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Upcoming Crypto Conferences You Need to Attend

There is so much happening in the crypto world these days and it’s very difficult to keep track of all of them. Numerous and innovative projects are coming up almost every month, there are ICOs and airdrops happening, there is a lot of confusion related to various regulations in different countries, and then it is hard to have the viewpoint of experts in the field in certain topics. All these raise the importance of various crypto conferences happening around the world. These are the sure-fire way to get this information.

Now, if you have an interesting blockchain project idea, then these are the place you should be looking at to present your idea to investors and firms, and to network with people in this crypto space. So let’s check what are the upcoming crypto conferences we think are important and we suggest you to attend.

Blockshow Asia

Organized by Cointelegraph, Blockchow Asia 2018 is now in its third installment.

More than just a conference, the international event is a meeting place for entrepreneurs, experts, investors, and enthusiasts to share new project ideas and insights on blockchain technologies. Blockshow Asia is a “must attend” event since Asia is the most important hub of crypto space and deemed as the birthplace of several exciting blockchain and crypto projects in recent years. So far, it has raised about $500 million with Bancor, Status, and being the most important ones.

Like last year, this will be a five-day event from November 27 to December 1 in Singapore. This year, the venue address is Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay, 018956 Singapore.

Last year 67 speakers from 20 different countries participated in the show. The number has increased significantly with more than 100 speakers participating in this edition. According to the website, this year there will be more than 3000 attendees out of which 76% are people from senior management and over 200 journalists attending from 50 plus countries.

Ticket Prices

There are four types of tickets to avail, of course, depending on your nature of participation of the event.

If you have blockchain product idea and you are looking for investors to hop in and gain potential client base, you would want to apply for the Startup ticket. This will cost you $888 USD.

What this will allow you are the main stage access to 80 plus speakers, access to the Exhibition Hall access, Business Networking Zone, and the Official evening program. The organizer will also offer you their Networking App which is immensely handy. Note here this will not allow you the access to the Private VIP parties for investors, speakers or Blockchain-celebrities as well as the Business Lounge for private networking.

If you want to pitch in front of around 3000 people, then go for their limited exhibition ticket costing $1800. Apart from the Networking app, and access to Business Networking Zone and the Official evening program, you will get 2 Startup tickets for your Team, a personal space with a counter in the Exhibition Hall secured and access to both stages.

Now, let us quickly check out what the event is going to offer you each day.

But if you are blockchain enthusiasts interested to hear thought-provoking talks by the renowned speakers in the field, connect and establish new synergies with like-minded organizations, ICOs, and investors, then, as you have guessed, you will be buying the attendee ticket. This will require you to spend $1588 USD and what this ticket will buy you are exactly the same as the normal startup ticket.

Now, if you are an investor looking for new exciting projects with potential, then the investor ticket will ask you to shell out $2688 USD. This will grant you all that the Blockchow Asia has to offer – Main Stage access with more than 80 speakers, Personal Place in Investor Corner, Business Networking Zone, access to Official evening program, Private VIP parties for investors, speakers and Blockchain-celebrities, Quiet Business Lounge for private networking as well as BlockShow’s Networking App.

Event Schedule

Day 1 – November 27:

The November 27 is the day set for the VIP preparty which is a stage set for introduction with industry professionals and insiders.

Later, the event will progress to Blockchain2Energy Asia which is a first in Singapore. As the name suggests, it is the main platform for the applications of blockchain in the energy field focusing on presenting and discussing those energy-related blockchain projects by international and local players aiming to redefine the energy landscape in Asia. This will cover the following topics –

  • The electric power of blockchain
  • Blockchain-energy in Asia
  • Beyond blockchain: a technical discussion for non-technical people
  • The start of a new digital grid

NOTE: You can use the special promo code BLOCKSHOW-30 to avail a 30% discount.

Day 2 – November 28:

The Blockchow Day 1 – the experts and others will address various questions today’s crypto community is facing – how the last year’s shifts within the Asian crypto space has affected the crypto current situation, if the perspective of creating crypto-friendly societies across Asia is valid, if the age of Blockchain 4.0 is really here, if there is a chance that the blockchain technology will soon meet its downfall etc.

The night will end up with an afterparty sponsored by MITHRIL, a social network that rewards the content creators. You can meet and network all the BlockShow attendees, speakers and participants here.

Three art zones by the “Art of Blockchain” group representing the synergy of modern art and modern technology called “Symbiosis” will be presented at BlockShow. It will exhibit numerous crypto-artworks made by the group along with the famous CryptoMother art piece signed by Vitalik Buterin, which has an estimated cost of $6 million. The group will also create a new artwork during the event.

Day 3 – November 29:

Blockshow Day 2 – The Blockshow enters into day 2 with governments, regulators and investors talking about Crypto and Blockchain and how mature it has become. This will be followed by the start of EXP20 Startup show where numerous startups will pitch in front of the Investor Board. Each will be judged and the most promising one will secure support for their projects in the form of promotion, direct funding, or connections. The entire startup conference will be live-streamed as well.

November 30:

Organized by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Singapore Academy of Law, this is a one day conference, covering topics such as  Smart Contract & Regulation, Trust Distribution, ICO Listing & Regulation, and Regulations on Convergence of Technology. The speakers in this event will be representatives of various legal tech firms, regulators, and venture capitalists. Though the entry for this conference is free, you need to register for it as there are only 300 free tickets available.

December 1:

Organized by LongHash, this will give you chance to experience how real blockchain works live inside Singapore blockchain hubs, accelerators, and companies. You can visit the offices and coworking spaces, talk to the founders, and schedule and do follow up meetings with them. As before, though the entry is free you need to register for it.

There are two stages which will address different aspects of the event over the 5 days.

The Main Stage of BlockShow Asia 2018 will address all of the most important topics of Blockchain today: regulations, governments, investing, blockchain use-cases, and how corporates are stepping up the game. Also, the important local matters and tendencies in the Asian region will be discussed.

On the other hand, the second stage is where Opinion Battles, Solution Sessions, and Panel Discussions will happen in front of the expert board. Also, the EXP20 Startup Show will be conducted here.

Event Partners

The partner list of Blockshow Asia 2018 includes ACCESS (Singapore Cryptocurrency and BlockchainIndustry Assoc.), LongHash, Singapore Fintech Association, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Vaultoro, Token Economy Association, Infinity Blockchain Ventures, SORA Summit, Whaleblocks, Blockchaini, Institute of Blockchain, Blockchain2EnergyAsia, NexusOne, Bitcoin Malaysia, and Enersoft.

Event Sponsors

The event is sponsored by a number of companies and websites, such as Treecoin, CoinMarketCap, ICOBench, Mithril, Quanta, Changelly, FreeWallet, Oxygen Nitrogen, Stasis, BlueShare, AlproCKZ,, HitBTC, Bitcoin Wiki, HoneyBox, Moeco, Jelurida, Bequant to name a couple.

Event Speakers

Now let us check who are the speakers for the 2018 version of Blockchow Asia –

  • Jason Hsu – Crypto Congressman & Legislator of Taiwan
  • Thomas Lee – Co-founder & Managing Partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors, Quoted in CNBC, CCN, Bloomberg
  • Bobby Lee –  Co-founder of BTCC, Board Member of Bitcoin Foundation
  • Chis Hock Lai– President of Singapore FinTech Association (SFA), Chairman of Token Economy Association
  • Henri Arslanian – FinTech & Crypto Leader, Asia at PwC, Chairman at FinTech Association HK
  • Vanessa Cao– Investor, Partner at Sora Ventures, Former Managing Director at JRR Crypto
  • Stanley Yong – CTO at IBM, Former Head of Innovation at MAS
  • Remington Ong – Partner at Fenbushi Capital, managed investments into 40+ leading global startups
  • Prof. David Lee – Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Director at LeftCoast, Co-Founder at BlockAsset Ventures,
  • Tone Vays – Ex-Wall Street Professional, Crypto and Blockchain Educator, Researcher & Consultant
  • Sinhae Lee – Investor, Founding Partner at GBIC and Block72 International Blockchain Consulting
  • Han Kao – Investor, Founder & CEO of CryptoBriefing, the largest independent crypto review platform
  • Alex Medana – Angel Investor, CEO & Co-Founder of FinFabrik, Founding Board Member at FinTech Association HK

For more details of the event, check their official website

European Blockchain Convention – Barcelona

European Blockchain Convention Barcelona is a much smaller but rather intimate conference. Set to occur at NH Collection Tower, Barcelona on November 29, this one-day event is a definite one to attend for all for the industry leaders, regulators, politicians, investors, developers, CTOs, lawyers and entrepreneurs in the Blockchain and the Digital Economy sphere.

