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Top 5 Dapps That Are Not Being Built in Ethereum

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain was once synonymous, as in 2009, Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, brought the blockchain technology to life. But cryptocurrency is just an application of this simple yet amazing piece of technology. People realized this with the arrival of Ethereum blockchain in 2014 and its ability to support not just another cryptocurrency (ether) but other applications as well. Ethereum allowed developers to build numerous apps of their own on their blockchain platform which opened the door for the DApps or Decentralized Applications.

A decentralized application or DApp is basically an application which runs on a peer-to-peer network of nodes confirming transactions and supports the network without a central party having any control over the application.

Now, an application should abide by a specific set of characteristics before we can call it a DApp. In order to consider an application decentralized, it needs to satisfy each of these following criteria –

  1. Open Source – The source code of the application should be available to all for scrutiny and changes, and any change, whatsoever, should be decided by a majority of its users.
  2. Decentralized – The app must use a blockchain-like cryptographic technology, i.e. all operation of the app  is stored in public decentralized blockchain
  3. Incentive – The app must have crypto-tokens or digital assets for fueling itself and rewarding the validators of the app
  4. Algorithm/Protocol – Generates tokens and has an inbuilt consensus mechanism such as Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS).

You may think that if the DApps are based on blockchain platform, shouldn’t it be decentralized in nature automatically? Well, let us bust the misconception. Blockchain platforms do utilize the blockchain tech but are not decentralized necessarily, even though most of the blockchain projects claim to be.

Most of the DApps today are based on Ethereum platform as ERC20 token standard is very easy to use and deploy and also because the platform was the first to offer. Additionally being the number two cryptocurrency by value consistently in the crypto space does always inspire confidence in developers and users and helps in popularity of regarded the default platform DApps.

Yes, Ethereum is still the undisputed king of DApp platform with about 2000 live DApps running on its platform. However, the scenario has already started to change since the last few years as there are other blockchain players offering their platform for DApps.  EOS, Cardano, NEM, NEO, IOTA, QTUM, Lisk, Aeternity are some of the other blockchain platforms offering developers blockchain platforms to build their DApps on and some of these are slowly but steadily gaining momentum.

Each one of these has some pros or features that the others don’t have or are inferior to the other in some way. Let’s look at some of these platforms and what they offer.


Though Ethereum drove the early stages of DApp adaptation, this year, it is EOS that is in the driver seat for DApps. The platform is launched in July this year, but within just 4 months it has managed to cross the transaction rate of all other blockchains. The quarter 4 of 2018 has seen EOS rise over Ethereum in terms of dApp utilization and decentralized applications.

To put you on perspective, the average combined top 3 dApp users on EOS is12k mark whereas for Ethereum’s combined top 3 dApp users in 24 hours account for just north of 3k. Also consider the fact that among the top 10 DApps that account for most of the users around the world, 20,000 of them belong to the EOS platform now while Ethereum accounts for only 7,000 of them.

When it comes to transactions volumes, the Dapps on the blockchain of EOS has seen a volume of 12,000 million EOS coins which is currently valued about $67 million on October 3. Whereas the Dapps on Ethereum has only seen transaction volumes of about 71k coins, which is worth about $16 million.

This is due to the higher transaction speed of EOS. While the Ethereum’s transaction speed can currently go as fast as 15 transactions per second, the EOS blockchain can compute millions of transactions per second thanks to its utilization of the Delegated Proof of Stake or DPoS consensus protocol for verifying transactions. This is the reason EOS is becoming so popular as the go-to choice among DApp developers and building newer interesting apps.

Also, a lot of users have felt that the decentralized applications built on the EOS blockchain offer a much better user experience than those based on the Ethereum blockchain. Add to that the transactions are free and you have got a winner. No wonder EOS is bound to replace Ethereum eventually though Ethereum currently has an edge with a number of DApps.

Speaking of cons, the EOS platform has been criticized strongly because of the nature of the token supply. It is mainly centralized in nature and because of the possibilities of the community to act under their ‘constitution’ and deploy unconstitutional decisions at a time.


The NEO blockchain project is backed by the Chinese government and that is the reason it has increased NEO’s popularity in China, thus making it China’s first open-source public blockchain project. Apart from the Chinese government, it is also backed by Alibaba, WINGS, Microsoft and other big companies.

If developers chose NEO for their DApp over Ethereum then one of the most important factors would be that NEO allows them to write their codes in C#, C++, JAVA, JAVAscript and in near future they plan to make Python and Go available too.

NEO uses a different consensus mechanism called delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerant or dBFT) mechanism, which is an improved version of proof-of-stake, while Ethereum incorporates proof of work (should be transiting to proof of stake). This allows NEO to use much less computing power which leads to our next point, speed.

In terms of transaction speed, NEO blockchain allows 10,000 transactions per second, which is much higher over Ethereum’s meager 15 transactions per second.

NEO is quantum computer-proof meaning highly secure as quantum computers are believed to have the capability to hack the cryptographic math, the building block of the blockchain. According to the NEO team, they have already managed to develop an anti-quantum cryptography mechanism called NeoQS.

Another point going for NEO is its focused use cases and a design that lends it to specific applications – one of the primary ones is its ability to digitize physical assets.

All of these together makes NEO a natural choice for developers build their DApps on. The only thing may veer away some since there is not much information available about the NEO for the English-reading audience due to its Chinese roots.


Starting its token as an ERC20 one, once Tron has launched its main net, it has really upped is game manyfold, and the latest data proves that it has all the potential to dwarf Ethereum on developers a favorite platform for DApp building.

Tron knows that developers are the key, and therefore they have given them Tron Developer Hub where they can find all the tools they need to build DApp and test the limit of the blockchain. With a developer-focused platform for DApp, it has much more functionality and usability to offer. Additionally, the Tron blockchain is claimed to be 200 times faster than that of Ethereum’s.

