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Top Crypto Review YouTube Channels

Okay, guys, this is really a fun topic for us to write about and rather important too. We wouldn’t even think about putting it on paper (digital) otherwise.

How many of you watch a Game of Thrones episode that poses more questions than answers, and then think that what just happened, I haven’t got that part, did I miss anything or I wonder what others have to say about that? And so you turn to your platform-next-door YouTube to search frantically to quench your thirst. And then you find quite a lot of YouTube Channels dissecting and analyzing the scenes, putting their ideas forward which often times turns out to be true. And these are great sources of analyzing the validity of various rumors too. Channels like New Rockstars or ScreenPrism are those few that consistently gave great reviews of those complex episodes and made predictions that often times turned out to be true.

The point of is, you have doubts, want to understand more, get the answers without the hard work, you turn to those YouTube review channels. And crypto being the hottest and most confusing tech space out there, no wonder the story is same here as well, rather more than the others. These reviewers are the anchors for us who don’t have the knowledge or the time to look deep or follow an ICO or cryptocurrency’s performance and trend.

But who to follow? There are quite a number of Crypto YouTube channels and number is growing. That is why we have gone over as many channels we could and have come up with the list of channels that have great contents, covers most relevant and often other stuff in crypto space, and are therefore popular among regular watchers.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, we are fans of other shows and films too – Breaking Bad, Avengers, Narcos, Vikings, you name it!

So let us begin with the list.


DataDash quickly became popular since its beginning and has consistently been on number one spot on multiple Crypto Reviewer channel lists. The channel joined the YouTube platform on July 10, 2017. At the time of the writing, DataDash has 317,183 subscribers and enjoys a total of 17,183,165 views, making it the most influential crypto review channel today.

The description of the channel reads, “DataDash is a one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies, data analytics & science, and spotting global trends through cutting-edge analysis.”

The channel is run by Nicholas Merten. He has worked as a data analyst in the traditional market for over 7 years before getting into the crypto space and becoming a crypto trader himself. Beside running DataDash, he also currently heads Project Genesi – a self-funded effort that aims to fix many of the key issues of the financial world and bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

Coming back to DataDash, Nick uploads generally 4-5 videos per week on the channel and so far have produced 422 episodes since the channel’s inception. The contents are a mix of current events, interviews with community leaders, market analysis, and community live streams in crypto space, covering both fundamental and technical analysis.

His contents are usually great offering great clarity about crypto trading and investing. Being a trader himself, several of his videos giving ideas about trading cryptocurrencies for beginners and various cryptocurrency projects are valuable. Nick also posts tutorials on how to build a cryptocurrency portfolio. One of the regulars is his daily updates in the crypto industry covering various news and rumors and how it may affect or influence the crypto world.

You will find him explaining various trading tips like how to use the standard moving averages (SMA), Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) and Bollinger bands, which allows you to have invaluable insight in the crypto market. We love how transparent and in-depth he tackles the topics. Another point of his channel is he expertly explains flowcharts for your understanding on crypto trends.

According to the, the channel engagement is 10.62% (the ratio of average views to subscribers), with DataDash enjoying 3.68% likes per view and 0.93% comments per view. The channel performance data showcases the highest view went up to 210.3k and on an average 1.2k likes per post.

To start checking out his contents, visit DataDash.

For any crypto-related inquiries, you can reach out to Nicholas on or follow Nick on his Twitter account. You can also check out his website here.

Ivan On Tech

The channel was started on July 31, 2013. At the time of writing, Ivan on Tech enjoys 192,585 number of subscribers and has a total of 11,458,891 views.

The man behind the channel is Ivan Liljeqvis and he is from Stockholm, Sweden. Ivan is a software developer specializing in the blockchain and therefore, and given his knowledge and experience in blockchain technology, his work span around being an international blockchain speaker and educator. Ivan, a data scientist as well, is one of the most trusted speakers you must listen to if you really into crypto technology.

He regularly attends various blockchain conferences as a speaker around the world such as Nordic 360 Blockchain, Redeye Blockchain day in Sweden, Blockshow Asia in Singapore, Blockchain Economic Forum in New York, the Cyrptoconomy Summit in Florida, Crypto Finance in Norway etc. He has founded Stockholm Blockchain in 2018.