The seat, however, is rather limited to 500 with 15 different panels exploring the current state of the blockchain. This event is important because it is Europe specific, a specialized conference with leading people in FinTech, RegTech, Security & Identity, Blockchain Architecture, Shipping Logistics, and Interchain Mediators, and therefore offer a tremendous opportunity to network and grow your business.

Some of the topics that will be covered in this event include – If Blockchain can create a new type of economy, Central bank and digital currencies, Smart cities and IOT revolution, Overcoming Barriers to Institutional Acceptance of Digital Assets as well as startup pitch panel.

The convention will give you more than 5 hours of potential networking opportunities

Event Tickets

There were offers for Super Early, early and regular registration with increasing ticket price. Since the event is very near there is still late registrations going on.

You can buy the Delegate Pass now for €340 and the VIP Delegate Pass will cost you €610. The delegate pass will earn you full access to the Convention and all Panels and meeting industry leaders, advisors, investors, developers, regulators, and startups. While the VIP pass will give priority sitting, private dinner, and bonuses for the next event additionally.

Event Sponsors

The European Blockchain Convention is sponsored by Hyperledger, AddVANTEE, Klaymanlic, Openingchain, and Iolas.

Event Partners

Several companies have partnered with the event such as M4ARKETING Commerce, European Union Lawyers Association, Accelerate Network, Barcinno, AgoraChain, IEAF/FEF, IEBS Business School, PROCATTIC, Blockchain Institute of Technology, Madrid Startup Community, Alastria, BRBN Creative, Bitcobie, Coincodex,, Cryptos Monitor etc.

Event Speakers

The website has confirmed 50 speakers for the event so far. Some of them are –

  • Lory Kehoe – Managing Director at ConsenSys
  • Cătălin Sorin Ivan – Member of the European Parliament
  • Marta Piekarska – Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger
  • Renato Lucio de Castro – Founder and CEO of SmartUp Consulting Firm, Smart Cities Expert
  • Lewis Freiberg – Director of Ecosystem at IOTA Foundation
  • Joshua Ashley Klayman – Founder of Klayman LLC
  • Stephanie Ramezan – Co-Founder of Quince Capital and Partner at DAG Global
  • Thomas Moser – Member of the Board of the Swiss National Bank and Former Executive Director at the IMF
  • Sergio Gorjón Rivas – Financial Innovations Division at Banco de España
  • Victoria Gago – Co-Founder of the European Blockchain Convention and Associate at AddVANTE M&A
  • Michael Kumhof – Senior Research Advisor at Bank of England and Former Deputy Division Chief of the IMF Modelling Unit
  • Dr. Stefan Junestrand – Member of the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum and CEO and Co-Founder of Grupo Tecma Red
  • Marius Jurgilas – Member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania and Former Researcher at the European Central Bank
  • Joey García – Partner at ISOLAS LLP, Top 12 Lawyers in Blockchain (Chamber and Partners)
  • Shawnna M. Hoffman – Global Co-Leader of the IBM Cognitive Legal Practice and Member of the IBM Global Center of Competency
  • Marjan Delatinne – Global Head of Banking at Ripple

Paris Blockchain Week

The Paris Blockchain Week is the biggest Blockchain and Digital Assets event in Europe. This is a five-day long event scheduled from April 15 – 19, 2019. The venue is set at Station F, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

Throughout the week you will have numerous meetups, workshops, keynotes, hackathons, parties and dinners and parties in different venues in Paris. The event promises to address all the latest and hottest topics currently waving the blockchain and crypto space with the opportunity to connect and network with all the leading figures of the crypto community attending the event. Alltoteger there will be 20 events.

B10 is the flagship event conference held during this Blockchain Week, where, as per the Paris Blockchain Week website, the show will be attended by 3200 and with 60 speakers already on board. The B10 event is set for April 16-17. During these two days, multiple topics including EU regulation, decentralized exchanges, stable coins, security tokens, scalability issues as well as recent advances in consensus mechanisms will be discussed

Event Speakers

There will be a total of 100 speakers in the event. Here are some of the important speakers of the show –

  • Nicolas Cary –, CEO
  • Arthur Breitman – Tezos, Co-Founder & CTO
  • Jenna Zenk – Melonport, CTO
  • Charles Michael Yim – Cointopia, CEO
  • François-Xavier Thoorens – Ark Ecosystem, CTO of Consensys
  • Edward Moncada – Blockfolio, CEO
  • Pascal Gauthier – Ledger, President
  • Bibop Gresta – Hyperloop T.T., Chairman
  • Jonathan Benassaya – IronChain Capital, CEO, Tendermint

Event Sponsors

The event sponsors for the Paris Blokchain event are Woorton – first French digital asset liquidity provider for professional investors, ChainAccelerator – the biggest Blockchain Accelerator in Europe, Blockfolio – Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management App, Tezos, and Datelnts.


Beyond Blocks is a blockchain community which engages and connects like-minded individuals and Blockchain Enthusiasts globally through online and offline platforms. BeyondBlocks has organized a summit in Bangkok, Thailand on 26th and 27th November 2018. The venue of the summit is the  InterContinental Bangkok, 973 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330.

The summit is an excellent opportunity for Blockchain Enthusiasts and Professionals to meet and network with many industry thought-leaders, developers, investors, and other enthusiasts. The summit already has over 2000 participants from over 50 countries. The summit will consist of Panel and Fireside Discussion with over 50 speakers and workshops.

Here is a short list of things, you should remember to bring to the conference.

  • Photo identification to access your event badge
  • Business cards
  • WHOVA application downloaded on your cell phone.

Event Ticket

There are currently three types of tickets to avail, of course, depending on availability.

  • The Tier 3 ticket costs $550 USD. Unfortunately, this has already been sold out.
  • Tier 4 Tickets which are priced at  $750 USD. Online ticket sales of Tier 4 Tickets will end on Nov 23, 2018.
  • Door Tickets are priced at $1000 USD and are Effective from November 26, 2018

Each ticket allows access to the full today conference as well as access to the exhibition floor the conference hall, event application, networking events, email support and the different workshops that are held. You will be given access to the  50+ talks that will be held in this event. A networking lunch on both days of Summit Bangkok is also organized for the participants.

Event Schedule

Day 1 – November 26:

The events start with   Opening Remarks by Gabriel Yang, COO, Beyond Blocks. It will be immediately followed by a Panel Discussion on “Death of An ICO” followed by a Panel Discussion on what the next step in Crypto Finance will be. After that, there will be two Fireside chats, one with founders of IOHK and the other with Gigi Levy on  Creating Blockchain Superiority. Input Output Hong Kong is the company which is behind the Ada and the Cardano cryptocurrency. Gigi Levy Weiss is the Managing Partner of NfX

After that   there will be 4 more Panel discussions will take place on different topics like

  • Cryptoreality VS. Cryptofuture – A panel discussion on the future of the Cryptocurrency world.
  • The Curious Case of Crypto China – A  panel discussion on the status of crypto investments, regulation and projects in China
  • Panel: Funding Blockchain Innovation- A panel  discussion on Initial Coin Offering vs Security Token Offerings and which is the future
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges – A panel discussion on the future of Cryptocurrency exchanges post the scandals, hacks, fraud, and wash-trading

Day 1 of BeyondBlocks Bangkok submit will end with a networking party for the participants.