Now, there are other blockchain platforms but these three are the only ones important as of now and we need here.

So, now we are going to proceed with the discussion of our top 5 DApps that are not based on the Ethereum blockchain platform. And honestly speaking, given the immense advantage of EOS this should not come as surprise if you find the list mostly contain EOS-based DApps. This doesn’t mean there are not many good DApps based on other platforms, it’s just that EOS blockchain simply rocks, well, for now!

Let’s now check out the top five now.



BetDice is currently the leading DApp on EOS blockchain. It is a gambling game app and it commands the highest transaction and volume rate on EOS, making it the leading DApp of EOS. In a single week, BetDice has done more than $250 million in volume. BetDice ranks 4 in Dappradar’s ranking system.

There are more than 2600 daily users of the app most of the days. In the last 24-hours, the volume of the DAPP is 5,290,198 EOS and transaction is 630,383. The BetDice has experienced 36,014,902 EOS in volume and transaction of the of 5,006,393 in last 7 days as of the time of writing. The highest volume the game has reached is about 13.8 EOS on October 21 and the highest number of users so far is 4,602 on October 22.

The site is also offered in English, Chinese both in traditional and simplified language, Korean and Russian languages.

BetDice donates a total of 1 million DICE to new users. Out of this, 1000 DICE gets immediately credited to your EOS account only for the login on the website. You can usually play with EOS or DICE token. Apart from playing with EOS and DICE token, there is also option to bet and win in BLACK, BT, MEETONE, EGT, TPT, ZKS, KARMA, TGC, TEA, POKER, DBET tokens available.

There is a slider which allows you to select your appetite for risk. For example, with 50% risk, The site shows that if you bet 1 EOS then in case of win the payout will be 2.0102 EOS, or if you bet 10 DICE you get 20.102 DICE as payout, and so on with other mentioned tokens.

How to Play BetDice?

  1. First, you need to ready your EOS account.
  2. You also need to install Scatter plugin extension to your browser to log in to play BetDice.
  3. Now press the login button to log in through Scatter and collect FREE DICE token. The game gives you 1 free dice.
  4. Next, you need to pick your betting currency between EOS or DICE token
  5. Now select the amount of bet
  6. Slide the slider to change your winning by guessing the upper limit of the dice number
  7. Click the “Roll Dice” button to bet. If the number rolled is lower than dice number you guess, you win and get the payout.

Note here that since the game is run on the EOS Smart Contract and it incorporates its own specialized encryption technology, no one can cheat you in the game and the result of rolling will not be changed by any means, so you have a fair play.

There is a lottery pot where you can get tickets automatically for playing the game. The site also has a lottery system every day where you can buy a ticket with 0.0001 EOS with a total of 4900 total tickets available. The lottery pot collects all the EOS tokens gathered over a day and according to that, the prize values keep varying. As an example, with 23.99 EOS in the lottery pot, the 1st prize can offer you 11.99 EOS, the 2nd prize 5.99 EOS token, the 3rd 2.99 EOS, the 4th 1.5 EOS, and the 5th prize can offer about 0.75 EOS tokens. The lottery section also shows your chance to win a prize.

There are also 10 VIP levels BetDice offers with bonus ranging from 0.01% to 0.15%. The VIP level 1 is when you have wagered 1000 EOS, with each level increasing the wagered amount in multiple of 5. The level 10 wagered amount is 50,000,000 EOS.

As of November 29, the current total staked DICE is 3948784867.9989 which is 91.33% of circulating 4323490430.4093 DICE. You can stake your fund anytime. BetDice team divides the payout between all staked DICE according to the ratio of your staked DICE to the total amount of staked DICE. However, the staked DICE neither can be used nor transferred. If you want to unstake the DICE you can do it at any time but that will take 24 hours to get completed. Note here that the unstaking DICE are not included in the payout.

Note here that 50% of all profits get accumulated in the payout pool and are distributed once every hour. Your portion of the payout is then credited to your balance.

The game also offers a referral program where you have to share a BetDice link from your account in order to refer.  These referrals will earn you 10% of house edge on all their wagers. Your earned rewards will be immediately credited to your EOS account. The referral bonus applies to all EOS tokens and if a wager is refunded then these bonus is not paid.

There is also a lucky draw every hour that BetDice organizes where 6 lucky winners can win between 0.0005 and 50 EOS Tokens. And for each bet larger than 1 EOS, you get 1 extra Lucky Draw, with the limit capped at 10. Besides, for every 1 EOS you bet, you will get 100 DICE as a reward.

There is also an exchange provided in the BetDice site where you can trade between DICE and EOS earned. As of November 29, the current buying price for 1000 DICE is 2.7250 EOS. You can get the DICE token in exchanges like Bitbox, Coinpark, Newdex with Newdex holding the most DICE tokens. If you want to buy DICE in ETH or Bitcoin then you have to go for Coinpark exchange. One DICE currently values 0.00006826 ETH and 0.00000187 BTC. BetDice price for November 29 is $0.00797875.

BetDice enjoys over 3200 telegram followers and 591 Twitter followers.

How to contact BetDice

You can naturally go to their website: You can also either contact them on Telegram:, Twitter:, or email them on


EOSBet is another blockchain decentralized applications (DApps) for tokenized gambling on the EOS platform and used to be the leading DApp on EOS until thwarted by BitDice a few weeks back. But it is still so much relevant in the gambling game app department that it is our second best pick for non-Ethereum based DApps. It holds rank 9 on Dappradar’s ranking system.

EOSBet is the popular dice and slots games but this one is first launched on Ethereum platform but it faltered due to slow speed ingrained to Ethereum’s scaling problem. Now that EOS has fully launched, EOSBet is now building a smart casino with commercial scalability on the EOS blockchain.