There is no fixed number of videos he uploads every week, sometime it is just 3 and often the number goes as high as 9-10. The channel has listed 546 videos so far.

Being a professional programmer himself, his contents are naturally full of a lot of technical stuff, thus offering a different and great insight and analysis into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins as well as various blockchain and smart contract projects. So if you think you are after the tech, then Ivan on Tech is the channel to watch for.

The channel covers interviews with various influential blockchain and crypto personalities in crypto space including Jackson Palmer – creator of Dogecoin, CEO of LEXIT and New Kind of Network (NKN) etc. He also deeply analyses various coins, explains different perks and parts of existing and upcoming blockchain technologies, as well as the performance of various crypto coins. Some of his videos give insight on how much battle Bitcoin has to do. His predictions are completely data backed and logic based which makes it really interesting.

In his “Good Morning Crypto” –  a daily segment, he covers anything about cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin manipulation, its crash, the mining crisis, dark pools, the launch of new coins etc. He also offers cryptocurrency courses.

While investigating the performance of the channel, as usual, we have turned to what have to say. It shows that Ivan on Tech 7.40% ratio of average views to subscribers and about 5.56% likes per view. The channel videos enjoy, on an average, 780 likes per post and 8.7k views in last one week. As of now, the highest views his content has managed to garner in a   post is 449.5k – quite impressive, isn’t it?

You can reach Ivan either on his Twitter account, follow him on his LinkedIn account or mail him at We would also recommend you to check out his website

Follow and view the contents of Ivan on Tech by clicking on the hyperlink.


Suppoman is British crypto review channel that is quite popular for its unique way of presenting the content. Suppoman joined the YouTube Channel on Aug 21, 2011, and since then have gained 13,892,238 number of views with crypto enthusiasts including its 145,328 subscribers.

Michael Suppo is the man leading the channel. Though he uses sarcasm as his way of speaking, his contents are educational and entertaining at the same time. He presents himself as Savage Cash as well as the Suppoman – the crypto superhero reviewer fashioned in Superman!

The channel has so far produced 389 videos, and there is no set number of videos the owner releases either, the content number per week varies from 2-5.

He does reviews of various ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain projects. He covers a lot of what if this happens, or what this incident would imply types of topics. Also, he investigates a lot in his videos about the different landscapes, change, and the direction crypto space is moving.

Though he gives disclaimers in his videos that he is not a professional financial advisor, his angles are different. He has attracted a couple of lash backs and controversies from ICOs including WePower and recently been a target for using outstanding language and often claims. However, if you really want to have a different angle his videos would make you think.

He offers a couple of courses on cryptocurrencies on Udemy for $10 and does promote these courses in his videos. But if you get past his push, his contents are just great and plain insightful.

The engagement stat of this channel is very good indeed. Analysis from shows that Suppoman enjoys 24.25% average views to subscriber ratio and 4.14% views per click. The highest view on a single video the channel has managed to get stands at 518k, with 14.6k views for in last 1 week on average. The average like per post the channel enjoys is 1.5k. You can have another idea about how much people enjoy his content from its average comments per post which stands at 237.

You can reach out to Michael on his Twitter account – which has over 96k followers, or his Facebook account. Suppoman asks you to contact him in case you want him to do an analysis on a particular coin. So contacting him on is also another option. His personal website is

Visit his YouTube channel Suppoman.

Doug Polk Crypto

The US-based channel Doug Polk Crypto joined YouTube on Nov 5, 2016. The total number of views the channel enjoy stands at 9,001,064 and it has 198,495 subscribers so far.

Doug’s channel description reads, “Cryptocurrency news and entertainment. I cover the latest events in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and various other projects in the crypto space.” He states in his description that he is not a financial adviser, and therefore asks the viewers to do their own research and invest responsibly.

So far the channel has just 60 videos and he is not really regular with his uploads. We see there are only one or 3-4 videos Doug uploads every month. But his contents are great. The channel focuses on cryptocurrency news and entertainment. Let’s check the channel stat.