Day 2 – November 27:

Similar to the previous day, Day 2 starts with   Opening Remarks by Gabriel Yang, COO, Beyond Blocks and will be followed by a presentation on The Progress of Plasma by David Knott who is a Plasma Researcher at OmiseGO

It will be followed by Panel Discussion on these topics

  • Regulatory Crypto Conundrums: – A discussion on the regulation of crypto technology
  • VCs, Accelerators & Incubators: – A discussion on Venture capital, Accelerators and Incubators and how they all fit into the Blockchain world.  
  • Decentralized and Borderless –  A discussion with the TLDR team about both the history and future of the company as well as their company culture, their strengths and the challenges of working in a decentralized organization.
  • Scalability –  A panel discussion on scalability which is the Quintessential Hurdle in Blockchain
  • Structuring Your Advisory Team – A discussion on how Advisory Teams should be structured and how to find the right advisors
  • Going Mainstream: A discussion on the role played by large corporations in blockchain startups.

There is also a Fireside Discussion in the evening with Bonnie Cheung, who is one of the Partners of 500 Startups on how silicon valley missed the startup boom. Day 2 of Beyondblocks Summit Bangkok summit will end with the  Official Summit Bangkok After Party

Event Speakers

Now let us check the speakers of Beyondblocks Summit Bangkok:-

  • Charles Hoskinson – CEO, IOHK, Colorado
  • Wei Zhou – Chief Financial Officer, Binance, USA
  • Ryan Gaylor – Director of Corporate Payments, Ripple, Austin, Texas
  • Maja Vujinovic – CEO, OGroup, USA
  • Gigi Levy Weiss – Managing Partner, NFX , Israel
  • Bonnie Cheung – Partner, 500 Startups, Hong Kong
  • Bhume Bhumiratana – Technology Consultant, SEC Thailand, Thailand
  • Prinn Panitchpakdi– Governor, The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Thailand
  • John Fiorelli – Chief Growth Officer, Kenetic Capital, USA
  • Yo Nakagawa – Executive Director, Monex Group, Inc., Japan
  • Moaffak Ahmed – Serial Entrepreneur, Slush, Finland
  • Luke Wagman – Chief Evangelist, CoinMarketCap, USA
  • Jeremy Wood – Chief Strategy Officer & Founder, IOHK, Japan
  • Justin Chow– Head of Business Development, Cumberland, Asia
  • Ding An Fei – Founder, Ledger Capital, China
  • Thammarak Moenjak – Director of Financial Institutions Strategy Department, Bank of Thailand, Thailand

Supported By

Beyondblocks Summit Bangkok is supported by NIA and STARTUP THAILAND. Nia is a Thai establishment and approved by the Royal Thai Government on August 26, 2003.  STARTUP THAILAND operates under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand in association with related organizations to achieve new target industries to drive the country forward.

Principal Sponsors

The  Principal Sponsors of Beyondblocks Summit Bangkok are CoinMarketCap and Fleta, a  Platform for Sustainable DApp Ecosystem

Prime Sponsors

The Prime Sponsors of Beyondblocks Summit Bangkok are: – TLDR, Six Network, Ledger Capital, IDAX, UNIFICATION, CAPDAX, EBCOIN, KADENA, eTOrO, TEMCO, CORTEX, Resistance, gOODlUCK 3, X, HASMAX and Utopia.

Media Partners


Additional Participants

Some of the biggest names in the world of Cryptocurrency and Finance will be present at Beyondblocks Summit Bangkok. BINANCE, INPUT OUTPUT, 500 startups, Kenetic Capital, HASHED, ripple, QCP CAPITAL, SET, The Stock Exchange of Thailand, NAM, Bank of Thailand, CUMBERLAND, We Power, NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW, FLACTBLOCK, NEM, bithumb, KORBIT, addup, WACHSMAN. PR and  Quantstamp will be present at the summit.

Community Partners

Community Partners of Beyondblocks Summit Bangkok are Bitfish and Dash Embassy, Thailand.

For more details of the event, check their official website

Cryptoexpo Asia

Crypto EXPO Asia is an expo where the crypto world comes live. This massive expo-gathering isn’t just about building system between crypto organizations and gurus but also about getting to know about the crypto world. You get a chance to partake in the greatest show loaded up with exhibitor stalls, loungers, bars, speaker halls, and Workshop rooms and also meet the top crypto experts and people from overall organizations who are working on ICO, blockchains and digital money. Crypto EXPO has organized in the past over 30 expos with over 3k exhibitors and 500 speakers and was attended by over 50k people. Crypto EXPO Asia will be held on November 24, 2018, at Windsor Plaza Hotel, Saigon, 18 An Duong Vuong Street, District 5 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Ticket Prices

There are two types of tickets to avail, one is VIP and the other one is SPECIALIST/VISITOR. The VIP ticket costs $199 USD and you will be entitled to a Personal badge, seating arrangements in the VIP-zone, Keynote & Panel, Workshops, and presentations, Exhibition, Coffee breaks & Lunch and entry to the Gala Night.

The SPECIALIST/VISITOR ticket is free of cost. To enter the exhibition you need to show the Finexpo Asia mobile app with your personal QR code at the entrance.  You will be entitled to Keynote & Panel, Exhibition, Coffee breaks, and Workshops & Presentations.

Event Schedule

November 24 – Conference Hall:

Throughout the day a number of discussions and presentations will take place in the Conference Hall.  Here is the full list of discussion and presentations.

  • Trans Fee Mining by Aaron Choi, the CEO of GJ Exchange
  • How to pick quality Blockchain projects by Herbert Sim, the CCO of Cryptology
  • Blockchain industry in Vietnam and world by Kimble Ngo, NEM Country Head of Vietnam
  • Huobi’s EcoSystem & Global Elites by Linh Thi Thuy Nguyen, the Head of Business Development of Huobi Pro
  • Recent Updates from Hong Kong: Virtual Commodities, ICOs, Exchanges, Stable Coins, and STOs by Henry Yu, the Founding Partner of L&Y Law Office, in association with Henry Yu & Associates
  • Strategic Value Positioning of Blockchain Companies by Anthony HK Lai, Partner, Petra Venture
  • Crypto Valley and digital assets regulations in Switzerland  by Alberto Bassi, a Banking regulatory expert and Filippo Acotto,  the Co-founding partner of ChainITlab
  • What is going on and what to note for Asia’s Blockchain scene? – A presentation by Jack Chia, the Managing Director of Cryptology
  • Security token offering the next big wave in the crypto market by Karthik Iyer
  • Create a blockchain startup for social impact. Why and how? – A presentation by Nguyễn Ngọc Minh Thy, the Dash Ambassador for Vietnam
  • Heading Towards A Decentralized Future: Difficulties and Opportunities by Kyle Lu, the CEO of
  • ICO and Cryptocurrency Regulation in Hong Kong by Julia Charlton, the  Principal Partner of Charltons
  • Common Pitfall of ICO by Branson Lee, EXCO member of the Singapore FinTech Association
  • Development of stable digital assets by Oleg Bakatanov, Co-founder and CEO at Systematic Trading Company

November 24 – Workshop Hall:

Throughout the day a number of workshops and related discussions & presentations will take place in the Workshop Hall. Here is the full list of workshops related discussions & presentations

  • Criteria for choosing crypto in investment by David Ha, the CEO of ZASCO
  • How to ICO in Singapore and around the world, and what are some of the issues with the crypto industry and how we propose to solve these issues by Malcolm Tan
  • Trends and potential growth of Crypto market in future by Xuan Hai, he is in the top 3  of Author of World Tradingview
  • The Power of Connectivity by Melissa Quinn, the Director of Corporate Strategy at RightMesh AG
  • Trends of the current Crypto market and 2019 by Duyen Tran, the  Founder & CEO Extradecoin Exchange; CEO
  • Good time to invest in Blockchain and ICO by Than Duc Hoa, the Founder of
  • Market participants crypto by Dong Pham,  the Admin của cộng đồng KTS of Saigon Tradecoin
  • Crypto Trading for a living: Opportunities and challenges by Duong Nguyen Huy, the Founder of TraderViet
  • DAG – Solution for speed and scalability by Huan Phung,  the CEO Vinsofts & Founder of Astra Foundation

Post all the conferences and workshops there will be the Gala Night for people with VIP Passes It will have  Live Performance, Music, Network, Dinner.  