At the time of writing, the last 24 hour has experienced 1344 users playing the gambling game. In the last 24 hours, the volume of the dapp is 1,715,487.72 EOS – a 134% increase since the last day, and there were 828,953 transactions so far. On checking the data of last 7 days, it has revealed that the app has experienced 5,268,204.74 EOS in volume and 1,313,385 transactions. In terms of volume, the app gained its highest of 2,377,585 EOS on September 20 and its highest user number on November 9, just north of 1400.

How To Play EOSBet

  1. You need to have an EOS account first.
  2. Next, you need to download and install Scatter plugin on your google chrome browser and an EOS wallet which allows interaction between you (a user) and DApps.
  3. Next, set your bet amount or wagering amount. You wager in EOS.
  4. Then you need to adjust the slider according to your preference of chance of winning.
  5. Next click on the ROLL DICE button to place your bet.
  6. Now, if the number that comes up is lower than your “roll under to win” number, then you win. If not, well, you lose the token. So, for example, if you set the marker at 50, and roll 49 or any number under, then you win the bet. The slider bar is the dice marker which can take any value between 2-96. When you roll the dice, it can land anywhere between 1-100.
  7. In case you get a notice that your transaction has failed, you need to check that if you have sufficient bandwidth and CPU to make the transaction.

If you win, your potential payout will depend on where you set your slider. Let us explain how the winning chance works. The higher the number, the lower the payout percentage. For example, if you bet 1 EOS token, and then you set the slider at 50, then you have a 50-50 chance of winning. Hence,  your potential payout in case you win would be 2 EOS. But if you want to increase your chance of winning by compromising on how much you can gain i.e. your potential payout, then you are opting for a conservative strategy, then move your slider up. So if you move your slider up to 66 (well, 66.66 to be exact!), then you have a 2/3rd chance of winning, but here you would only profit 0.5 EOS from that 1 EOS token if you win.

Take a higher risk and set the slider at, let’s say 33, would give you a 1/3 chance of winning. But the payout, in this case, is more, for betting 1 EOS token you may win payout of 3.06 EOS. Similarly, setting the slider to 2 and betting with 1 EOS can reward you 98 EOS, only if you are lucky enough.

Note here that according to the EOSBet team, they will be delegating user’s CPU from the EOSBet CPU pool soon. But as of now, the users have to supply these CPU and bandwidth resources.

In case you need to make any changes to your EOS account then use the EOSToolkit. Notice that the slider bar is where you bet according to your preference of chance, just like BetDice. The table below this slider showcases the recent bets from all players around the world. When you are logged in, you can check your BET and EOS token balances right next to the “Roll Dice” button.

The site is available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese language. EOSBet also allows you to play Baccarat.

Just like BetDice, EOSBet also offers a referral program. You log in to your account and send your unique referral link to your friends. When you refer someone, you receive 0.5% of their bets, and that person i.e. the receiver of your referral will also get a 0.5% bonus towards their wins.

EOSBet team brags about their fairness in betting. Since all the bets are placed through its smart contracts on the EOS blockchain, no one can play an unfair game. According to the EOSBet site, every bet you place in the game is secured by EOSBet’s unique randomness generation technique.

You have the option to submit your own seed or just leave it blank. Your every bet receives a unique ID in a smart contract, which gets signed by EOSbet’s server with a predetermined secret key. This signature gets passed back to the smart contract before being verified if the correct secret signing key was used. Then the smart contract will determine a deterministic random number from that signature, which will be used to resolve the bet.

There is a fixed supply of 88,000,000 tokens out of which the EOSBet team is giving away 8.8 Million BET tokens. The BET token grants you instant dividend payouts based on the house profit and it grants you dividends for life. All of the house profit is distributed to BET token holders. Therefore the more BET you have, the more EOS you can receive. As per the site, the team is currently airdropping BET tokens at a rate of 20:1 for out bettors. This means that for every 20 EOS wagered you will receive 1 BET token.

How to contact EOSBet

You can naturally go to their website You can also either contact the EOSBet team on their Telegram channel or on their Twitter account, or follow their Reddit channel or simply email them at


Our next DApp is also EOS blockchain based. With so many centralized exchanges for decentralized coins, it is expected that there will be those DEXs on EOS platform as well. Taking the crown off DEXEOS, another EOS blockchain-based DEX, this particular DApp rather DEX has managed to get into our list.

Newdex is a cryptocurrency exchange which supports EOS.IO and many other EOS blockchain-based tokens such as IQ and it is also Newdex world’s first decentralized exchange based on the EOS. The word Newdex simply means New Decentralised Exchange or New DEX. It holds rank 8 in Dappradar’s EOS DApp list.

Let’s check why Newdex is a very important DApp.

The DApp features a high level of security, transparency, and speed due to EOS’s inherent quality. The blockchain technology allows the trading information to be linked to realizing the target of non-tampering of trading data, transparency and openness, real-time accessibility, and much more, thus making it impossible for exchanges to operate in the dark, something current crypto exchanges which are centralized in nature can if they want. Newdex, by its decentralized nature, effectively separate users’ digital assets from the exchange, thus providing asset security.

The users keep their private keys and therefore their digital assets are untouchable for the exchanges. In addition, in user operation, user-centered humanized design, users do not need to recharge, one key to authorize a quick register; a wallet can be imported to trade, and the successful transaction funds will be transferred to the account without the need to carry out withdrawal operations to avoid the risk of misappropriation of funds or even fund run.

The charisma of Newdex lies in the main chain of EOS blockchain which is currently the highest public chain of TPS in the world. This can effectively improve the trading performance and user experience of Newdex – something even comparable to centralized exchanges. In the future, it will explore new forms of decentralized transactions in all aspects and thrive to become the infrastructure of the blockchain industry.

The site is available in both English and Mandarin (or Chinese versions) languages.

The number of users opting for Newdex is more or less steadily rising since its inception in August this year. So far the highest number of users went up to 1,800 on November 14. Yes it is not much compared to what other crypto exchanges experience, but hey this is a dex and it is new, so we positively hope the number will go up. The last 24 hour saw 1,643 users on board.