The man behind the channel, as you have guessed, is Doug Polk, a former American professional poker player. He runs a successful poker channel called Doug Polk Poker and is also the co-founder of

What is special about Doug regarding his crypto channel is he points out those suspicious individuals and crypto channels that are likely to take advantage of those people lacking the understanding of cryptocurrency. His style is humorous and has a skeptical approach which presents the content with keeping the viewer’s best interest in mind. As mentioned earlier he mainly covers crypt news, events, and particularly well known for his coverage of the crypto-YouTube sphere of influence stat shows that the engagement rate of the channel is 67.75% and 3.78% likes per view. The highest view “Idiots Making Cryptocurrency Vids — IT’S TIME TO STOP” has garnered in his channel is 596.7k, with 56.2k average views in last 10 videos and 5.1k likes in average per post. Also the average comments per post stand at 1.2k.

You can reach out to Doug on his email id as well as connect with him on his Twitter channel (with 127k followers), Facebook account, and his Telegram channel.  

Visit his channel Doug Polk Crypto.

Crypto Investor

The Crypto Investor channel was created on August 17, 2018, and so far has 144,365 subscribers and has a total of 7,394,842 views.

As the channel description reads, the person behind Crypto Investor has a background in finance and is dedicated to doing meaningful research, helping in teaching the fundamental analysis and value investing in stocks.

Most of the videos of this channel are actually very informative and helpful. Crypto Investor has several series of episodes that focus on various agendas of investing and crypto space. One such is the Proof of Stupidity series which includes Walton’s Twitter PR blunder, then how Revain solves the online review industry issues using a revolutionary new technology and consensus algorithm. Another series is the Crypto Lounge episodes which include discussion of top 10 crypto coins’ performance.

The other series the channel offers, include a series of clips about controversial crypto, various altcoins, and market analysis, In addition to the series, Crypto Investor has a lot of videos about Bitcoin, where it is heading, its price, buying opportunity and others.

The channel also covers Tether, BitConnect, cryptocurrencies crash and many more topics. His perspective on how investors make mistakes and Bitcoin are also insightful. The most popular video of this channel, “How the Bitcoin Bubble Will Pop” has received over 1.4 million views and 2,658 comments. You can also find the article on its Steemit page. This showcases the popularity and educational value of this crypto YouTube channel.

According to the, the engagement rate of Crypto Investor is 25.50% with 4.56% likes per view. So far the highest views the channel has gained for a single video is 116.2k. The channel enjoys about 22.7k average views out of 10 videos and on an average 1.7k likes per post. Also, about 1.31% of the viewers leave comments on the videos with an average of 488 per video.

If you want to reach out to his social media then follow these links on Twitter and Steemit accounts. Also, you can go to his other platforms – Medium and Seeking Alpha.

The Crypto Lark


The Crypto Lark is a very popular Youtube channel. The channel was created back in 2009 and regularly uploads cryptocurrency videos. The videos are based on different cryptocurrency topics like Bitcoin, altcoins, ICO, reviews, interviews, price drops etc. The Crypto Lark is a one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies, data analytics, and science. The total subscription and total views of this channel are 84,255 and 5,587,546 respectively at the time of the writing.

The channel is run by Lark Davis. He hails from New Zealand and is a Cryptocurrency enthusiast. He has a Political Science degree from the University of Auckland. According to his channel description Lark is one of New Zealand’s most famous crypto personality. Growing up on a small organic homestead and reading Mad magazine he dreamt of space travel & pretended to be Indiana Jones.

He is known for his being articulate and entertaining. He combines his background in political science with his critical thinking skills and a bright sense of humor to produce content that explores various blockchain solutions to the world. Lark is also an experienced world traveler and has seen the results of excessive wealth and poverty. He is also working on several side projects, including dairy-free cheeses & a banana farm.

According to the, the channel has an engagement ratio of 7.81% (the ratio of average views to subscribers). The likes per view are at 4.64%  while the comments per view are at 1.46%. According to the channels, performance data showcase its highest views per post was at 282.3k while the average likes per post are at 297.  Lark uploads approximately 9-10 videos per week and has uploaded a total of 716 videos since the channel went online and is subscribed by over 84k people.