Event Sponsors

The event is sponsored by a number of companies and websites, such as Special Sponsor – KuCoin, Silver Sponsor –, Official Payment Sponsor – RPNpay, Booth sponsor – BITLISH and Booth Sponsor – RightMesh.

Media Partners

The Media Partners of the Crypto EXPO Asia includes NEM,, Fintech Finance, NEWSBTC, Bitcoin Garden, BNC., Coinspeaker, tiendientu.Org, CoinGecko, ICOHOLDER, ICOVIETMY.COM, BitNovosti, TODAY, CHAINEUM, Finyear, Global Banking & Finance Review, Coin Delite, Coinmarkets, Coin68,, UNIMEDIA Connect, COINCODEX, ICO WATCHLIST, ICO Bazaar, Byzantium, Foundico, AMB CRYPTO,,, ZyCrypto, Coinhills, BLOCKONOMI, COIN IDOL.COM, DIGITAL NOTICE, CryptoPotato, Arabbit,, CRYPTOTICKER, THE CRYPTO, CRYPTO REPORTER, Best ICO for you,, TraderViet, ZASCO, ICOFRIENDS, Prokley, COININFOLINE.COM, World Finance etc.

Event Speakers

The speakers of the CRYPTOEXPO.ASIA for the year 2018 is –

  • Jack Chia – Managing Director of Cryptology
  • Kimble Ngo– NEM Country Head of Vietnam
  • Julia Charlton– Principal Partner of Charltons
  • Karthik Iyer – CEO, Blockchainmonk
  • Malcolm Tan– CEO Gravitas Holdings
  • Henry Yu – Founding Partner of L&Y Law Office
  • Nguyen Ngoc Minh Thy – Vietnam Dash Ambassador
  • Duong Nguyen Huy– Founder of TraderViet
  • Aaron Choi– GJ Exchange CEO
  • Mr. Duyen Tran– Founder & CEO Extradecoin Exchange; CEO
  • Melissa Quinn– Director of Corporate Strategy at RightMesh  AG
  • Than Duc Hoa– Founder of
  • Oleg Bakatganov– Co-founder and CEO at Systematic Trading Company
  • Dong Pham– Admin cua cong dong KTS – Saigon Tradecoin
  • Kyle Lu– CEO of
  • Anthony Hk Lai– Partner, Petra Venture
  • David Ha– CEO of ZASCO
  • Xuan Hai– Top 3 – Author of World Tradingview
  • Huan Phung– CEO Vincofts & Founder of Astra Foundation
  • Alberto Bassi– Banking regulatory expert
  • Flippo Acotto – Co-founding partner of ChainITlab

For more details of the event, check their official website

Blockchain Expo North America

Blockchain Expo North America will be held in the heart of the silicon valley at Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley, CA on 28th and 29th November 2018. With around 13,000 attendees and over 500 speakers, it is one of the largest Blockchain Conference & Exhibition in the world. The Blockchain event is co-located with the IoT Tech Expo, AI & Big Data Expo and Cyber Security & Cloud Expo, so you can explore the convergence of all these technologies in one place.

The conference will present keynotes, panel discussions, and solution-based case studies which explore the key industries which will be disrupted the most by this new technology, like retail, healthcare, insurance, energy etc. The Expo will focus on what the future of enterprise technology will be. There will be two full days of top-level content from the leading brands which embrace and develop cutting-edge blockchain and related technologies.

Event Ticket

There are a number of ticket categories for this Expo. Here is a full list of all ticket categories, how much they cost and what features & services you can avail

  • Blockchain Expo Gold: 
    • For day 1 (i.e. on 28th Nov.) the price is $849. On 28th Nov. the price will become $899. This Pass will provide access to Blockchain, IoT & AI Exhibition, Free IoT & AI Conferences, Free: Developing Blockchain Applications, Free: Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain for Enterprise, Blockchain Platforms & Strategies, Blockchain Session Materials, Networking Tool, Blockchain Workshops, Blockchain for Business, Innovations & Investors Zone and Networking party.
    • For day 2 (i.e. on 29th Nov.) the price is $849. On 28th Nov. the price will become $899. This Pass will provide access to Blockchain, IoT & AI Exhibition, Free IoT & AI Conferences,  Free: Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain for Enterprise, Blockchain Session Materials, Networking Tool, Blockchain Workshops, Blockchain for Business, Innovations & Investors Zone and Networking party.
    • For 2 days the price is $1199. On 28th Nov. the price will become $1299. This Pass will provide access to Blockchain, IoT & AI Exhibition, Free IoT & AI Conferences, Free: Developing Blockchain Applications, Free: Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain for Enterprise, Blockchain Platforms & Strategies, Cryptocurrency & Financial Services, Blockchain Session Materials, Networking Tool, Blockchain Workshops, Blockchain for Business, Innovations & Investors Zone and Networking party.
  • Expo Plus Pass:
    • The current price is $269, but on 28th Nov the price will become $299. This Pass will provide access to Blockchain, IoT & AI Exhibition, Free IoT & AI Conferences, Free: Developing Blockchain Applications, Free: Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain Session Materials, Networking Tool, and Networking party.
  • Conference Materials:
    • The current price is $249, but on 28th Nov the price will become $279. This will provide access to Blockchain, IoT & AI Exhibition and Blockchain Session Materials.
  • Free Expo Pass:
    • To book your free expo pass you will have to fill an online form and submit.
    • This Pass will provide access to Blockchain, IoT & AI Exhibition, Free IoT & AI Conferences, Free: Developing Blockchain Applications, Free: Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain for Business and Innovations & Investors Zone.
  • Ultimate Pass:
    • Currently, the price is $1399, but on 28th Nov the price will become $1499.
    • This Pass will provide access to Blockchain, IoT & AI Exhibition, Free IoT & AI Conferences, Free: Developing Blockchain Applications, Free: Blockchain Technologies, Both Days: Blockchain for Enterprise, Blockchain Platforms & Strategies,Cryptocurrency & Financial Services, Blockchain Session Materials, Networking Tool, Closed IoT & AI Conferences, Blockchain Workshops, Blockchain for Business, Innovations & Investors Zone and Networking party.