In the last 24 hours, the transaction volume accounts for 650,360.24 EOS with a total of 8,421 transactions being made. And, as of November 29, Newdex has managed to transact a volume of 9,730,196.2 EOS, and  59,669 transactions in last 7 days, a rather impressive show compared to DEXEOS. Newdex has seen the highest volume of 2,245,881 EOS on November 25 – just 4 days back, so you can expect there is more to come with the app getting updated and feature-rich and secure.

The exchange offers numerous tokens based on EOS blockchain to trade with EOS including DICE, MEV, POKER, SEED, FAST, MAX, TOP, BLACK, TPT, SST, BG, IQ, INF, JKR, EOSYX, PTI, FAIR, MEETONE, KKK, DBET, SVN, CITY, ET, EGT, KARMA, FOS, TGC, LKT, CHIP, CRASH, HORUS, RAN,TEA and many more. The site shows the last price of the token, 24-hour price change, the highest value, lowest value and volume in the last 24 hours.

In order to use Newdex, you need to sign up for a Newdex account. They need your authorization for your EOS account name, which they verify if it is operated by you or not, and your third-party wallet. Note here that Newdex has no access to your private key from the wallet.

Next, you will be needing to either download Scatter plugin in your Chrome browser, which allows you to sign in without a password, or you can also sign in via your wallet by scanning the QR code.

How to trade in Newdex

  • After entering Newdex, log in by Scatter. If you don’t know how to use Scatter, then there is a guide given for you there.

  • Next click on the ‘Trading Center’ button to enter the quotes page and select the token or currency you want to trade, for example, if you want to buy DICE, then hit the DICE/EOS to enter the transaction page.

  • At the bottom of the page, there is an option for you to you choose to trade at market price or at a limit. When choosing a limit transaction i.e. a pending trade for buying or selling, you need to enter your trade price and the number of trades, and when the market price comes to the price you set, you can close the trade automatically.

  • Then again in case you choose a market price transaction, click on the ‘Market Price Transaction’ button and enter the number you want to buy or sell, and the system will make the trade for you at the current market price.

Note that all you need to ensure that you have sufficient trading currency before you initiate trading, and also you need to have a certain amount of EOS in your wallet before you can trade. If you don’t the transaction will not be successful.

As far as the exchange’s trading rule is concerned, buyers and sellers need to entrust the orders in the trading market. They determine the transaction price of both parties according to the principle of price priority and do the transaction. If the price is the same, the priority is then decided as per the time of application, and then whoever makes the application first will dictate the transaction.

There is another feature called the Entrusted account which is the account for entrusting assets and settlement. This account is stored on EOS chain where the information is open and transparent as well as real-time checkable.

To ensure the assets settlement after matching successfully as well as to transfer the dealt assets to user’s account in real time, Newdex needs to freeze the assets that user places on that order before matching an order.  But when a user is revoking an order, those entrusted assets will be returned to his account timely. There is an offline wallet account enabled called ‘newdexiocold’ for the safety of the assets.

How to contact

You can go to their website for more detail. You can either contact the Newdex team on their Telegram channel or on their Twitter account, or follow their Reddit channel For tech support, you can reach out to the team at or if you simply need help try, or you can also leave an email on this page


Chintai is a notable Decentralized leasing application which manages to leverage the revolutionary power of the EOS network. It is a global, decentralized EOS, high performance, fee-less community owned token leasing platform which allows EOS token holders to generate income by leasing tokens to dapp developers.

It is a fully functional global high-performance token leasing platform that allows EOS token holders to lease out their tokens. Through this, they help out dapp developers by providing them with critical resources. Chintai has been bootstrapped with EOS-42 and is supported by many well-known EOS enthusiasts and block producers.  

Chintai’s high powered leasing engine provides instant algorithmic execution of the market transactions and creates a thriving platform for the leasing of tokens If the Chintai team does deliver this project on time and does what it guarantees, you will have the capacity to rent out your tokens to dApp designers and draw in easy revenue.  Chintai being a robust marketplace for leasing tokens offers lightning-fast execution of orders. The Chintai dapp also offers fee-less transaction between its users. It also has highly liquid bandwidth delegation pool as well as a transparent and secure access to arbitration. It facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without any middleman taking a cut.

Chintai dapp was launched on the 21st of October, 2018 and its last update was on 25th October,2018. If you want to go through their whitepaper then it is available at The URL of the Chintai platform (EOS MAINNET) is

Chintai is currently ranked 16 on Dappradar as of writing this article.  Although the number of users and volume on this DApp in the last 24 hours is only 322 and 478,068, its volume in the last 7 days is 5,368,606  from just 6818 transactions. Its 7-day volume is more than that most of the dapp’s which are ranked higher above it.

In November itself over 16 thousand people accessed the Chintai dapp and nearly forty thousand transactions have taken place, so you can expect more users to take interest in the dapp in the coming weeks and expect the volume to go even higher. The highest volume that the Chintai dapp reached is about 1,875,052.51 EOS on November 8 and the highest number of users so far is 1,416 on the same day.

How does Chintai work?

Lending tokens on the Chintai dapp are very straightforward and simple. It is akin to leasing out physical property. In Chintai if you want to lend your tokens then you need to basically make a request by simply sending EOS tokens with a specific memo format to your Chintai account.  The format is Account Name, Stake (“x”) or Lease (“x”), Quantity, Interest, and Duration.

You also have to set the duration of how long you want to rent the token for, as well as the interest rate for it. Chintai in its initial launch offered lease periods of 3, 7, 14 and 30 day periods along with the flexibility to adopt any lease period wanted by the community.  Once your lease contracts start you won’t be able to cancel it before its expiration date. This might change in the future.

