give your opinion first and if you ask blunt questions like if you should I invest in this or what do you think about this project, then they warn that you most likely get banned. They urge you to use Telegram’s find keyword method (Ctr+f) to search for any existing answer.

They do not recommend comments from beginner members if they don’t have something valuable information or urgent news to deliver. Disregarding this has a high probability of being on a read-only mode or even a ban. Same goes for silly questions which you can easily google by yourself as well as requests for information that can be found on ICO Drop web site.

If you post any referral link or try to do any hidden marketing it will result in a 100 percent ban. They also warn that any political discussion, racism, use of obscene language, or insults will result in a straightaway ban. The group admin also mentions that posting of stickers, gifs, memes, funny pictures are undesirable and likely to draw a read-only mode status for that member or a ban.

One more important rule that they enforce is on Russian ICOs which are they are very skeptic about. So if any member is drawing references to an untrustworthy especially Russian ICO projects then that is on the high-probability ban list. You can still discuss that but at your own risk.

So the advantages of this Telegram group is

  • The group follows very strict rules and regulations ensuring relevant and high-quality discussion, something that is very important for potential investors.

  • The number of the group member is very good and the daily active member count is even better compared to other ICO Telegram groups

  • This group is a great place to find information on ICO projects that are not well covered by the mainstream media or are not easily accessible with general search terms.

The disadvantage of this group would be the process of how an ICO obtains a certain level isn’t clearly described. Just be careful and do your own research.

Bonus Group

We have thought long and hard about whether to include any bonus group or not and finally decided to go for it as this extra group will be a helpful addition for those have a little bit of time and headspace to follow regularly or once in a while as well as since the scope of the article do allow us to add a few more lines.

ICO Reports

The first one is ICO Reports and though it’s not a Group, still ICO Reports needs to be mentioned. It is a very popular Telegram Channel with 17372 members as of the writing of this article. The channel is meant for ICO reports and also the community ratings of the upcoming ICOs.  You will find reports & community rating of all the upcoming ICOs in it.

Every month dozens of new ICO’s are launched and as such, it is difficult to track all these ICO’s on your own. ICO Reports can help you track all the upcoming and ongoing ICO’s. It is an independent curated list of upcoming as well as currently open ICO ’s. ICO Reports doubles up as   ICO listing site also and provides concise reviews. The reviews include the project description, specification, team members and their bios as well as the ICO dates and details. ICO Report is continuously updated and aims to provide credible and comprehensive information to ICO token purchasers so that they can find out the best ICO’s in the market.  

The ICO Reports channel is quite active and messages are shared regularly in it. The messages which are shared on this channel are very educative as well enlightening. Anyone who wants to stay up to date with all ICO related activities should subscribe to this channel. Subscribers can even check the messages which were shared before they joined the channel. This is a useful feature as it allows you to verify the credibility of past news and messages. The about section of the channel has the contact details of the admin whom you can contact in case you have any queries.

ICO Reports channel also allows its users to vote on all the posts shared on it. You can like, dislike or stay indifferent, it’s all up to you. This allows the ICO Reports to also know how its users feel about the articles that it shares with them.  You can also see the results of the poll in the channel itself, even before voting or joining. You will also find a list Top 11 upcoming ICO ’s pinned to the top of the channel.


So here we are with our top 3 picks for ICO Telegram groups. There are other ICO Telegram groups as well as channels some of which are very good too. You can easily find those with some basic search on Google.

We would like you to keep an eye on some young groups such as Hot Pre-ICO Sales or ICO HeadStart as well as channels such as Top7ico, UpcomingICOs, Cointelegraph, Coindesk, CoinMarketcap etc. and these have all the potential to grow and offer very useful information.

So that’s it for now. If we do get a chance to come up with a top 10 list in near future we will make sure you get the best.

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