Event Schedule

Day 1 – November 28, Day 2 – November 29:

Day 1 and 2 of the Blockchain Expo North America consists of a number of discussions and events and are categorized into 5  zones:

  • Blockchain for Enterprise – Blockchain Technology is encouraging direct value exchange over the internet and is slowly moving towards mainstream adoption, and removing the friction in the exchange of value over the internet. Due to the structural advantages of blockchain technology, it is expected to have a significant impact on different industries like manufacturing, energy, logistics, retail, healthcare etc. The events in this zone will analyze the impact of blockchain technology in various industries and the opportunities and challenges for them. It is a two day event Day 1 will focus on Supply Chain, Energy, Entertainment, Retail, Healthcare, and  Logistics while Day 2 will focus on Manufacturing, Transport, Automotive, Governance, and Social Good. This zone consists of events for Paid pass holders only. 
  • Blockchain Platforms & Strategies – Due to the Crypto Boom we see new platforms and applications emerge almost every week and numerous enterprises are trying to adopt its disruptive potential. Thus choosing the right platform and strategy can be very difficult. This Zone focuses on Smart Contracts, Business Models, Governance & Regulation. Healthcare, Automotive, and Energy. This is one Day event and is for  Paid pass holders only. 
  • Blockchain for Business –  Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology which can transform business in different sectors like Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Energy etc. This zone focuses on how many companies are using Blockchain Technology to improve their business processes and you too can use Blockchain technology to transform your business. It is a two-day event. Day one and two will both focus on Management of identity, Supply chain, Cybersecurity, and Smart contracts. This events of this zone are free to attend. 
  • Developing Blockchain Applications – This zone is Free to be attended by anyone and will provide an insight into the disruptive solutions that are currently being rolled out all across the world. The events in this zone will examine the key challenges that developers face while building these applications and also how real-world problems are solved by Blockchain companies by creating disruptive solutions. It is a two-day event. Day one and two will both focus on Disruptive solutions, Challenges, Innovative start-ups, and Business case studies. 
  • Investors & Innovation Zone – As the Blockchain & IoT market rapidly grows startups with new ideas are constantly appearing with  Blockchain & IoT solutions for Business. The events in this zone will feature the different new and cutting-edge technologies that are emerging and new ideas pitched b startups. ns. It is a two-day event. Day one and two will both focus on Piranha Tank, Case Studies and Investors. This events of this zone are free to attend. 
  • Cryptocurrency & Financial Services – The events in this zone will delve into the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain across financial services. It is a one-day event and will take place on 29th November and will focus on Cryptocurrency, ICO & Token Sales, Financial Capital Markets and Financial Services. This zone consists of events for Paid pass holders only.

The Networking event will take place on 28th November from 6:00 PM to Midnight. The venue for it is the Pool Area of the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. The networking event is for Ultimate, Gold & Expo Plus holders as well as for speakers, sponsors, press, and exhibitors of the event.

Event Speakers


  • Dr. John Henry Clippinger – Co-founder of The Token Commons Foundation, and Executive Director of ID3 (Institute for Innovation & Data Driven Design)
  • Nick Szabo – Inventor of smart contracts and Bit Gold, CEO Global Financial Access
  • Marco Terruzzin  – Director Energy Storage, E.ON
  • Dale Chrystie – Blockchain Strategist, FedEx
  • Paul W. Chang – Global Industry Leader and Supply Chain SME, IBM
  • Sherry Li – Digital Product Leader, General Electric
  • Paul Breslow – Open Innovation, EDF
  • Laiq Ahmad – CTO & Chief Enterprise Architect, Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Duncan Davidson – General Partner, Bullpen Capital
  • Paul Brigner – Director of Technology Policy, Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • Mark Etwaru – Digital Transformation, Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
  • Sebastien Henot – Business Innovation, Renault Innovation Silicon Valley
  • Daniela Barbosa – Vice President, World Wide Alliances, Hyperledger
  • Nabil Malouli – VP @ DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation, DHL
  • Hala V. Furst – Director, Cybersecurity and Innovation, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Event Sponsors

  • Diamond Sponsor: The Diamond Sponsors of Blockchain Expo North America Summit are: – MAXONROW, IBM and  Hedpay.
  • Platinum Sponsors: The Platinum Sponsors are – GVZH, Gtg Advocates, Finance Malta, Xceltrip and Sap.
  • Track Sponsors: The Track Sponsors are – Hedpay, Murphy & Mcgonigle and Healthsplash.
  • Registration Sponsor: The Registration Sponsor is Cruptohopper.
  • Bar Sponsors: The Bar Sponsors are Icosoft, Hello Diamonds and Vitae Token.
  • Gold Plus Sponsors: The Gold Plus Sponsors of Blockchain Expo North America Summit are: – Blocksafe and Hosho.
  • Gold Sponsors: The Gold Sponsors are Betreasury, Procurrency, Crest Token, Bcl Foundation and Lgo Launch.
  • Silver Sponsors: The Silver Sponsors are – Beam, Docademic, Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries, Cybervein and Blockchain fondry.
  • Bronze Sponsors: The Bronze Sponsors of Blockchain Expo North America Summit are: –, CoolWalletS, Wandisco, Morpher and MDx Blocks.
  • Blockchain Innovation Sponsors: The Blockchain Innovation Sponsors are Fuergy, Blueshare and Sushi Chain.
  • Official PR Partner: The Official PR Partner is PR Underground.
  • Exhibitors: The Exhibitors are Smart Mimic, Sensfix, VeriSmart, CoolWallet S and

For more details of the event, check their official website

CoinAdvice Conference

CoinAdvice is a leading blockchain & cryptocurrency event organizer and specializes in professional high-level business conferences. CoinAdvice aims to assist and facilitate the growth of the crypto community and also to help the community members understand the basics. They also advocate the responsible & secure integration of blockchain technologies into your mainstream life.  

The CoinAdvice Conference is scheduled to take place on 04 – 06 March 2019 at the Pattaya Exhibition & Convention Hall  353, Phra Tamnuk Road, Pattaya, Thailand 20150. Venture capitalists. investors, industry leaders, thinks tanks will be present in this event. This will provide startups the platform to connect with potential investors who can even demonstrate their project to the decision makers with prior appointment.

Ticket Prices

There are two types of tickets to avail, one is for an individual which is free of cost and the other one is for VIP.

VIP ticket costs $750 USD for the Early Bird Offer, the price of which will increase after 31st December 2018 and $1000 USD for the Special VIP Pass. VIP ticket holders are entitled for Priority Registration and  Seating, Access to all conference sessions, all stages, business networking lounge, private coin owners lounge, Influencers & Crypto Advisors and exhibition hall area, Lunch on conference days, VIP Dinner with coin owners (March 04, 2019), Custom Event Souvenir and 12 Months of  free CoinAdvice Crypto Reviews.

The individual ticket is free of Cost. The ticket holders are entitled to Regular Registration and Seating, Conference sessions, Exhibition area and 12 Months free CoinAdvice Crypto Reviews.

Event Speakers

The speakers at the COINADVICE CONFERENCE for the year 2019 are –

  • Jonah Glasgow – CEO and Co-Founder, Lindacoin
  • Dane Elliott – Business Director, Achain
  • Alexi Lane – Everex CEO, Founder
  • Steve Good – Cryptocurrency Expert
  • Eric Annan – Co-Founder, Kubitx
  • Dr. Jowin Tan – Co-Founder, Wincoin
  • Philip Raymond – Co-Chairs, Crypsa
  • Richard Park – CEO, Toa Coin
  • The Influencers of the CoinAdvice conference for the year 2019 are –
  • Wendy O – Crypto Expert
  • John Constantine – Crypto Expert
  • Crypto Jen – Crypto Influencer
  • Amarpreet Singh – ICO Advisor
  • Dunstan Teo – Founder, Kryptoia

Event Sponsors

The Media Partners of the Coinadvance Conference are– BNT Bitness Today, Icoholder, Coin Delite, Crypto Briefing, AMB Crypto, ICO Discount Club, Token News, ICO Developer, Top Blockchain Events, Bitcoin Market Journal, Blockference, Coincodex, Icofriends, TechEvents online, ZyCrypto, Love, Pattaya Now, Pattya People,, Best ICO for you, Wallet Investor, Rezul News, ICO Birds, CryptoNewsZ, Coinstelegram, Cagechain, ICO Brains and Bitcoin Chaser.

Strategic Partner for the Coinadvance Conference is Kryptoia, Singapore Bitcoin Club, Kubitx, Chaineum, Crypsa, and Contractzero.

Event Participants

Participants of the Coinadvance Conference are Kubitx, Crypsa, Linda Project, Achain, Everex and Wincoin.