Currently in Chintai, when a request is placed, developers can see the order and if it meets their specific requirements, then a smart contract is made between the token holder and the developer.  So, if you want to stake 100 EOS tokens for a period of 30 days at an interest rate of 10% then you would make 10 EOS tokens as soon as you enter into a contract with the other party. The rest of the 100 EOS you will receive after the lease period of 30 days expires.

Chintai offers almost all trading & analysis tools you would need, it offers price graphs,   order book, current market rates, 24-hour volume, market history etc. This tools are very useful and are usually available for other high-performance exchanges. Chintai offers its users to lease and stake tokens to all other markets at intervals of 7,14,21 and 28 days. The Chintai site is currently available in 9 languages At present, the only wallet available is the scatter desktop, which you can avail through Chintai interface. But in near future, more wallets will be added.

The Chintai team consist of people with a passion for distributed systems as well as industry experts in economics, marketing, cybersecurity, trading etc. Here is the list of people associated with the Chintai project:

  • David Packham is one of the Co-Founders of Chintai

  • David Kalin is the other Co-Founder of Chintai.
  • Charles Holtzkampf is the Director of Infrastructure.
  • Phillip Hamnett is the Core Back-End Developer.
  • Andrew Coutts  is the Lead Frontend Developer
  • Michael Fletcher is the  Smart Contract Lead


The Project Advisors for Chintai are:

  • N.S. James, who is a Senior Systems Architect
  • Ashe Oro, who is a Senior Blockchain Advisor
  • Steve Floyd, a UX Architect

Chintai is a fully free-to-use platform for everyone to you. The development and operating costs are covered by sponsors. The Project sponsors for Chintai are

  • EOS 42 – Block Producer Candidate
  • EOS New York – Block Producer Candidate
  • EOS Cannon – Block Producer Candidate
  • EOS Dublin – Block Producer Candidate
  • EOS Nation _ Block Producer Candidate
  • EOCDAC – Block Producer Candidate
  • Oracle chain – Block Producer Candidate
  • EOSPHERE – Block Producer Candidate
  • EOS Tribe – Block Producer Candidate
  • EOSYS – Block Producer Candidate

Chintai is sponsored by the Block Producers only, and they don’t own it. Chintai is still a community-owned dapp. Although some of its founder members are associated with block producers the rest of them are not affiliated to them.


Their roadmap for November was to provide support for airdropped token during leasing on the Chintai platform. Their next roadmap is set for January 2019. They want to enhance the web interface of the platform to provide support for the historical reporting of the users account activity. They also want to offer advanced order types like limit and market.  

How to contact Chintai

For more detail visit their website: There you will find additional info about the Chintai project You can also either contact them on Telegram:, Twitter:, or email them on You can also contact them through the contact form on their website.


Some of you are wondering why Ontology is here on this list. Isn’t it a blockchain itself and there are a couple of DApps based on its blockchain platform?

The answer to that is yes. Yes, it is a blockchain but it is also a project based on the NEO blockchain, thus making it an application on NEO. In this way, it is a DApp. And since there are multiple DApps being built over Ontology platform, it makes a rather unique and interesting case – we can say Ontology is the “DApp” of DApps!

It was launched in 2017, and just in 2018, it has managed to launch some of the most advanced DApps in the market.

Ontology is a blockchain protocol which is focused on resolving the issues of identity, trust, authentication, verification, and authorization. The protocol (DApp) allows the implementation of both public and private blockchain, therefore forming a chain or rather a matrix of the blockchains. This is done as Ontology focuses on helping businesses and industries, not general users directly. And eventually, the platform is going to connect with other blockchains like NEO.

The Ontology network gives a platform for secure data storage, hardware options for primary management as well as encrypted data analysis. In addition, it provides a framework for all types of applications, which includes management protocols and decentralized data exchanges via the use of SDKs, APIs, and other different modules.

The goal of Ontology is to create a trust ecosystem by partnering where they can offer distributed services including data verification, data exchange, and a lot more across various industries. Ontology can be applicable in almost all sectors including insurance, finance, IoT (Internet of Things), media, software development, medical field, payments, asset titles, and many more.

With Ontology utilizing NeoContracts, the projects built upon it will allow platforms to create NEP5 tokens – these are tokens running on the NEO blockchain. While the Ontology platform would serve as the data storage and identity, the NEO platform takes care of its asset-based functionality, and this is the reason we said that Ontology is a DApp based on NEO.

The native token is called ONT, which either you can hold in some of the non-exchange wallets and Neon wallet.

Let’s now check some those top DApps developers have built on the Ontology blockchain.

The Carblock DApp is basically a decentralized platform and ecosystem developed to serve the automotive industry. The aim here is to make cars and driving data available for the automobile and transportation industry.

The Ontology-based platform also serves as a marketplace for vehicle data collection where users receive rewards in its native token CAR for sharing the information about their vehicles. Then those users can either choose to sell or exchange their tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat. Apart from CAR, you can also mine different cryptocurrencies such as ETH, XRP, and EOS here. As an added feature the drivers can also receive multiple rewards via driving.

However, the real aim of the Carblock is to connect modern vehicles with the Ontology blockchain which can automatically gather required information about those vehicles. In this regard, Carblock DApp is a registered member of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative which hosts automobile firms such as Ford, Renault, BMW, and others.

Therefore the main aim of the platform is to be the go-to place for data collection for as much automobile manufacturing companies as much possible who in turn will use these data to improve on their car models.

For more information and update regarding the project visit CarBlock official website on You can reach out to them on CarBlock Twitter:, CarBlock Medium:, CarBlock Telegram Group:, and CarBlock Reddit:

Chain of Things

As their website states it – “The Chains Of Things (COT) is a general intelligent hardware infrastructure platform based on multi-chain blockchain technology” – basically it is an IoT public chain project.

The platform operates mainly for businesses. The purpose of the COT platform is to develop a platform providing security protocols and blockchain support for firms who require much stronger identity verification, payment processing or transaction, interaction, and other customizable features on the blockchain.