To start checking out his contents, visit Crypto Lark in the YouTube channel

For any crypto-related inquiries, you can connect on social media .

Telegram Group
Telegram Handle @cryptolark


Created on Joined Feb 23, 2017, Crypto Youtube channel Boxmining has become very popular in the crypto reviewers space. Boxmining is an excellent place to stock up on information related to cryptocurrencies trading and discuss the latest trends. The total subscription of the Boxmining Channel is 196,118 and total views of this channel are 12,522,523 at the time of the writing.

BoxMining was founded in March 2012 by Michael Gu and the Boxmining YouTube Channel is also hosted by him. In this channel, he discusses everything about cryptocurrency space as well as Segwits, the technical Hardforks, and many other blockchain technologies. With the help of the community, he made a stronger understanding of the technology.

Different opinions from the international community helped him understand better why Bitcoin is necessary for the future. Michael is a science graduate and is very good in delivering technical information regarding the blockchain technology and also focuses on trading which is not covered by most of the channels. is Michael’s personal blog and space to write opinions regarding blockchain and he has made this blog to provide independent insights into the blockchain space. For him, it is a journal of what he is most interested in and the projects that he believes in. Michael’s personal interests lie in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Vechain, Decred, Dash, and NEO.

According to the, the Boxmining channel on Youtube has an engagement ratio of 8.24% (the ratio of average views to subscribers), with 3.19% likes per view and 0.84% comments per view. According to the channels performance data showcases, the highest view went up to 183.4k and on an average 518 likes per post. Michael uploads approximately 2-3 videos per week and has uploaded a total of  422 videos since the channel’s inception and is subscribed by over 196k people.

To start checking out his contents and for Daily crypto news & Altcoin explainers, visit Boxmining in the YouTube channel or check out his website

For any inquiries, you can connect him on Social Media –

Telegram Discussion Group
Telegram Announcements



This is another British crypto review channel with wide.  Joined Youtube on Aug 11, 2014, Crypto Daily has 117,566 subscribers on board and a total viewership number of 8,361,821.

The crypto channel is a great place for daily Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency news. The person presents the content with a lot of humor in his thick British accent and his style is refreshing. The production and video editing style really add a character of its own. The videos are funny and even hilarious at times, but this doesn’t mean the contents are not that serious, the contents are very informative and helpful for beginners and investors alike.

The aim of the channel is to offer you honest news about cryptocurrencies on almost daily basis. The channel has produced 293 videos so far and generally dishes out 4-5 videos per week. Crypto Daily covers Bitcoin, various Altcoins, Litecoin as well as. the predictions and rumors and predictions in the crypto market.

For beginners in the space who want to invest, Crypto Daily has numerous videos covering the top cryptocurrencies, top 5 undervalued cryptocurrencies, what are the good investments in cryptocurrencies and how to play in the market, and what coins to watch out for. Crypto Daily also shares the big hype coins and how to pick coins – in short, a lot of the latest news and trends with insights into whys and hows.

The channel also presents various Bitcoin news such as its spike, chain death cycle, price predictions etc. It also covers EOS, market predictions, the top crypto stores of value, as well as Tether, NEO and Bitcoin conspiracies, and many more. data showcases that the channel’s engagement rate is 22.22%, like per view rate is 5.41%, and it enjoys 1.15% Comments Per View. The highest views it has seen on a video stands at 210k, with on an average of 32.1k last 10 views and 1.3k likes per post.

You can reach out to him on his email id

You can watch videos of CryptoDaily on their YouTube Channel.


Another US-based crypto YouTube channel, Crypt0 join the platform on Joined Nov 6, 2011, and therefore is one of the early drivers and respected source of crypto reviews. With a total of 9,838,076 views so far and 119,445 subscribers on board it may not seem much with respect to our earlier contenders, but be assured that the contents are great. The channel mainly focuses on interviews with crypto community leaders and on current crypto events.