For further information check their official website:

World Blockchain Summit

While the global market for Blockchain related technologies is increasing rapidly in India it is still in a development stage and is waiting to explode into a thriving market. The World Blockchain Summit in India will help bridge the nascent blockchain industry in the country to the global market and explore how it can be integrated into Financial, Agriculture and Energy sectors. The Summit will help regional business, entrepreneurs, investors and blockchain developers get connected and network with global blockchain gurus and technology players.

Events at the Summit

The World Blockchain Summit in India will have a number of events which will feature the use cases of blockchain technology in enterprise and government sectors along with panel discussions, keynotes, fireside chats, tech-talks, exhibitions, competitions, and networking opportunities. International and regional Blockchain gurus will give presentations and participate in discussions about the pros and cons of adapting blockchain technology into Asian markets and its potential to reshape the global financial system.

The summit will feature a startup exhibition and a Pitch Competition where pavilions of blockchain startups will get to showcase their products and technologies in front of global players. This will help them to raise funds and generate collaboration opportunities. The regional winners will get free tickets to San Francisco to compete against 30 other teams for a chance to win $1 million USD.

The Summit will feature a discussion on many topics, some of which as follows –

  • How to leverage blockchain technology to address the KYC compliance
  • Dapps
  • Blockchain powered smart cities
  • The synergy between blockchain and AI for businesses that will allow them to gain a competitive edge
  • How to use blockchains to boost cashless transactions
  • How blockchains can be used to solve many problems of India’s traditional financial system
  • Legal challenges that an entirely blockchain enabled organization may face

Event Tickets

Delegate Pass:  INR 18,000 (Valid up to 15 Nov.)

The Delegate Pass includes Conference sessions, Networking coffee breaks, and Executive luncheons on both days.

Exhibitor Package: INR 4000 (Valid up to 15 Nov.)

  • PRE-EVENT: Your Company logo, profile, and your corporate website link will appear on the event website. A dedicated account manager will be provided who will liaise with you to tailor the event to your requirements, Prior notification of all confirmed delegates with their name, job title, Contact details, solution requirements etc.
  • AT EVENT: A dedicated table at the venue will be provided and branded as ‘Exhibitor’ on all event promotional materials, along with an acknowledgment with your company logo on standees placed at the venue, 2 Full access passes.
  • POST EVENT: A list of all attendees with their contact information will be provided to you. You will get an event report regarding delegate feedback.  Event Website will contain and maintain the same level of branding for 6 months after the event

Supporting Partner Package: INR 95000 (Valid up to 15 Nov.)

To Supporting Partner Package:  allows the branding as ‘Supporting Partner’ on all event promotional materials including website and mobile app, acknowledgment with logo branding on digital/print branding materials at the event, 5 Full access passes, all conference sessions on both days, executive networking luncheons on both days and networking sessions.

Event Speakers

The speakers for the conference are as follows –

  • Miko Matsumura – Founder, Evercoin, United States
  • Wesam Lootah – Chief Executive Officer, Smart Dubai Government Establishment, UAE
  • Nick Ayton – Founder, Chainstarter, United Kingdom
  • Jason Goldberg – Founder and CEO, Simple Token
  • Jeremy Millar – Chief Of Staff, ConsenSys, USA
  • Nikolay Shkilev – Co-Founder, Top ICO Advisors, Russia
  • Julie Maupin – Director of Social Impact & Public Regulatory Affairs – IOTA Foundation, Fintech Advisor – German Ministry of Finance, Germany
  • Alex Medana – Co-Founder and CEO, FinFabrik, Hong Kong
  • Sally Eaves – Speaker and Author, Research Forbes Technology Council London, United Kingdom
  • Dinis Guarda – Author, CEO & Founder, lifesci, United Kingdom
  • Vanessa Grellet – Executive Director, ConsenSys, United States
  • Taavi Roivas – Ex-Prime Minister of Estonia and Member of the Estonian Parliament, Parliament of Estonia,  Estonia
  • Bruce Porter Jr. – CEO, GlobalBoost, United States
  • Anson Zeall – Chairman of the Board (ACCESS), Singapore’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association, Singapore
  • Jamie Burke – CEO, Outlier Ventures & Outlier Capital LLP, UK
  • Pavel Kravchenko – Founder, Distributed Lab, Ukraine
  • Maximilian Marenbach – Head of Partnerships & Business Development, Kraken, Netherlands
  • Simon Cocking – Senior Editor – Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief – CryptoCoinNews, TEDx Speaker, Ireland
  • Vladimir Nikitin – Co-Founder, Top ICO Advisors, Russia
  • Maryam Taghiyeva – Chief Systems Architect, Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance, UK

Event Sponsors

  • Platinum Sponsors: The Platinum Sponsors of World Blockchain Summit in India are Apla and MessengerBank.
  • Gold Sponsor: The Gold Sponsor of the summit in India is ACO.
  • Series Sponsors And Partners: The Series Sponsors and Partners are Bankorus, MessengerBank, Apla, NKD Technologies, Acorn Collective, Finterra, Aeternity Blockchain, Property2chain, ETHLend, KWHCoin, Prover, Unibright, etherty, Bank 4you Group, Jameigha, Cellulant, Nairobi Securities Exchange, RightMesh, Electronic Money, Runet ID, BAK, KNCCI, Incubate Africa, BitHub.Africa, CoinPoint, IBT, Point50 Capital, The Entrepreneurs Hub, Aphaea Capital, African Business Central, ITS Blockchain, Kenyan Wall Street, CIO East Africa, Fintech Futures, Tech Trends KE, Nexchange, Tractica, Coin Weez, Nairobi Garage, Financial Afrik, Mind Commerce, Nailab, Africoin, Bitcoin Garden, Bitcoin

Event Partners

  • Investment Partners: The Investment Partners of the summit are Wolfedge Capital, Skylight and Blockchain Open Fund.
  • Digital Media Partner: The Digital Media Partner is Entrepreneur Asia Pacific.
  • Media Partners: The Media Partners of World Blockchain Summit in India have a quite a list of names – ICO Crowd, ITS Blockchain, Bitcoin Garden, Mind Commerce, Tractica, CoinStaker, NeXchange, News, TrackICO, CoinGecko, Coincierge, ICOWatchlist, ICOHolder, ICO Buffer, Crypto Capital News, Coin Delite, Today,, Blockasia, BNT Bitnews Today, Crypto Briefing, Finyear, ICO Brothers, Brave New Coin, ICO Finch,, coinstelegram, Blockspoint, ICOStock24, AMB Crypto, Smartereum, Block Explorer,Money in Crypto, Stankevicius, Crypto World Talk, AffiliateBay etc.

For further information check their official website:

North American Bitcoin Conference

The North American Bitcoin Conference,  which is a part of the World Blockchain Forum: Investments & ICOs and is taking place at the  James L. Knight Center in  Miami from 16th to 18th January 2019. The North American Bitcoin Conference Miami will cover many important topics from blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs, token sale mechanics, startups, disruption etc. The conference will focus on what impact blockchain technology has on the world’s financial systems and how one can profit from the blockchain technology.

The North American Bitcoin Conference is already in its seventh year and is the longest-running cryptocurrency conference. Last year over four thousand people attended this conference and this year they expect more than five thousand to participate in it as there are supposed to have more 150 famous speakers with revolutionary insights, partnership, and announcements participate in it. The conference will provide unparalleled opportunities to meet with and network with prospective clients and potential investors. Already over 15 articles have been written about this event. This year Security Token Track and Lightning Networking Sessions will also be introduced at the conference.

Events at the Summit

The North American Bitcoin Conference with feature a number of events that will take place over the course of the conference. There will be keynote talks on a variety of topics like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, ICO’s, token sale mechanics, investing, regulation etc. On stage panel discussion on ICO investment, social impact projects etc will also be there. There will also be an Exhibitor Hall where you can meet with different companies working on blockchain technologies and interact with them.  