The COT platform is built on the ONT blockchain ecosystem, and that makes offers it one of the most brilliant co-operations available nowadays to it. The interesting thing about this DApp is while the ONT as COT’s base platform takes care of all the data security and how these data get linked to users, the  COT takes care of the data collection using IoT (Internet of Things) devices. So now these gathered data are therefore made available to those third parties who are willing to pay for them using the platform’s native tokens.

You can visit their website for updates and detailed features: Also, you can contact them on their Telegram channel at, Twitter account:, Medium channel:, Discord channel:,  or may reach out to them at their email id


DAD or Decentralized Advertising is a new generation digital advertising platform running on the Ontology blockchain. The platform is accessible to 194 countries and collects data from over 500 million users around the world. Top companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, Uber, OKEx, Huobi, and many others already use the service of DAD dapp.

Since the app is launched in 2013 (remember Ontology is an ecosystem as well and uses multiple chains), the platform has gathered enough data for making personalized AI Advertising. This has also enabled the app naturally to provide advertising review and build anti-cheat algorithms.

This DAD platform’s goal is to return the power back to the users – the real owners of these data.


Contentos focus on developing a top decentralized global platform for content sharing which they call the Multiple Blockchain Solution Initiatives. This initiative makes its content valuable and gives it a monetary value i.e. worth more to the users. The platform provides its services to individuals as well as businesses that are involved in distributed ledger technologies, and also offer contents for money to the interested third parties for better operation.

As you have rightly guessed the purpose is to help users get paid for their content on the blockchain by people who need them. ONT also provides a platform to validate the right owner of the content using the platform built by Contentos. The entire payout and buying selling process is transparent and charge a very nominal fee from the content creators. The ONT blockchain also enables copyright authentication and transaction to be totally trackable.

The app’s investor profile and advisory boards are also impressive.

You can visit their website for updates and detailed features: Also, you can contact them on their Telegram channel at, Twitter account:, Medium channel:,  or may reach out to them at their email id

Nurse Token

Last but not least is the Nurse project which is being built on the Ontology blockchain ecosystem. The Dapp will reward nurses for different tasks that they carry out. Most importantly, the Dapp digitally identifies each nurse who is registered on the platform, storing relevant data and providing a means to which nurses can be paid using NURS tokens.

Now, let’s check who are the people associated with the project.

Ontology Team Members

Jun Li  – He is the founder of Ontology and he is also the Co-founder of Onchain. Jun lists himself as the Chief Architect of the project.

Julia Yu – She is the head of the Marketing department for Ontology, as well as for Onchain. Julia is very active on Reddit and also publishes articles on Medium about updates in the community.

Ontology Partners

This is rather interesting because when we say, partners, they are part of the same company, but it is not completely known on what degree they collaborate with each other. Though the ultimate goal is to build an integrated ecosystem yet keeping their individuality.

NEO –  The ONT tokens are modeled after NEO. And just like the way NEO token holders receive the NEO GAS token for holding NEO, the ONT GAS is given to the holders of ONT tokens.

Onchain – Onchain, as you know, maybe the main engine behind the Ontology platform, but keep in mind that Onchain and Ontology are separate entities. Onchain is a private for-profit parent organization of NEO.

Decentralized Identity Foundation or DIF – This is the first Chinese project in the Decentralized Identity Foundation that includes IBM, Microsoft, and IOTA all which are active partners of the Ontology project.

Bonus DApps

Now we are done with our top 5 DApps and yet there are some that missed the list. Had it been a top 10 list we would gladly include those non-Ethereum DApps. But we can always throw in a few bonus picks.

We really thought about many people’s favorite EOS Knight since it was once the top EOS DApp and still attract a lot of users and drive volume. As of writing the dapp has the 7-day volume of the game is 18,799 EOS or 59,217 USD as of Nov 28, 2018. The game server has experienced 3,746 active users in last 24 hours. The user graph in the site showcases a steady rise in active users with some high traffic involved oftentimes.

Giving the flexibility of playing the game on your Android mobile, iPhone or on Google Chrome on desktops as well as the option to download the game’s apk file, and that too being a quite simple yet addictive game with multiple elements involved it was a hard choice not to pick it up. The reason being there are others we consider capable of attracting more users and driving more volume.

So here, instead of picking those others, we will go a different route here, just a little bit. We will focus on past DApps as well as very recent ones that, in our opinion, show good promise. So here we go.


We were really skeptical about whether we should include this in our bonus list or not but finally, have decided for it. Why is it? Let’s find out.

We will first check the stats for it to convince you that it is may become important and then we will tell you what this DApp is all about.

In the last 24 hours, this DApp has experienced a volume of 5,360.16 EOS and 1,485 transactions with just 33 users. But the real reason we are excited about is its last 7 days Volume which stands at a staggering 22,520,991.36 EOS and its transactions count of 84,917 – impressive isn’t it? The app is just launched on November 21, and its highest volume was 9,410,475 EOS on November 26 and highest user count of 5,388 on just a day earlier.

If you don’t know what this red envelope thing is, well, in Chinese and other East Asian and Southeast Asian societies, a red envelope or a red packet is a monetary gift given during holidays or special occasions like graduation, weddings, or during the birth of a baby. With the development of the internet, the red envelope has now become quite popular in the country in virtual format over the traditional giving way.

HONGBAO.ONE is the first global multiplayer online red envelope game, basically, a Chinese gambling game developed on the EOS blockchain. The team aims to make this game totally fair, transparent, persistent and a playable gaming product with an improved and innovative design, benefitting from the power of EOS blockchain and its blazing speed.

How to play the game

As the game rules at the site states –

  1. You can select a special session by choosing either of 1 EOS, 5 EOS, 10 EOS, 20 EOS specials to enter the game.

  2. Next, you need to recharge EOS. Here different special levels require pre-charging EOS and support for cash withdrawal at any time.