Crypt0 is hosted by Omar Bham – a miner, a crypto enthusiast, and a stock investor. The crypto channel covers the latest news, sentiments and opinions. The channel features a lot of live shows when major crypto events are happens around the world such as FUD from China, or a new Segwit.  The definitive guide to CryptoKitties is another interesting and valuable stuff of the channel. Omar is a fan of blockchain tech especially Ethereum and believes that it has the power to change the world.

Crypto0 can be considered your go-to channel to stay updated with the latest news in crypto space and get those in a nice summary with their opinion integrated.

The channel has a staggering 1317 videos about 6-7 videos being posted every week.

According to the stat from, the channel has an engagement rate of 5.28% and 3.98% likes Per View. The highest views the channel has managed to pull for a single video post is 370k. On an average, the last 10 videos of the channel have garnered 6.5k views and 247 likes per post. Though not much, the trend of the total view of the channel is steadily rising.

You can reach out to them with any of their social media platforms –  




Visit Crypt0 on its YouTube Channel

Coin Mastery

Coin Mastery is your another channel if you are looking for daily updates about the cryptocurrency market. Coin Mastery has joined the YouTube platform on Jul 12, 2017. It has 129,840 subscribers and 6,607,303 total number of views.

The channel, in its own words, is a channel dedicated to giving you daily updates on the cryptocurrency market every week. Coin Mastery focuses on the macro forces which drive the crypto market as well as what specific action you can take to become a better decision maker, investor, and trader.

Coin Mastery videos include various crypto tips and tricks such as how to get automatic trades for 30% off, how to stop paying Coinbase fees, or how to trade BTC values etc. and these are valuable tools.

There is a series called Coin Mastery TV which gives you the rounds up of what is going on in the cryptocurrency market currently. The videos offer a number of buying tips considering the crypto market behavior, tracks sell volume, tips on how to double your Bitcoins for free, how to profit from Ethereum and many more.

So far the channel has 232 videos. The channel generally presents 4-5 videos per month, once even almost one video each day, but there has not been any new post since last 2 months.

As per, the channel has an engagement rate of 19.40% and 3.82% Likes Per View. The average view is 25.4k, while the highest view a single video has managed in this channel is 362.2k. On an average, the channel experiences 970 Likes per post.

You can subscribe for the channel’s newsletter as well on this link.

Visit Crypto Mastery’s YouTube page to start watching their videos.

Ian Balina

Let us talk about the person behind the channel first. Ian Balina is a former Analytics Evangelist at IBM who has become a Cryptocurrency Investor, Advisor, and Evangelist. He has appeared in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, INC, The Street, and Entrepreneur Magazine for his work in cryptocurrencies, analytics, and entrepreneurship.

The channel description also reads that Ian is a founder and General Partner at 100X Advisors and currently advises MetaHash, Nucleus Vision, Phantasma Protocol, and Pareto Networks. He is also the first Global Titan Ambassador for KuCoin Cryptocurrency exchange.”

The channel joined YouTube on Sep 10, 2014, and so far has a viewership of 4,859,326 and 119,343 subscribers. So far he has uploaded 471 videos in almost regular interval. There is even a video called when Ian met Suppoman, another influential crypto reviewer.

The channel playlist contains interviews of various influential community leaders including Gleb Nikitin – CTO of Metahash and Steve Swain of LendingBlock. He covers top ICOs and coin list for the month, and share his crypto world tour videos where he presents his opinions of the crypto market and various projects.

With 5.18% engagement rate and 1.77% likes per view according to, it’s clear Ian’s channel make an impact and he is one of the top crypto influencers. His videos are well liked and the highest view it has managed to gather is 239.7k.

For more details, you can visit his website, or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Visit his YouTube channel Ian Balina to start watching his videos.


So here are our top picks for crypto review YouTube channels. There are other channels like CryptoBud, The Crypto Snyper, Ameer Rosic’s channel, Andreas M. Antonopoulos’s channel or David Hays’s channel and many more where you can learn and know the trend and nitty-gritty of crypto market. There are more and more reviewers are coming up with great content and with their own unique way of presenting the stuff. So it will be wise to keep an eye open for these channels.

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