Token Pitching will also take place at the conference. STOs and TCOs will be taking the main stage for their respective project pitches. As we already mentioned Security Token Track and Lightning Networking Sessions are going to be introduced at the conference. The Security Token Track will be introduced in the Ashe Auditorium of the JLKC, It is a new type of token and it has a huge market that will be explored in this conference. Lightning Networking Sessions will take place every four hours and it will be an excellent opportunity to meet new people.

Event Tickets

There are 2 types of tickets for the Bitcoin Conference, one is the Exhibitor Hall Pass and the other one is General Admission. The  Exhibitor Hall Pass is available for $500.00 USD and General Admission is available for $1000.00 USD. The prices of the General Admission ticket will rise to $1200.00 USD starting from 1st December.

The Exhibitor Hall Pass will provide access to the exhibit hall, Networking Parties, and the Lightning Networking while the General Admission pass will provide access to the two-day conference, the Exhibitor Hall, the Kick-Off Party, Networking Breaks, the Lightning Networking, SOUSD Voucher for next event and access to videos, slides and many other exclusive contents.

Event Speakers

The speakers of The North American Bitcoin Conference are as follows:-

  • Epperly LiInvestment Director, Bitmain
  • Sang LeePresident and CEO, Darcmatter
  • Ran Neu-NerAnchorman at CNBC Africa
  • Lyn Ulbricht – Political Activist,
  • Nick Spanos – Co-founder,
  • Jon Najarian – Co-Founder, Najarian, Family Office
  • Alexia Hefti – Blockchain Tax Lead, Deloitte
  • David Chaum – Inventor of Digital Cash
  • Maja Vujinovic – CEO, Ogroup
  • Marty ‘Lazerchicken’ Strenczewilk – CEO & President at Splyce
  • Andrew Filipowski – Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Fluree
  • Dr. Patrick Byrne – CEO at & Founder, tØ.com
  • Halsey MinorFounder and CEO, Live Planet | Strategic Technology Partner and Investor in the VideoCoin Network
  • Craig SellarsCo-founder & Advisor, Tether
  • Veronica Mcgregor – Chief Legal Officer, ShapeShift
  • Charlie Shrem – Bitcoin Pioneer
  • Jeff Berwick – Editor-In-Chief, The Dollar Vigilante       
  • Peter Smyrniotis – Director, Victory Square Technologies
  • Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar – CEO and Co-founder, RSK Labs
  • Jeffrey Tucker – Editorial Director, American Institute for Economic Research

Event Sponsors

The Platinum Sponsors of The North American Bitcoin Conference Summit are, Kingsland University, Academy and Victory Square.

The Gold Sponsors of The North American Bitcoin Conference Summit are Tykn, Startup Token, Rivetz, Boost, Polymath and OpenBazaar.

The Silver Sponsors are I/O Digital, Taas Capital Fund, bitt, Inlist and iAMmarketing.

The ICO Sponsors are Oxcert, Energimine, Usave and Pesabase.

The Education Sponsors are Academy and Kingsland University.

The Summit’s Charity Partner is Unsung.

Investment Partners are Megalodon and Hyperchain Capital.

Contributing Partner is Kimchi Socks.

And the Media Partners of The North American Bitcoin Conference Summit are Bitcoin Market Journal, Crypto Central, ICObliss, Digital Notice, Crypto Canucks, Bits Trippin, ICOHolder, BTC Media, The Bitcoin Podcast Network, ICO Finch, Bitsonline, Coincodex, ICOfriends, Walletinvestor, Cryptolingo,, eventchain, Blockspaces, ICO Brains, The Crypto, BNC, Coin Delite, Smart Money Match, Crypto Briefing,, FTL, Big Data Vendors, iAMmarketing, Bitcoin Talk Radio and blockchain radio.

For more details of the event, check their official website

Blockchain Economy – Istanbul Summit

The blockchain economy Istanbul summit is the largest international blockchain economy conference of this region as Turkey is the leading cryptocurrency owner among all European countries. The summit is scheduled to take place on the  20th of February, 2019 in the Haliç Congress Center of  Istanbul, Turkey. Through the conference, you will better understand Blockchains which are one of the greatest technological and financial revolutions of the twenty-first century. Around 5000 people from over 20 countries are expected to participate in this event.  Engineers and Investors with interests in cryptocurrency from central Asia, Europe, and the middle east are expected to participate in this conference. The event will also be live streamed to more than 10,000 people.

The summit will focus primarily on these topics:

  • The future of payments with cryptocurrencies and why banking solutions fail
  • A panel discussion on if nations will keep resisting cryptocurrencies or will they make peace.
  • A discussion on redefining  human value
  • A discussion on people versus power and how we are shifting away from centralization.
  • Future of Bitcoin and other currencies.
  • A discussion on blockchain-based economical  systems

Event Tickets

Regular ticket of the Blockchain Economy – Istanbul Summit is 186 €, a Student ticket is 94€ and Live Stream Ticket is €43.

With the Regular ticket, you can access to all halls and experience areas of the event of the summit but with this ticket, you cannot cover activities after 19.00, food and accommodation is not free and VAT is not included in the price.

With Student ticket, you can access to Halic Hall balcony, Sadabat Hall balcony and experience areas of the event. Here also it does not cover activities after 19.00. Student ticket is valid for undergraduate, associate and postgraduate students. Along with the ticket, the student must show his student ID at the registration desk on the day of the event. Food and accommodation are not free for the attendee and VAT are not included in the price.

VAT is not included in live streaming fees.

Paying with cryptocurrency for tickets will attract a discount of 12%. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are accepted.

Event Speakers

  • Tom Lee – The Wall Street Analyst, former J.P. Morgan Chief Equity Strategist, Managing Partner at Fundstrat Global Advisors.
  • Vit Jedlicka  – President at the Free Republic of Liberland
  • Patrick Lowry – Venture Capitalist, Investment Advisor, CEO at Iconiq Holding.
  • Roy Liu – Head of Business Development at TRON Foundation.
  • Cal Evans – Board Member of The British Blockchain Association, advised & assisted at governments of Malta, Dubai, Estonia and the Bank of England.
  • Muhammad Salman Anjum – Tech Futurist, Blockchain & Investment Advisor, Founder and CEO at Feelogical Solutions LLC.
  • Maxim Tsaryk – CEO of ASKfm, one of the Biggest Q&A Social Networks in the World. Blockchain evangelist.
  • Ishwinder Jeet Singh, CFA – Vice President, Principal Investments at The National Investor.
  • Aly Madhavji – Angel Investor, Co-Founder of GlobalDCX
  • Svetlin Nakov – Blockchain engineer, Professional experience Building Decentralized Apps (DApps) and Technical Blockchain Advisor in several successful ICO projects.
  • Malinkkhan Kotadia – Global Digital Banker, Blockchain evangelist.
  • Martin Kuvandzhiev – Bitcoin Gold Co-Founder.

Media Partners

The Media Partners of Blockchain Economy – Istanbul Summit are –, Coinspeaker, Crypto Lyon, Cointelligence, Cryptoslate, Cryptoverze, Daily Coin News, ICOFriends, ICOHolder, Today, CryptoNews, Best ICO for you, The Fintech Way, ICO Brothers, Goana Bitcon, TechEvengts online, BNT Bitnews Today, Brave New Coin, Bitcoin Magazine, Digital Notice, ICO Crunch and CrixFee.

For more details of the event, check their official website

Let’s now quickly check other crypto conferences happening in 2018 and 2019. We are keeping the details short as for a couple of cases the speakers or events have not been announced yet, and for some, these are our second picks.

Digital Currency Con

Digital Currency Con hosts premier Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conferences. The event is going to take place at New Orleans, Louisiana on December 3 and 4 this year. The event schedule is yet to be published. According to their website, the conference will have over 1000 attendees, about 50 people comprises of speakers and panel members.

You can buy the general ticket for $187 in total. This will give you access to all sessions, both days and exhibits/sponsor area. While the VIP ticket price is set at $530 in total. This will additionally offer you VIP dinner, party, and lunch both days.