  3. Next start to grab the red packets. Each red envelope contains 5 to 10 copies, which is first available first. The captured EOS then will be deposited directly into your top-up account.

  4. Lucky Number Reward The player grabs the EOS amount including the pair, three, straight, integer, bomb, maximum prize, minimum prize, and will receive the extra lucky reward.

  5. Next is minimizing the next player. Every player who grabs the EOS minimum will automatically deduct the corresponding EOS and act as the next red envelope initiator.

  6. Your next target is to grab the red envelope and mine. Each red envelope will contain a number of platform tokens NRED, and the red envelope will be mined.

  7. You can invite friends as well. By sharing the recommended link you can earn millions of NRED. And your friends will receive 1 NRED reward for each red envelope.

For more details, you can check out their grapefruit red envelope white paper. The information regarding the dividend is not present at the site.

The DApp has just been launched in November and quite not finished yet, but still, it has generated so much interest that its volume data is impressive. And given that this is probably the first time the Chinese Hongbao being opened to the mass online on the blockchain, this is going to be a top EOS gambling DApp for sure, or at least that we positively hope.

How to contact

You can reach them on their Tweeter channel or on their Telegram channel or Hongbao’s Medium page You can visit their website at


We are kind of saving this one for the last. We wanted to put this on our top 5 picks but decided to put it on our bonus list and there a couple of reasons for that. First, this DApp has just been launched just like Hongbao, and therefore we would like to see it perform a few months before declaring it one of the winner. Second, the EOS token price in terms of dollar value is more, about $3, as opposed to TRX token’s value of $0.015.

Do not think that this is a lesser DApp, on the contrary, as you will find out next, it is a game-changer for Tron blockchain platform.

TronBet, this is the new gambling DApp that has taken the market by storm with users playing more than 10,000 times in the very first day of its launch. And this being the very first gaming DApp on the Tron blockchain, Tron as well as we consider this a huge success. The gambling game became an overnight hit not with only the supporters of the Tron platform but also among the crypto enthusiasts all over the world. As of the time writing TronBet user count has crossed the top Ethereum DApp IDEX and that speaks volume for it.

The success of this has put Tron on that platform where it can support their plan to dominate the streaming industry with its decentralized products. The Tron Foundation maintains a close relationship with developers and programmers who are using the Tron platform to create DApps for the network. The TRONbet team has developed a platform where users can get in with a universal, fast, reliable and almost free of transactions fees token i.e. TRON.

In the last 24 hours, the Users number has gone up to 1,497 whereas the volume level hit 207,295,716 TRX and there were 1,055,448 transactions. The app, however, experienced 1,814,332,135 TRX volume and  8,438,992 in the last 7 days, at the time of writing. The highest number of users the app has seen in 1,721 on November 16 and it hit its highest volume of 561,906,763 TRX on November 19. The DApp holds a general balance of 7,802,419.7 TRX tokens.

For the time being, TronBet is only available on Google Chrome, and therefore you need to download the chrome extension from the game’s website.

How to play TronBet

  1. First, you need to have a TRONLink wallet.
  2. You must own TRX token to play. This is the native cryptocurrency powering the TRON network.
  3. Next, you set your bet amount in TRX.
  4. Just like other gambling apps in EOS mentioned, there is a slider bar which you can adjust or enter a particular prediction number you would like to roll under. Moving the slider adjust your payout and win chance automatically. You can also opt for Rolling Over or Under your prediction number.
  5. Next, click the ROLL button to place your bet. And the smart contracts will generate a lucky number from ranging from 0 to 99 randomly.
  6. If the lucky number is below your prediction or selected target number then you win, if above, you lose.
  7. Each bet you place will give you ANTE tokens.

You can check their whitepaper ( for more details.

The TronBet team has also given the Auto Roll function so that you can mine ANTE tokens all day long. However, like other gambling DApps, the AUTO function works best with Scatter wallet. The guide also warns that if you switch to another tab in your browser the auto function will slow down. What you should do to avoid this is open in a separate stand-alone window.

The TronBet website is available in English, Russian, Korean, German, Portuguese, and Chinese languages.

All about ANTE – TronBet’s Gambling Token

Now, the token TronBet uses is ANTE Token which is a TRC20 Token on the TRON blockchain. It is a dividend token for TronBet created to make sure that no one can forge or manipulate TRONbet’s Dividend Token Holders.

The TronBet team allows a total of 100,000,000 ANTE tokens to be mined. Depending on how many ANTE Tokens the ANTE Token holders own, they will be paid dividends in TRX tokens. Note that this ANTE token cannot be purchased directly, you can only mine it by playing the game, though the TronBet team plans to make the ANTE token available on exchanges.

There can be a lot of confusion regarding the ANTE token, so the team has answered almost every question we have in mind. Here they are –

If you have wondered earlier what this dividend is then here is your answer – Dividends are derived from TRONbet’s net revenue or house edge – and it applies for other DApps as well. Depending on users ‘winning and losing on the game, the dividend pool will keep fluctuating constantly. You can always check real-time information regarding ANTE by hitting the “Dividends” tab.

Note here that if you choose not to withdraw your ANTE tokens now or say forget to do it, they will still be automatically sent to your wallet before dividends are paid out.

After you get paid dividends, your ANTE token will not be burned. It will always stay with you till you decide to exchange it on a DEX. And you will be receiving dividends as long as you have the token in your wallet. However, if you have the same amount of ANTE all the time, you will receive a decreasingly lesser amount of dividends over time.

AS with other gambling tokens, the value of the ANTE token will depend on the whole TRONbet platform and community. As of now, the current exchange rate shows 1 TRONbet’s ANTE token is valued at 16 TRX tokens.

TronBet also has a fair play system in place as all bets on the app is placed through their smart contracts on the TRON network blockchain ensuring that TRONbet is provably-fair.  