Event Speaker

This event is very important because of the people listed on the speakers’ page. The speaker panel includes

  • Jared Tate – Founder and Creator of Digibyte: Keynote speaker
  • Linda Goetze –  President of Blockchain Chamber of CommerceRon Bienvenu –  CEO of The OIX
  • Lawrence Lerner – CEO of Pithia
  • Blake Anderson –  Bitcoin Evangelist
  • Adam Meister – Bitcoin Evangelist
  • David Weil – Founder of Caylx Consulting Partners
  • Austin Woodward – Co-founder of TaxBit
  • Tyler Adkison – Founder and CEO of BlockTerra Capital

Blockchain Conference Philippines

Smile expo and company that has already organized over 50 blockchain events across 25 countries, is organizing the second Blockchain Conference in the Philippines.  The conference aims to unite top crypto experts from different countries as well as discuss the use cases of Blockchain Technology in different fields like finance, retail, manufacturing etc. The event is scheduled to take place on the 6th of December 2018 at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, Palm Drive, Ayala Centre, Makati 1224, Manila, Philippines. Over 500 Crypto Experts, 500+ companies from over 24 countries will be present in this event.

The main agenda of this event is to discuss how Blockchain affects the financial sectors. There will be discussions on topics like the application of Fintech in Southeast Asia, Blockchain technology for business, Blockchain implementation in AI, IoT, AR etc. Panel discussions will also take place on topics like smart contracts & Legal contracts, taxation, securities law, ICO regulations etc.

Event Tickets

The Standard ticket costs $99 USD. This offer is valid until 5th December. But the Last Minute ticket cost $250 USD i.e. on 6th December, the day of the event. With both these tickets, you can access to speaker presentations, coffee break with speakers and sponsors and access to the demo zone and networking area.

Event Speakers

  • Bruce Jeong– Investor, Deputy CEO at Fundshing
  • Miguel Cuneta – Co-Founder, Chief Community Officer at Satoshi Citadel Industries
  • Arvie De Vera – Head of Fintech Business Group at Unionbank of the Philippines
  • Edsel Tupaz – Technology Law and Blockchain Initiatives, Infrastructure, Government, and Special Projects, Professor of Law.
  • Lorybeth Baldrias-Serrano – CPA Lawyer and Consultant: Tax, Tech, and Data Privacy “Techie Tax Lawyer”
  • Rafael Padilla – Co-Founder, Blockchain Association of the Philippines
  • Yuliya Sporysh – Co-Founder, CEO at
  • James Florentino – CEO at MergeCommit
  • Arifa Khan – CEO at HCX
  • Juergen Hoebarth – Managing Director at &
  • Luis Buenaventura – Chief Technology Officer at BloomSolutions
  • Mario Jordan (Magellan) Fetalino Iii – Founder & CEO at Acudeen Technologies, Inc.
  • Stefano Virgilli – Chief Executive Officer at
  • Lito Villanueva – Chairman at
  • Mark Vernon – Business Owner at Tagcash
  • Jorge Azurin – CEO and the Founder at MediXserve
  • Dushan Spalevich – Founder & Host – ICO TV, Blockchain & Tech Startup’s adviser

 Event Sponsors

The sponsors of the Blockchain Conference Philippines includes Fundshing, The National Investor, Taas Capital Fund, InvestorsAlly, The Philippine Business and News and IDACB Kaplink.

Event Partners

The partners of the Blockchain Conference Philippines are Coinspeaker, ICOHolder, CalvinAyre, Coingeek, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Magazine, Distributed, BTC Media, blockspoint, BNC, Bitcoin Chaser, Financial IT, Bitchikka, Bitcoin Garden, When in Manila, Chaineum, Cryptoslate, Bloggersideas, Bitpinas, Indigen, Crixfee, Coin Pedia, Asia Times, IDACB, BNT Bitnews Today, Tractica, Blokchats, Crypto Briefing, Crypto Reporter, Best ICO for you, Foundico, Today, ICO Finch, SCI, Asia Blockchain Review, We the Cryptos, Coin Point, Blockference, Block Chain Space,, Daily coin News, Crypto Chain,, Cryptonewsz, Coin Delite,,, Global Chamber Manila, CTN, and  The crypto.

Please note that if you want to become a partner of this conference, simply fill up the form provided in their website and give your consent to process your personal data in accordance with the private policy provided there.

For more details of the event, check their official website

Atlanta Blockchain Experience

Hosted by Ternio and backed by the team of Cryptolina, the Atlanta Blockchain Experience 2018 will feature more than 20 speakers and over 10 exhibitors. The event is expected to attract about 700 attendees. ABE is all set to occur on December 11 and 12.

The Atlanta Blockchain Experience will feature various sessions throughout the day, each focusing on a specific aspect of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space with a full day of innovation, education, networking, and many more. The event will address the following topics – Blockchain Technology, Digital Assets & Tokenization, Policy & Regulation, Business Advancements, Use Cases, FinTech, Investing etc.

The conference venue is The Monday Night Brewing GARAGE Atlanta, GA.

Event Ticket

The ticket price for the event is set at $160

Event Speakers

The speakers of the event includes Daniel Gouldman of Ternio, Angeleen Wilson of Georgia Blockchain Coalition, James Tylee CyberFM / MFTU, Tim Barbir of North Georgia Data, Izzy Miyake Coincycle, Elizabeth Strickler of Creative Media Industries Institute, Brandon Elliott of Javvy, Mike Francis of Distributed Ledger, Inc, Rolf Versluis Zen Blockchain Foundation, John Bridge of U.S. Marshals Service etc. This conference has earlier attracted people like Vitalik Buterin and Joe Roets of Dragonchain.

Event Sponsors

The event will be sponsored by Ternio in coordination with Georgia Blockchain Coalition, MFTU, HEMPSTAD, EMBLEM, North Georgia Data, AGIO, and others.

For more info check their official website

Token 2049

Powered by Alice Capital, TOKEN 2049 is a premier crypto event in Asia. The event is organized to occur on March 13 -14, 2019 in Hong Kong.

As the site states, “Meet the pioneers, the early believers, highly influential and established opinion leaders. People from leading crypto projects and digital asset funds will come to Hong Kong to share their knowledge and stories, providing exceptional insights into the ever-larger growing crypto ecosystem. They will be joined by global media, thought-leaders, regulators and over 2,000 participants for two productive and insightful networking days.”

The event will have many project launches, many product announcements and significant news released. Numerous media outlets will be there, both mainstream and general media, as well as various leading technology and crypto publications, covering the topics discussed.

There will be more than 2000 attendees, over 100 speakers and 100 journalists from more than 50 countries. The event venue is the Kerry Hotel (part of Shangri-La Group) in Hong Kong.

Event Tickets

Out of the total tickets, 50% of the tickets are invited only and 50% of the tickets are reserved for the general public on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is three type of tickets – the Early Bird ticket will cost you $999, the Happy Bird ticket will cost you $1499 and the Lazy Bird ticket price is $1999. The Early Bird ticket sale is currently on.

Event Speakers

As of now, we know that Chris Burniske, Placeholder and Jimmy Song, Bitcoin Core Contributor will be speakers in the event. There will be more than 100 speakers. Some of the speakers of 2018 Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic, Chris Burniske Partner at Placeholder, Co-author of “Cryptoassets”, Max Kordek, President of Lisk, and Brendan Blumer, CEO of EOS.

Event Partners

Some of the event partners of the 2018 event were Kenetic, Wanchain, DASH, Aurora, Alice Capital, Monaco, Blockmason, Wachsman etc.

For further update check their official website:


So here we are. There are more and more crypto and blockchain conferences happening worldwide, while some are revisiting, some are completely new. With so many conferences being organized, one thing is for sure – people in this space, new interested parties and government are very serious about this and want to spread as much awareness and promote new ideas as possible with keeping security and regulation in mind.

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