This is how it works – you have the option to enter your own SEED to the TRON network and in case you don’t enter your own SEED, then the game will use a public random SEED.

When you choose your own SEED while placing a bet, the blockchain’s smart contract will generate a random SHA-256 HASH, the timestamp of the current bet, and then the previous block hash from Coinbase will be mixed to generate another random hash. Next, the SEED generated from that smart contract and your given SEED will be mixed to generate a random LUCKY number.

The game also has a very good referral program. The DApp promises to offer lifetime rewards just for referring. When you refer someone by sharing your referral link with him, you will receive 0.2% of all his winnings and all these rewards are sent out automatically through the smart contracts. Note though that if you did not stake any TRX, the referral link will take about 1 TRX from your wallet.

TronBet also has a nice chat feature where users can globally chat with each other. There are also two other options called Moon and Scan which are currently inactive.

How to contact

For more update and detail, visit TtronBet’s website on – this is the English language version. You can reach TronBet users and team on their Telegram channel: as well as on their Twitter channel:

Royal Online Vegas

Royal Online Vegas is another EOS based online casino game. Backed by smart contract, users can place bets through EOS   the RO Vegas smart contract at 0% transaction cost. It’s a game-oriented betting system and through this, users will have the capacity to mine Royal Online Vegas token. Here, everybody can be the owner of this EOS and share the profits. Their exchange can be found at  It offers only basic trading and analysis tools.

Through the betting system of the game, users can mine the MEV token. The token holders together receive 80% of all the generated EOS, out of which 70% is direct payout and 10% is a repurchase. The rest of the 20% is kept for future development and operations. Each token holder receives rewards proportional to the number of tokens they have in relation to its current supply. E.g If John Doe has 10k Royal Online Vegas token and there are 5 million tokens in circulation. So, if the house profits for one season is 5k EOS then John will receive 10K/5M*5K*0.7, i.e. 10 EOS as a payout.  Rewards are available on a recurring basis.

Royal Online Vegas wants to change the online gambling industry by removing greedy companies, high house edge, poor experience of players and intrusive sign-ups so that users are being left with only thrill and excitement when they play online. They aim to create a trustless, innovative and a commercially successful EOS project.

In the last 24 hours, users were 5,588 and the volume of the DAPP was 142,415.09 EOS and transaction was 101,638. The Royal online Vegas has experienced 2,735,438.61 EOS in volume and transaction of 1,241,161  in last 7 days as of the time of writing. The highest volume the game has reached is about 895,904.72 EOS on November 27 and the highest number of users so far is 6,205 on October 28.

The partners of the Royal online Vegas are Dapp Total, DappRadar, dapp, Review Dapp, MyEosVegas, and  EOS Drops and the supported Wallets of the Royal online Vegas are Scatter, Bitportal, Token Pocket, Obsidian Labs,, Math Wallet, EOS Lynx, Zebra Wallet, and Bitpie.

The roadmap for November 2018  for the team of Royal Online Vegas was to launch their second EOS game – “Baccarat”. They also plan to launch a third EOS game in the first quarter of 2019.

How to contact Royal Online Vegas

You can check out their website. There you will find additional info about the Royal Online Vegas dapp and its games. You can also contact them on Telegram, Twitter,  or email them on You can also check their Reddit and Medium pages for the latest information and updates.


So, finally, we are finished with the non-Ethereum-based DApps. You are wondering that why the top 5 DApps plus the bonus list contain mostly gambling DApps. That is simply because gambling is in high demand these days and the developers coming with the right solution for attracting more users.

Once Ethereum was the only one providing support for DApps. Now EOS is the strongest competitor of Ethereum, so much so that it is steering user traffic hugely to itself with its humongous faster speed, and closely followed by NEO. Though some may disagree, as we said earlier NEO’s involvement with the Chinese government can quickly connect them with a large number of important partners, thus driving innovative DApp development. Agreed that its speed is much less than EOS, but partnership always drives growth. On this note, you can observe that even TRON has started flair its muscle with their first DApp in gaming being a huge success from day one. It has almost all the points going for it.

Then there are other important blockchain players for DApps like Cardano, Qtum, and Lisk. We are very much excited about Cardano since its separation of transaction data and metadata decreases the needed storage and therefore increases scalability. Also, the blockchain is programmed in Haskell, which is a language for business applications and data analysis, therefore, the future applications on Cardano platform are likely to be organizational and financial in nature, meaning it will give birth to a niche of DApps.

Then there is Ontology, a dream project which has the power to do many things with its targeted and focused approach to serve big companies with huge data. This ambitious project has all the potential (and we somehow know it is going to) to disrupt the nature of DApp market and even lead the way DApps are perceived today.

DApps has seen very slow progress despite their benefit known to coders from the start. Truly decentralized applications are actually hard to come by. Many new projects in the process of launching a token sale though claim that their new platform will be decentralized it is not really the case.  

While the underlying blockchain is decentralized, thus adding a layer of security, the actual platforms are far from being decentralized. They use the decentralized term in the hope of gaining more funding during their token sale.

Running a truly decentralized application means the developer and businessman have to give up a substantial amount of influence within a platform. And once it is coded and launched on the platform, there should be little to no control about the contents of the application. This the reason there are so few large-scale DApps being launched so far and it will likely take more time for the new decentralized economy to take shape.

But, the future of DApp is very promising indeed. Whatever development we are now seeing with DApps is just the tip of the iceberg. For now, there are just various games being developed. With more and more blockchain platforms built with the focus of making it easy to develop innovative decentralized application easily with greater transaction speed and security in mind, this is only the matter of time before it hits the industry fully.

In his whitepaper, David Johnston, the CEO of the DApp Fund, has predicted, “These decentralized applications will someday surpass the world’s largest software corporations in utility, user-base, and network valuation due to their superior incentivization structure, flexibility, transparency, resiliency, and distributed nature.”

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